Choose The Best Paint For Kayak In 2021 | Check Our Ultimate Guide Now!

“Which plastic paint will be best for a kayak?”

“What kind of paint can I use on a kayak?” If you are painting a kayak for the first time, these queries might have made you crazy. Take a breath of relief as we have reviewed the best kayak paint to sort all the issues.

In ancient times, people loved to paint their kayaks to bring aesthetics. Nowadays, professionals prefer painting their kayak to repair potential damage & scratches. 

In order to assist all beginners, we have chosen the best paint to use on a kayak by going through all the top products of the market in 2021. We have also appended a buyer guide to provide a better concept. So, all the kayak riders out there, be ready with brushes to feature some amazing colors in the kayak.

Our Exclusive Top Picks!

Best paint Overall: Rust-Oleum Marine Topside Paint: 

Its high abrasion, salt & moisture resistance made it an excellent choice for kayak painting.

Best Paint For Bottom Painting: JD Select Bottom Paint Of TotalBoat:

Its anti-fouling technology can prevent marine growth. Thus, TotalBoat JD is the ideal paint for coloring the bottom.

Best Choice For PVC: TotalBoat Inflatable Bottom Paint: 

When it comes to high compatibility with PVC, TotalBoat Inflatable paint is incomparable.

Best Topside Paint: TotalBoat Wet Edge Marine Paint:

TotalBoat wet Edge is the best among all topside kayak paints due to its smooth, glossy finish & high pigmentation.

Best Paint For Kayak In 2021: Check Our Detailed Reviews Now!

Check our detailed review on every item. We have highlighted all necessary features a buyer would need to know. So, hurry up and dig inside now!

Rust-Oleum Marine Topside Paint: 

Rust-Oleum Marine Topside Paint

If a kayak rider owns a fiberglass, metal frame or wooden kayak, Rust-Oleum marine paint will be an excellent choice. Every rider wishes to ensure an appealing look for a prolonged period. Due to its unparalleled performance, customers have rated it 4.6 out of 5 for superb longevity.


  • Brand: Rust-Oleum. 
  • Paint type: Oil.
  • Size: 1 Quart.
  • Dimensions: 9″×9″×5.3″
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs.
  • Color: Black.
  • Coverage: 100 square feet per quart 


  • Ideal paint for fiberglass, aluminum, or other metals and wood.
  • The paint will dry quickly within an hour or two.
  • It offers high abrasion, salt & moisture resistance. Thus, we would recommend it as the best kayak paint.
  • The robust coating can bear rough weather and UV lights.
  • The anti-skid technology ensures a better grip on the surface.

What Does the Customer Say? 

Rust-Oleum oil paint provides protection against scratch & damages. When it comes to longevity, protection and appearance, this oil paint is incomparable.

Rust-Oleum paint stinks a bit.

TotalBoat Inflatable Bottom Paint: 

TotalBoat Inflatable Boat Bottom Paint

If a kayak rider owns a kayak of PVC or rubber, TotalBoat Inflatable paint will be an incredible choice. Its anti-fouling technology made the paint exceptionally suitable for the bottom. In addition, a user can use water to thin the paint up to 10% before application. Moreover, soapy water is enough for cleaning the paint when needed.


  • Brand: TotalBoat 
  • Size: 1 Quart.
  • Dimensions: 5″x 4.33″x 4.29″.
  • Weight: 1.88 kg.
  • Color: Gray.


  • TotalBoat Inflatable paint is compatible with both salty and freshwater.
  • It offers durable & flexible coating.
  • Water-based formula with no toxicity or nasty solvent.
  • One quart of paint can cover 125 square feet.
  • The paint coating will dry after being at 70°F for 3 hours. Also, the rider needs to wait for 6 or 7 hours before launch.
  • 25% copper coating prevents barnacles’ growth at the bottom.

What Does the Customer Say?

The affordable TotalBoat Inflatable paint is easily applicable on the bottom side of PVC. It is also incredible in minimizing bottom growth.

Some customers have complained about its longevity. However, most customers showed positive responses.

