10 Best Kayak Covers – Protect Your kayak and Canoe for Outdoor Storage

Despite all the passion you have for going out to use your kayak, it is also true that you can´t practice it all the time. This is to say that kayaking is meant for some seasons, and your lifestyle might also limit you to do so. For the resting periods, you will always need a kayak cover that protects it at its best.

But kayak covers may vary as much as the kayaks. Therefore, finding the best kayak covers requires that you know their key features to make sure they truly protect your kayak or canoe.

Advantages of Buying kayak covers

When you own a kayak or canoe, having the proper coverage is not an option but a must! That is because kayaks always have resting periods or need transportation. Considering that, these are the most outstanding advantages of buying used kayak cover.

  • You can store your kayak outdoor as it can get protected from external elements such as the sun and wind.
  • You avoid that small animals like bugs, spiders, or similar create nests into the kayak or canoe.
  • You can transport the kayak safely as the cover protects it from external elements during the trip.
  • You can use a particular cover to distinguish your kayak if it is similar to others in a common storage facility.
  • The kayak cover protects the surface of the kayak from fading or getting damaged.

Quick Overview: Best waterproof kayak covers

the top 10 best kayak covers Reviews:

1. Richermall Kayak And Canoe Covers

Richermall Kayak And Canoe Covers

Among waterproof kayak covers, this model is also a perfect combination of durability and practicality. Due to the extraordinary quality of its materials, it can handle the most extreme natural elements. Besides, it is easy to put it on and take it off. Even the most intrusive bugs will stay away from your kayak or canoe.

Key features

  • Elastic drawstring to allow you to take it on and off easily and rapidly
  • Made in waterproof polyester 210D Oxford Taffeta material which guarantees longevity
  • It is suitable for kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, fishing kayak, and rowing shells.
  • Sun protection UV resistant and anti-dust
  • Available for 7 different sizes of kayak/canoes from 2.6-3m/7.8-9ft up to 5.6-6m/16.8-16ft.


  • Package includes: 1 kayak cover


  • The material is silky to the touch
  • You don´t need additional tools to take it on and off
  • The waterproof material is also ray reflecting


  • The sizes are looser than expected, and it is necessary to order a smaller size. Hence, it is better for me to assure the kayak in meters before ordering the kayak cover.
  • The fabric might be too thin for the hardest seasons, such as outdoor winter.

Final verdict

This is an ideal kayak cover for indoor storage during the winter, extreme rainy days, and outdoor storage during warmer times. And, due to its practical on and off drawstring is perfect for frequent transportation.

2. GYM TOP Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover-Storage

GYM TOP Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover-Storage

This kayak cover has all the features of the best kayak and canoe covers. And stands out because manufacturers use Ripstop fabric. This material uses a special reinforcing system that makes it more durable and resistant to ripping or tearing. So, it is a sensational choice to protect the kayaks with strong materials and sharp edges during the hardest seasons.

Key features

  • Manufactured in Ripstop fabric 300D Oxford Taffeta material, which offers maximum strength and durability.
  • It includes a drawstring bag that holds perfectly well the entire kayak cover
  • High protection and resistance as the manufacturers sew the interface by hand using a double seal line from a single seal line.
  • The material is 99% UV resistant, anti-dust, and waterproof
  • The design includes an adjustable band that allows you to fit the boat cover to assure protection from wind, waves, snow, and rain.
  • Suitable for 7 sizes of kayaks or canoes.


  • Package includes: 1 kayak cover, 1 drawstring kayak storage bag, and 1 adjustable bandage.


  • It includes a kayak storage bag without additional cost
  • The adjustable band stretches up to 4 feet and is perfect for between size kayaks or canoes.
  • The bottom is elastic to allow better securement


  • It doesn´t offer any warranty

Final verdict

This waterproof kayak cover has it all to protect your canoe or kayak fully. And, more importantly, all its features are meant to be better than basic models. So, if you are ready to scale up in a cover, this is definitively the way to go.

3. MAYMII 2.6m-6m/7.8-18ft Color Durable Kayak Cover

MAYMII 2.6m-6m/7.8-18ft Color Durable Kayak Cover

These covers for kayaks are a sensational price/value relationship due to its low price and great quality. Their materials are resistant and come in different colors to combine in case you have several kayaks. Besides, they make it easy to take on and off.

Key features

  • It is made of durable Oxford Taffeta version 210D
  • The finish of the fabric is glossy and silky
  • It is UV resistant, anti-dust, and waterproof
  • The adjustment system is with drawstring, and it can get so tide that spiders, bugs, and insects won´t create nests in there.


  • Package includes: 1 kayak cover


  • The elastic band is sturdy
  • Available in 7 sizes and 9 different colors and designs.


