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Top 3 Best Kayak Catch cooler fish Bags (Expert Buying Guide for 2023)

What makes our Outdoor Adventures more Fun & Relaxing? Especially when you are planning a day-long kayaking trip.

A kayak catch cooler is the best bet you can make to ensure your catches reach the table in prime eating condition. Not only that, catch coolers ensure your launch, beverages, and fish remain in optimal cold condition.

Finding the best cooler among so many great choices isn’t easy to choose from. But we can HELP! If you are searching for the best one suitable for your kayak, then check out this article thoroughly. 

Based on our experience and real-life usage, we have selected the top 3 best kayak catch coolers and real-life usage so that you won’t have to spend much time choosing. 

What is kayak catch coolerIntroducing 

Our top 3 catch coolers – Pick the Right one!

Image Product Title Top Feature Price
Seattle Sports Roll Catch Cooler Seattle Sports Roll Catch Cooler Material
Item Dimensions LxWxH
32 x 19.5 x 5 inches
Item Weight
2 Pounds
Chamber Width
5 Inches
22 Liters
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Seattle Sports Kayak Catch Cooler Seattle Sports Kayak Catch Cooler Material
Item Dimensions LxWxH
20 x 17 x 2 inches
Item Weight
2.1 Pounds
Insulation Material
Chamber Height
19 Inches
Chamber Width
12 Inches
18 Liters
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CreekKooler PuP Floating Cooler CreekKooler PuP Floating Cooler Material
Dimensions LxWxH
27.75 x 8.55 x 14.75 inches
Chamber Height
9 Inches
Chamber Width
15 Inches
12 Ounces
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Best Kayak Catch Cooler Fish Bag Reviews:

1. Seattle Sports Roll Catch Cooler – (Best value for money Catch Cooler)

Seattle Sports Roll Catch Cooler

The Roll Catch cooler by Seattle Sports is a kayak deck cooler that perfectly fits the bow of any kayak. It’s a low-profile fish bag that can also fit securely behind the seat, made especially for kayak anglers. The RF-welded seam design keeps my water bottles cool & fresh even after a long trip. 

This catch cooler’s exterior is made of reflective material, and its zippered insulation chamber with a big opening ensures easy cleaning options. There are two sizes available – 20” and 32” models. Both of them are solid for accommodating a wide range of saltwater and freshwater fish.

Top Features – 

  • Dual-layer insulation keeps the catch fresh in the water for an entire day. 
  • It’s easy to fit on almost every kayak with versatile attachment points, even in low-profile SUP-designed kayaks. 
  • A removable, dual-layered internal liner with three roll enclosures makes the cleaning process much more manageable.
  • Keep your goods in good condition with RF welded seams and a heat-reflective vinyl exterior. 
  • A rollable design with good texture ensures this kayak is rollable and takes minimal space on kayaks.
What Customers Say
                   What Customers Like What they didn’t like
The first thing customers loved about it is its price. Hard to beat in this price range. Also, the outer shell is tough & doesn’t leak if rolled & appropriately shut. This cooler keeps fish cold even when it’s 90-degree temp outside.  On some kayaks, it doesn’t attach easily without a front bungee. And fishes with sharp fins or teeth might wreck the inner bag. 

2. Seattle Sports Kayak Catch Cooler – (Best on top for kayaks)

Seattle Sports Kayak Catch Cooler

The bright fishing adventure begins with Seattle Sports. To give the best quality outdoor gear & accessories, Seattle Sports designed this kayak cooler box at an affordable price. What’s more, this kayak catch cooler has versatile uses like storing food items, and snacks while not keeping catches. 

Besides, this cooler’s build material is heat reflective and closed-cell foam insulation that keeps our hard work (catches) in a fresh condition in all weather situations. The advantage of this cooler is that there’s a separate pull-out bag inside. So you can easily store snacks, food, and beverages separately from your prized catches. So cleaning will be comforting as well. 

Top Features –

  • This kayak catch cooler has thermally efficient and closed-cell foam insulation with a heat-reflective exterior that makes this kayak catch cooler a great sit-on-top cooler
  • Pulling out the fish bags separately makes cleaning purposes convenient and easy. 
  • It fits easily on any kayak, whether it’s on the deck side or on top of the deck for any paddler. 
  • It Keeps the catch fresh on the water for a long time, perfect for a day-long trip. 
  • Store food items in mint condition while separately keeping catches with insulated shells. 
What Customers Say
                   What Customers Like What Customers didn’t like
The first thing about this catch cooler customers praise is – they can keep their drinks, lunch & catches separately on this cooler quickly. It keeps fish in good condition even in 90-degree heat. The removable dry back is another advantage of the river.  The kayak Catch cooler doesn’t hold its shape when strapping it down. Sometimes, the dry sack leaks & fish water goes inside the cooler bag. 

3. CreekKooler PuP Floating kayak catch cooler

CreekKooler PuP Floating Cooler

CreekKooler crafted this floating cooler with the highest quality material & production is entirely made in the United States. What’s more, it’s a perfect ideal cooler for your outdoor fishing trips & even indoor use. This cooler floats behind the kayak to save precious space. 

