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Are Inflatable Kayaks Good For Fishing? – Perfect For A Fishing

Kayak has become an extremely popular watercraft for fishing. Many anglers prefer inflatable kayaks, which are easy to transport and carry to remote fishing spots. But there is an important question, are inflatable kayaks good for fishing?

Inflatable kayaks are good for fishing when designed with all the required parameters of a fishing kayak. But keep in mind that inflatable kayaks are not ideal for rough water, stormy wind, and strong currents. It would help if you did not use an inflatable kayak for fishing in these conditions.

In this guide, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of an inflatable fishing kayak. Besides, you will know Inflatable fishing kayak features.

Fishing in an Inflatable Kayak vs Traditional Kayak

In a comparison between hard-shell traditional fishing kayaks and inflatable fishing kayaks, the hard-shell kayak will win most of the time.

It’s true that there have some specially designed inflatable fishing kayaks. And that special inflatable kayak is ideal for general fishermen. But remember that serious fisherman always prefers to use a hard-shell fishing kayak.

Strait Edge Angler PRO is an advanced-level of inflatable kayak that is made for fishing. It has come with the required accessories setup system for fishing. So, you can enjoy a whole day on the water without hassle.

There have a lot of top-of-the-line traditional hard-shell fishing kayaks. In a word, the traditional kayak is good for fishing from varieties of perspectives. On the contrary, an inflatable fishing kayak is good for fishing from only a few perspectives like enough storage space and lighter weight.

The convenience of using an inflatable kayak for fishing


These are much lighter than the traditional hard-shell kayak. This lightweight watercraft will come in handy when you have gone to several fishing spots.

Duffle bag:

The inflatable kayak comes with easy to carry duffle backpack or a regular backpack. As a result, you can carry and transport it easily.

Self-inflatable pump:

The most fishing kayak has a self-inflatable pump. So, your kayak will expand through the automatic pump. And you don’t have to carry any separate extension cord.

Built-in gear attachment:

Most fishing kayak is designed with a built-in fishing gear attaching system. You don’t have to worry about installing a fish finder, rod holder, or any other gear.

Easy to transport:

Inflatable Kayaks can be folded down to a size as small as the trunk of any car you can carry. Even it is easier to carry an inflatable kayak on public transport.

Better visibility:

One of the advantages of inflatable kayaks is the high seat position. Sit-on-top kayaks, in particular, provide much better visibility while fishing. Your fishing will be easier when you have better visibility around your fishing location.

Great weight capacity:

Inflatable fisheye kayaks are great for carrying a higher load of multiple anglers, fishing gear, and fish.

The Problems of using an inflatable kayak for fishing

Time-consuming packing:

One of the disadvantages of this kayak is that it takes a long time to inflate and deflate. You may only sometimes have enough time to inflate and deflate. On the other hand, it is also important to deflate or fold it.

Less stable against wind and storm:

Good to know that inflatable kayaks are not stable for fishing against a strong current, stormy wind, and adverse conditions.

Slower and difficult paddling:

Paddling in an inflatable kayak is significantly slower and more difficult than in another hard-shell kayak. Besides, there eyes no built-in storage like a hard-shell kayak.

Tend to be punctured:

Inflatable fishing kayaks tend to be punctured with sharp objects beneath the water since they are made of PVC, so sharp objects can easily tear them.

Can You Attach Fishing Accessories to Inflatable Kayaks?

It is the priority of anglers to customize their kayak with the required fishing gear. Generally, anglers need to install rod holders, fish finders, coolers, and inflatable fishing kayaks with motors in some cases. But is it possible to attach fishing accessories to an inflatable fishing boat? A general inflatable kayak is not ideal for attaching fishing accessories.

Different inflatable kayaks are designed differently for kayaking, sports recreation, and fishing. However, inflatable kayaks designed for fishing have built-in rod holders and other gear attachments. So, consider this important factor before purchasing an inflatable kayak for fishing.

Everything You Need to Know About Inflatable Fishing Kayaks


Is It Safe to Fish from An Inflatable Kayak?

Inflatable fishing kayak is less susceptible than a traditional fishing kayak to withstand adverse conditions. Remember that fish from an inflatable kayak is safe till you are following special procedures and take proper steps.

Can inflatable kayaks go on river fishing?

Yes, inflatable kayaks can go on the river fishing. Good to know that an inflatable kayak is suitable for fishing on calm water. Even nowadays, inflatable kayaks are made with tough materials that can withstand adverse conditions. So, you can use an inflatable kayak for fishing on flat water, river ware, and out of seawater.

Final Words:

We hope you got the detailed answer to your query,” Are inflatable kayaks good for fishing” again, we are repeating the answer, yes, inflatable kayaks are good for fishing if designed with the required features.

An ideal inflatable fishing kayak should have an elevated Seat Position, built-in rod and gear holder, and modification convenience.

Have you anything more to know about fishing from an inflatable kayak? Then let us know so we can analyze and update this guide soon.

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