Best Nose Clips For Kayaking

Best Nose Clips For Kayaking- Breath Easy On The Water

A nose clip is an excellent small device that prevents water from entering through the nose and keeps the airflow moving. It is not a glamorous device but is essential for the health protection of kayak lovers.

This device is designed for sinus-infected kayakers. And this can also protect against bacterial infection from rivers or lakes. So, it is crucial to have the best nose clips for kayaking. A nose clip is as important as the best kayaking earplug.

We have covered this guide with the top four best nose clip reviews. As well as, you will get the advantages and cautions of using a nose clip. Let’s start. 

Our Top Picks

Best for unique design – SMILEY’S Nose Plugs for Kayaking

It is a stylish and cozy fit, available at an affordable price, suitable for kayaking, good quality strap.

Best for an affordable price – FINIS Nylon Nose Clip 

Quality features, notably low cost, durable nylon material, included a carrying bag. 

Best for performance – Arena Nose Clip 

Adjustable plastic frame, comfortable silicone strap, included soft pad, extra comfortable. 

Best for rough condition – TYR Latex Nose Clip for Kayaking

Suitable for rough conditions, metal construction, suitable for both adults and young, great performance. 

Top 4 best Nose clips for kayaking reviews:

There are some specialized nose clips for kayaking. We have selected some nose clips and researched those to find out the best nose clips. As per our research, we have made this list of the top four nose clips. 

1. SMILEY’S Nose Plugs for Kayaking

SMILEY'S Nose Plugs

This smiley nose clip is one of the best nose clips for kayaking due to its unique design and cozy fit. These stylish nose clips are small and remain almost inconspicuous while the user is on the water. Available at an affordable price, these smiley nose plugs ensure the most comfortable and secure fit even in the worst hydraulics.

An Attractive feature includes a perfect strap with a proper length that stays attached to the helmet suitably. It is made of adjustable metal; these smiley nose clips will let you fit according to the nose comfort.

Though the nose clip allows you to breathe comfortably and block water, make sure you wear it on a dry nose. Otherwise, it may slip off quickly.


It’s a lightweight nose clip that is only 0.32 Ounces in weight and its dimension is 6.06 x 3.62 x 0.31 inches. Besides, the department is ‎Unisex-adult.

Highlight features:

  • Design with adjustable metal to ensure a comfortable and secure fit
  • The strap of this nose clip is well enough that can be attached to the helmet effortlessly
  • It’s a stylish nose clip that can hardly see while the user kayaking

What are customers saying?

The majority of the customers find it adjustable and solid for kayaking. Besides, it fits perfectly with different size noses and stays in place properly.

Conversely, some users feel it hurts a bit and doesn’t stay in place with wet skin.

2. FINIS Nylon Nose Clip with Silicone Pads 

FINIS Nylon Nose Clip with Silicone Pads 

This FINIS Nylon Nose Clip will be a short and simple solution to keep the nose from water while going out kayaking. This nose clip comes surprisingly at a low cost while covered with plenty of quality features. Constructed with an anatomic design this nose clip fits perfectly with almost all noses.

An impressive feature includes a silicone nose pad that will offer maximum comfort to the nose so the user can concentrate on kayaking. 

The complaint against this nose clip is it may slip off and don’t float. So before going out to the water, make sure it fits properly.


It comes with 1 Pound weight and the dimension of this nose clip is 1 x 1 x 1 inch.

Highlight features:

  • Includes a stylish carrying bag so the user can keep the nose clip clean and protected
  • Made of quality nylon material to ensure seasons of service
  • Greatly protect the small nose from water while offering acceptable service to the larger nose

What is the customer saying?

The customer loves these nose plugs while they have them at a low cost. Moreover, they feel pleased with its wider nose pad, carrying cage, and durable design.

Few customers find it tight for their large nose, and it may slip off after a few uses.

3. Arena Nose Clip Pro Swimming Nose Plug 

Arena Nose Clip Pro Swimming Nose Plug

If you are worried about slippage and adjustment of a nose clip, then you can confidently use this Arena Nose Clip. This nose clip will be around your neck all the time and won’t, thanks to its Silicone strap. More importantly, this nose clip design with a Plastic frame not only maintains the shape of your face but also keeps the clip from sliding off or moving out while in use. 

On the other hand, while you can’t adjust or customize this nose clip, it may lose fit with some noses, especially narrow ones.


The dimension of this nose clip is 11.3 x 7.8 x 2.9 cm and its weight is 4.54 grams.

Highlight features:

  • Design with a Plastic frame that maintains the natural shape of the face
  • Includes a soft pad to ensure extra comfort to the nose
  • Construct with a Silicone strap that keeps the clip around the neck and prevents losing

What are customers saying?

Customers are happy with both its reliable performance and shipping service. Thus, they mark it as an excellent nose clip for kayaking and comfortable to use.

Conversely, some users find it falls off easily and is not ideal for a narrow nose.

4. TYR Latex Nose Clip for Kayaking

TYR Latex Nose Clip for Kayaking

This TYR Latex Nose Clip will be ideal for those users who need something for rough conditions. It’s a metal nose clip that promises strength and durability even after seasons. The manufacturer designs this metal nose clip with adjustable ability. So that it has a secure yet comfortable fit every time before going out kayaking; plus, this nose clip will be suitable for both youth and adults while its latex cover will ensure maximum comfort.