  • It might fade rapidly
  • It recommends not to exposure it to hot sun for too long

Final verdict

This is an excellent choice for indoor storage and lightweight kayaks, canoes, and paddleboats. Due to the wide range of designs, it is perfect for those trendy objects, even for their kayak covers.

4. StormPro Heavy-duty Kayak/canoe Outdoor Storage Cover

StormPro Heavy-duty Kayak/canoe Outdoor Storage Cover

Among covers for kayaks, this a heavy-duty model due to its reliable design with zip and durable materials. There is no way that it filters rain, dust, or snow. Besides, the one size fits all, allows smaller models to leave extra room to store paddles and other accessories. They need protection too. 

Key features

  • All in one fabric coating that works as water repellent, UV protector, mildew resistant, and resistant to all weathers.
  • Extra durability due to its 600D polyester PVC material.
  • The opening/closing mechanism is with dual zipper and locking feature
  • Well-positioned handles to ease carry and installation


  • Package includes: 1 kayak cover and 1 stuff sack


  • It doesn´t stretch or shrink
  • It offers 5 years warranty
  • The fabric is free of PVC and doesn´t contain carcinogenic elements


  • It is not suitable for transportation on the rooftop
  • The lock for the dual zipper is not included

Final verdict

Excellent kayak coverage due to its dual zipper mechanism that avoids water and insects. The design is phenomenal, and the details of the handles and storage bag make it an unbeatable choice for its price.

5. Leader Accessories Universal Canoe/Kayak Boat Cover

Leader Accessories Universal Canoe/Kayak Boat Cover

This model combines some of the best features of the kayak covers mentioned in the list. In other words, excellent fabric, great design, and closing system, and warranty. Although it is pricier than previous models, it still keeps a very competitive price that is worthy to check.

Key features

  • The fabric is 6 oz. urethane-coated marine grade polyester fabric 300D, so it makes it suitable for the beach too.
  • With the correct size, it wraps the kayak or canoe fully
  • Neat looking due to that it is internally sewn to avoid external stitching marks.
  • Closing mechanism with zipper and easy to slide on the kayak or canoe


  • Package includes: 1 kayak cover and 1 kayak storage bag


  • It includes a free storage bag
  • It comes in 3 different sizes of the most popular kayaks and canoes 13, 16, and 18 ft.
  • It offers 2 years warranty


  • It is only available in one color, grey.
  • It is not suitable for sizes other than 13, 16, and 18 ft.

Final verdict

This is a kayak cover that enhances the best features of any cover. It would be a great addition for any kayak owner who is seeking good quality.

6. iCover Kayak Cover – Heavy Duty 

iCover Kayak Cover – Heavy Duty

With these kayak and canoe covers, you obtain an extra point as they are heavy-duty pieces. Everything is reinforced with the best materials, so you receive extra strength. But at the same time, it is easy to put on and off and even easier to carry them around.

Key features

  • A convenient and well-placed strap handle that makes it easier to move it around.
  • A long zipper that reaches almost halfway and after closing it perfectly covers the entire kayak or canoe.
  • It offers a 1-year warranty and 60-day money-back to prove the quality of the product.
  • The fabric is 300 Denier PU coated Marine grade which makes it UV and resistant as well as waterproof.
  • Stitches are reinforced to guarantee more strength


  • Package includes: 1 cover and 1 bag


  • It includes a storage bag to help you save space when the cover is not being used.
  • It has handles on both ends


  • Some water may enter through the zipper if is not placed at the bottom.
  • The zipper doesn´t have cover flat

Final verdict

This cover takes one step ahead and offers extra room for kayak accessories. Along with highly resistant fabric and great design, this model is one of the best options. 

7. Docooler Breathable Cockpit Cover

Docooler Breathable Cockpit Cover

Kayak and canoe covers may come in different sizes, fabrics, and designs. But along the way, there is a smaller cover that can solve many issues. We refer to this cockpit cover, which is a great option to protect part of the kayak for shorter periods of time.

Key features

  • It is manufactured in Oxford cloth which makes it more durable and resistant
  • Fabrics include UV50+ protection and water repellent
  • Reinforced with a double stitch and the seams are sealed.
  • It includes a shock cord that helps to reach the perfect fit


  • Package includes: 1 cockpit cover


  • Available in different sizes
  • The shock cord has a clip


  • It only covers the cockpit

Final verdict

This is a perfect choice when you travel with your kayak or canoe and use it regularly for several days in a row. It is lightweight and easy to put on and take out. You can combine this cover for certain periods and then use a full kayak cover for storage purposes for long times.