With a 15-quart capacity, it can hold 15 12-oz cans and 10 lbs of ice easily for an entire day. Its dual-wall construction and watertight locking lip keep your storage safe and your drinks remain fresh and ice-chilled just the way you want them to be. Carrying, and towing is easy for this floating cooler with molded handles and tow points. 

Top Features –

  • This innovative floating cooler keeps the ice retention for up to 24 hours. 
  • Dual wall blow-molded construction ensures superior build quality. 
  • Quick connect large, watertight lid keeps the stored items fresh & cold. 
  • Built-in Two drink holders to keep your drinks safe while floating on the water. 
  • Great for safe & secure storage whether it’s on water or at home. 
What Customers Say
                   What Customers Like What Customers didn’t like
CreekKooler Pup delivers what it advertised. It’s easy to spot from a distance. Also very easy to tow. Another thing is sharp coral, lobster spines, or lionfish will not damage this cooler. Fish blood easily washes away from this cooler & keeps fish fresh even in hot weather.  When it’s empty, it tends to flip over in a 2-3 foot wave chop. Also, if the lid is not locked carefully, it can come off during upside-down usage. 

The secret guide you should consider before buying the best kayak catch coolers

When choosing a Kayak catch cooler, especially one that fits & matches your requirements, you have to look for some particular features. From easy to carry to multiple usages, there are so many things. 

But worry not! Some of the most practical features you should look for are given below – 

Soft or Hard One –

There are two types of kayak catch coolers available: soft ones and hard ones. Hard ones are heavy, quite big, and pricey too. In comparison, soft ones are light and more portable. Depending on your usage, you can go with either of them; both are good. 

The capacity of a kayak catch cooler

Suppose you are going for a day-long trip but didn’t bring any lunch because of the low-capacity cooler; how would you feel?

The capacity of the kayak catch cooler should be given priority first. Because of how many catches you will find, packing foods & drinks, they all need a good capacity. 

Transportation –

If you are going on multiple-location trips, it’s better to get a good transportable one-catch cooler.

Multiple usages –

Some of us prefer using a single catch cooler to store beers & fish catches. Many catch coolers are waterproof. If you need this feature, then look first at the product description info.


For most kayak fishermen, soft-sided coolers are the norm, but there are still those who prefer the solidity of a hard shell cooler. Your cooler’s materials may also give you a sense of how well it can keep fish and retain ice to keep food and beverages cold throughout the day.

Capabilities in Insulation

A cooler’s main purpose is to keep your food and beverages chilled even when it’s scorching outside. As a result, a cooler’s insulating quality is critical.

While each manufacturer has its unique insulation technology, hard-sided coolers tend to keep food colder for longer than soft-sided coolers. Keep a lookout for foam and injected polystyrene as you shop.

Type of catch cooler

Kayak fishermen often pick from a variety of catch coolers, each of which provides a distinct purpose. Decide what you need in your kayak catch cooler and whether food and drink or fish are more necessary to keep in there. As previously mentioned, some of these coolers are specifically designed to hold large game fish, such as those typically taken along the coast.

Do you want to store fish in a kayak fish bag?

You can keep a kayak fish bag in a hatch or strap it to the bow until the catch reaches the boat’s surface. For huge fish, they have a lot more storage than a normal kayak cooler does. If you want the bag to perform best in the cold, freeze it in advance and then fill it with ice.

What size cooler fits in a kayak?

Consider the cooler’s size and weight first. The kayak tank well is the best location to store a cooler. Most fishing kayaks include a tank well for a 25-quart cooler. Now available in soft coolers that fold inside a kayak or may be tied to the bow or tank well.

Folded or rolled up a 15-quart soft cooler fits a big kayak hatch Socket or bow/stern 70-quart soft cooler Measure the space in your kayak, then check the cooler’s dimensions.



1. How Long Can You Have Your Products Kept Cool Inside a Kayak Cooler?

Ans – Maximum 5 days if you don’t open the cooler much. On average, for 1-3 days, you can keep your products cool inside. 

2. How To Choose Coolers For Kayaks?

Ans – To choose coolers for your kayak, you have to look for multiple features like brand, waterproof, durability, capacity & some other factors based on your requirements. 

3. How to carry a cooler on a kayak?

How to carry a cooler on a kayak? Ans – As there are multiple types of catch coolers available, you have options for carrying a cooler on a kayak too. Use a stripe to hang over the kayak on top of the kayak to carry it over. 

4. What Makes a Good Fishing Cooler?

It all depends on what you want to accomplish. Fish bags and coolers with drain plugs are two of the options available to those who want to keep their catch fresh.

5. What are the benefits of a kayak catch cooler?

A kayak catch cooler can help to keep your catch fresh and cool during your kayak fishing trip. Additionally, a kayak catch cooler can also help to keep bait alive and fresh.

An Overview of Kayak Catch Coolers

After reading about the best kayak catch cooler, I hope you get all the necessary information about choosing the best cooler for your next smart kayaking trip. 

Among those top 3 catch coolers, my top pick is the CreekKooler PuP Floating Cooler. This catch cooler offers high-capacity storage while floating on the water without taking up space on the kayak, giving the best value. 

Good luck with your kayaking adventures!

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