The error side of this nose clip is it won’t fit perfectly with a small nose. Besides, it may hurt after a long time of use due to metal construction.


It’s a Unisex-adult type nose clip that comes 0.8 Ounces in weight. Besides its dimension is 6.4 x 4.3 x 1.4 inches.

Highlight features:

  • Includes attached head strap that will ensure a secure and comfortable fit
  • This nose clip is constructed with metal to boost the durability and longevity
  • It’s a budget-friendly nose clip that suitable for both youth and adults

What are customers saying?

Many users find this nose clip effective for preventing water, especially for the value. Besides, they feel comfortable, sturdy, and great for kayaking.

However, some users experience slip-off and are not suitable for teenage kayaking.

What to Consider when Buying the Best nose clip for kayaking

If you know some variables about nose clips, you can decide to buy a nose clip. Here are some considerations. 

Durable Material:

A nose clip’s quality and longevity are mainly depending on the material. In this case, soft and solid construction material would be long-lasting for several months. So, try to choose a nose clip with a firm but soft material. 

Do note that most of the good-quality nose clips are made with nylon, silicone, and thermoplastic. However, you can get some cottonmouth nose plugs for more comfort.

Frame Weight:

When you go to buy a nose clip, considering the frame weight is important. Keep in mind that nose clips should be lightweight and compacted. Also, know that a heavier-weight nose clip can feel your nose pain. 


Another important feature to consider is the design of the nose clip you choose. You can completely alter your swimming experience by choosing from a few different options.

Size Fitment:

Size fitment is a big deal for nose clips. If you have a long and thinner nose, you should take a larger nose clip. Likewise, choose a smaller size clip for the small nose. 

Price Range:

Considering the price range is also important because you have a fixed budget. So, try to pick up a nose clip with a logical price. 

How To Wear Nose Clips for Kayaking?

It is essential to know some tips before wearing a nose clip. And you will get the best benefits from the nose clip after knowing the right rules to wear. 

Step 1:

Hold your nose clip at the right U-shaped position. We would say to notice that the clip is in a curve or bendy position. Then check the clip pads because they will squeeze around your nose. 

Step 2:

In this step, hold the nose clip upside-down because it is the right way to perfect fit. If you feel this process is tricky, the easier process is holding the U-shaped part on the top and the pads at the bottom. 

Step 4:

After step 3, set your nose clip into the nose. And you can use your fingers and thumbs to adjust the nose clip in the right place. Keep in mind to set up the clips on the nose bridge and push it as per your comfort level. 

Step 5:

Now decide your kayaking place and start your journey. If you want to take a middle break, then put off your nose clips. 

What Are The Benefits Use Of Nose Clips?

So let’s check all the plus points of a nose clip:

Improves Breath Control

The nose clip helps to hide your nostril by closing the bridge. this manner helps you to perk up your breath control at the right time. While kayaking, the water can splash on the nostril. A nose clip can help beginner riders to ride kayaks by improving breath control.

Stop Water Going Into Nose

The main reason people just like the nose clip are it blocks water from getting to the nose. Basically, it helps water never reach the nostril sinuses. This thing also helps to improve atmospheric pressure within the user’s mouth. In fact, it helps users to specialize in mouth breathing better.

Helps Swim Better

One of the most appealing features of the nose clip is the base from which you can try new swimming techniques. To improve swimming skills, it is beneficial to hold your breath for a long time. It’s also suitable for backstrokers and dolphin kickers.

Some crucial Reasons for Nose Clips Fail

Oily nose:

People with oily skin often have a slippery nose. And this little bit of oil can make it a problem to wear nose clips. Even nose clips can slip easily because of nose oil. 


Sunscreen is also responsible for oily noise. There is some best base layer for kayaking that works great for sun protection. And this sunscreen contains several chemicals that can fail the nose clips. 


1. Do nose clips work well for kayaking?

Yes, nose clips work well for kayaking because nose clips increase the mouth breathing performance. Also, nose clips improve inhalation. 

Who can benefit from using nose clips?

Nose clips are helpful for all aquatic activities like kayaking, swimming, and skateboarding. A nose clip can be incredibly beneficial for those who have a sinus infection and fear bacterial infection. 

Why need a nose clip?

If you want to prevent cholera or salty water from entering your nostril, you’ll need a nose clip. It also ensures that air does not escape. The nose clip is also necessary if you wish to enhance your kayaking, freediving, swimming, surfing, and other aquatic activities.

What Are the Benefits of Nose Clips?

  • It prevents water from entering into nostrils during turns and dolphin kicks.
  • It protects from getting a runny nose after swimming and kayaking
  • Comfortable and secure for the sinus-affected person
  • Prevent several bacterial infections from river water
  • Maintain Buoyancy
  • Helps Swim Better

What are some disadvantages of nose clips?

The nose clip is not risky. But there have some problems that may occur with a kayak lover who wears a nose clip. 

  • Less efficient in breathing
  • Difficult to hold breath
  • Water trapped in the nose sometimes

How to Swim With Nose Plugs

Final Words:

We hope you get benefitted from these best nose clips for kayaking content. We have given some top-notch nose clips that are tested for kayaking. At the same time, we mentioned a buying guide for you. 

If we leave any crucial tips about nose clips for kayaking, then you can give us your opinion. We love to know your feedback. If this is helpful for you, then share this love with your kayak-lover friends.

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