8. Hobie Kayak Cover

Hobie Kayak Cover

This is an adjustable and easy-to-use kayak cover. It has a fantastic and comfortable way to install it. You just need to drop it over the top of the kayak or canoe and adjust it using the Velcro straps and the cords. The top and the sides get fully covered with it.

Key features

  • Manufactured in a very resistant canvas material
  • UV resistant
  • It comes in a neutral color which allows it to age well by nor fading
  • It uses straps and pulls string for adjusting and securing 
  • Includes cross straps to secure the kayak or canoe for windy times


  • Package includes: 1 kayak cover


  • It covers the kayak or canoe in both positions, upright and upside down.
  • Easy to install and carry around


  • It might not cover kayaks or canoes when their accessories are installed.
  • It doesn´t include a storage bag.

Final verdict

This is a strong, rustic, and thought kayak cover that will protect your hull extremely well. Besides, it is the easiest to install. So, if you want to take little time and make sure your kayak is fully protected, this is the cover for you.

9. Danuu Deluxe Kayak For Cover

Danuu Deluxe Kayak For Cover

With all the best features of all kayak covers, this is a masterpiece to protect your kayak. Not only the materials but the adjustment mechanism and other details guarantee that your kayak is truly protected.

Key features

  • It comes with reinforced seams and is double stitched
  • Made with resistant polyester that is also 100% UV resistant and water-resistant coated
  • The secure mechanism includes 4 side straps for full adjustment and a drawstring perimeter.
  • The kayak storage bag is part of the cover


Package includes: 1 kayak cover with the built-in storage Flag Bag


  • The storage bag is built in so you don´t have to carry it around
  • It includes additional V-loop tie down points.


  • It might be a little pricey but worth every penny

Final verdict

This a piece that deserves a privileged place on this list of best kayak covers. This is due to its high quality and reinforced materials and features. So, if you are looking for the best option for outdoor/indoor with the best installment system, this is the cover to buy. 

10. Caissip Boat Kayak Canoe Cover

Caissip Boat Kayak Canoe Cover

It is a simple but still functional kayak cover. The price is very competitive and can protect your kayak fully. Due to its lightweight and small size, it is very easy to install and manipulate.

Key features

  • Waterproof kayak cover with a coated fabric that contains SPF 50+ protection to block up to 99.99% of sun rays.
  • Waterproof ultra-thick Oxford cloth that makes it waterproof and dustproof at the same time.
  • Elastic ends that ease the installment
  • It comes in multiple sizes that go from 7.8ft to 18ft.


Package includes: 1 kayak cover


  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • It includes an adjustable bungee cord


  • It is not recommended for transporting the kayak on the car roof.

Final verdict

This is a lightweight cover for kayaks that fits better for indoor. However, as it is water and sun-proof, it may still be suitable for short periods in outdoor environments.

The secrets guide you should consider before buying the Best kayak cover

Due to the variety of covers for kayaks that you can find, it is necessary to rely on a basic guide that helps you make a decision. This guide will tell you the most important issues to consider. However, your kayak and your lifestyle will always have the last word.


This is by far the most important element to consider. Currently, there is a fabric/cloth that dominates the market. It is the Oxford Taffeta. This material comes in different ranges and the minimum should be 250D. As this number increases, so does the resistance you get.

Also, the canvas material is a very good option as this is rustic and naturally resistant. In any case, you finding UV protection and water resistance is the best way to go. Fortunately, when you search for the best kayak covers, you can find many with these features.

Adjustment system

The adjustment system may include straps, elastic bands, cords, zippers, and drawstrings. Some of them include only one system, and others include 2 of them. For maximum protection, you may pick a kayak cover with at least 2 systems. However, those with straps and strong fabric can be enough to offer the best protection.


There is a variety of features that kayak covers may need to make sure that it remains waterproof for long periods of your time. An initially good sign is that the duvet has warranty, this shows that the manufacturers have a robust confidence within the materials. Secondly, the fabric itself should be clearly waterproof. Polyester and Oxford Taffeta are strong materials that are known to carry up their waterproofness over time.


The more durable your kayak travel cover the higher. Look out for covers that accompany specifically designed materials that stop rips and tears. Most storage bags are made up of fairly heavyweight material, however, stronger materials often accompany the compromise of being heavier or costlier.


UV radiation is one form of essential environmental component that your boat will encounter. UV radiation harms our skin, and it will harm your boat as well.

Over time, sunlight will weaken the plastic, giving it a chalky appearance, dulling the color, and making it brittle and crack-prone.

A chemical “sunscreen” coating is an excellent technique to protect your kayak in the water, but it only goes so far when exposed to the elements for long periods of time.

A kayak cover offers a barrier between light and your boat for individuals who store their kayaks outside or near windows.

UV Protection

UV protection is important for shielding the paintwork of your kayak. future exposure to UV rays can begin to weaken the plastic of your boat and cause imperfections and failures. Top-rated kayak covers will always be UV resistant, and we’ve made sure all of the covers on this list will keep your canoe or kayak safe from the sun.

kayak cover & Sizing

Before ordering, you would like to understand the dimensions of your kayak, so you’ll avoid finding you can’t catch on to suit. (Find the simplest Kayak Trolling Motors)

Kayak covers are available in different sizes, and a few are often adjustable by a drawstring or from added adjustable clips or buckles.

Take a tape and measure from bow to stern and also the depth of the kayak or vessel. Also, confirm to account for your kayak’s seat.


Prices may start below $20 and go all the way up to $200. Usually, the type of fabric is what sets the price, so look at this when finding your cover.


If your kayak doubles as a vacation companion, covering it while drifting down the highway protects you, your boat, and passers-by.

Winds will embrace a mounted kayak with an unprotected cock-pit, soon turning your boat into a lethal missile.

A red caution flag should also be attached to the end of your kayak, although not legally required, to alert other motorists of its existence.

Because not all roads are paved, flying grit and stones can cause aesthetic damage over time.

While you relax in a hotel, campsite, or Walmart parking lot on your route to your destination, the cover will continue to protect your watercraft from the elements.

Types of kayak cover:

Some characteristics are shared by all kayak covers, including as UV resistance and waterproofing. However, they are available in different of styles, with the two most likely choices for your ‘yak described in the table below.

Bag-style kayak:

In terms of protection, bag-style kayak coverings are the most effective. These waterproof storage bags, which resemble sleeping bags, envelop your kayak from head to toe and are often fastened with an elastic drawstring and zippers.

It’s simple to understand why this style of cover is nearly unrivaled when it comes to outdoor storage and winter protection.

The only thing you’ll have to sacrifice on is the simplicity of use of storage bags. When putting it on and getting it off your yak, you may require the assistance of another person.

Shower Cap style:

The bottom of the kayak is left uncovered when using shower-cap-style coverings. It covers your ‘yak in the same way a fitted sheet does on a bed, or a shower cap if you will.
Aside from the fact that they’ll keep your kayak clean and ready to paddle immediately out of the cover, they have one drawback:
They won’t protect the bottom of the hull, which means that high-temperature swings and moisture buildup are still a possible risk.
If you intend on keeping your kayak in a garage or shed and have the ability to keep it off the ground, you’ll want to use a shower-cap-style cover.

Protect Your Kayak Cover:

Your kayak cover needs to protect it from the things you want to avoid.
There are a number of soft parts, such as seats and declines, included in a kayak’s fiberglass or polyethylene body.
Despite the fact that most of the materials are long-lasting and sturdy, they are vulnerable to environmental damage.

Waterproof Kayak Cover


Q – Can I use kayak covers as canoe covers?

A- Yes, most of the kayak covers are suitable for canoes. Many of them also work for other boats such as paddles and similar.

Q – Is the zipper system better for kayak covers?

A – The zipper system is an excellent system when it comes to offering full coverage of the kayak. But other systems may work as well as the zipper too

Q Are kayak covers waterproof?

A Yes, almost all kayak covers are waterproof. The key two things that cause damage to a kayak are UV rays and water. Kayaks suffer general wear and tear thanks to exposure to the weather, so kayak covers work by limiting the wear and tear and tear they experience when not in use.

Q – How should I store a kayak cover?

A regardless of which cover you select to shop for, it’ll not do an excellent job keeping your kayak free from mildew, dirt, and critters if it’s balled up during a damp corner somewhere when not in use.
When your cover isn’t in use keep it clean, dry, and folded during a bag or tote.

Taking time to fold the duvet will assist you to assess any damage that happens thereto and you’ll fix small issues before they become large ones.

Q – Can you use kayak covers to store other things?

Yes! Some of the coverings on our list, like the MAYMII 2.6m-6m/7.8-18ft Durable Kayak Cove, are designed specifically for kayaks.
The Caissip Kayak Cover, on the other hand, is more general and may be used to cover both paddleboards and canoes with equal effectiveness.
Make sure you know the dimensions of the item you wish to cover before purchasing a kayak cover.


To sum up, searching for the best kayak covers might be tricky the first time. But once you get familiar with the materials and designs, it becomes easier. Also, your own experience with kayak covers will give you better clues on what to buy when renewing them. This list contains a variety of prices, materials, and designs that will let you find a cover no matter the type of kayak or canoe trolling motor you have.