JD Select Bottom Paint Of TotalBoat: 

JD Select Bottom Paint Of TotalBoat

Either it’s a wooden or a fibreglass kayak, TotalBoat JD bottom paint will perform well. It will minimize marine buildup at the bottom. The hybrid paint film is quite convenient to apply. 


  • Brand: TotalBoat.
  • Finish: Flat.
  • Size: Gallon.
  • Material: Water-based component.
  • Dimensions:10″×8″×8″.
  • Weight: 15.77 lbs.
  • Color: Black.
  • Coverage area: 500 Square feet per gallon.


  • Ideal paint for wood, fibreglass, and metal kayaks that sails in both fresh and salty water.
  • This anti-fouling bottom paint contains copper biocide.
  • It minimizes marine buildup at the bottom. So, we would suggest using it for painting the bottom of the kayak.
  • It’s easy to apply & clean. 
  • The paint doesn’t come with any toxic fumes or bad odor.
  • Highly compatible with most bottom paints. Thus a buyer can use it over existing hard paints below the waterline.

What Does the Customer Say?

TotalBoat JD Select paint is highly suitable for bottom applications due to copper components. However, as the company has promised, cleaning up the paint is too easy. 

The paint takes a bit to dry up completely. In addition, some customers didn’t like its ashy film after the colour had dried up.

TotalBoat Wet Edge Marine Paint:

TotalBoat Wet Edge Marine Paint

Wet Edge marine paint offers a glossy finish with abrasion and scratch protection. After painting the topside with wet Edge paint, the user doesn’t need to worry about rough weather. He also can keep the wet Edge in a wide range of temperatures (50°-90°) F.


  • Brand: TotalBoat.
  • Finish type: Glossy.
  • Size: Quart.
  • Dimensions: 4.8″x 4.4″x 4.4″.
  • Weight: 2.74 lbs.
  • Color: Aqua mist.


  • The Wet Edge paint is compatible with fiberglass, woods, metals, and even previously painted exteriors.
  • It protects the kayak by its superior scratch resistance, UV resistance, and chemical resistance.
  • The paint is quite appropriate for the kayak hull, RV exterior, and doors.
  • The smooth polyurethane finish is easily cleanable.
  • The company has promised abrasion resistance along with no peel or cracks.

What Does the Customer Say?

The durable Wet Edge offers a smooth & glossy finish with high scratch protection.

The pigments are quite thick. Therefore, a user would need xylene spray to make a thin mixture. 

How to protect the bottom of your kayak

How To Choose The Best Paint To Use On A Kayak? 

What kind of paint to use on a kayak? Choosing the right paint is essential as a wrong choice might leave huge regrets. That’s why we have focused on several major key points to choose the best ones now!

Type Of Paint: 

After going to market, buyers will come across multiple types of points. For instance, suppose a paint is suitable for wood. However, it might not be suitable for painting rotomolded plastic, metal & fiberglass. So check the manual properly if the paint is compatible with your craft. 

Water Compatibility: 

Checking water compatibility is necessary. For example, a rider can’t take his kayak to the seashore if the paint doesn’t have high salt resistance. 

Can You Apply It Below Waterline? 

All paints are not appropriate for bottom applications. It is better to avoid painting the bottom of the kayak with a specialist in Topside Painting. Otherwise, the paint might peel off within several performances. 

Special Features: 

Modern paints come with many incredible features like high abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, and UV protection. Moreover, such quality of the paint makes it quite premium. 

Can It Prevent Marine Growth?

Subaquatic organisms can damage the hull over time. So the kayak may become slow and less durable. Choosing an anti-fouling would be awesome for painting the bottom of a kayak. The paint you purchase must prevent marine growth if it’s for bottom-side painting.

Before painting a kayak


1. Why will I paint a kayak?

Painting a kayak gives a better appearance and hides all the scratches on the hull. Previously scratched areas are prone to damage which can affect the overall performance of the kayak. Thus, painting it will improve the user experience as well.

2. Can you paint a fibreglass kayak?

Yes, it is possible to paint a fiberglass kayak. However, be wise while choosing the type of paint. Rust-Oleum and other oil paints work incredibly well on fiberglass. A user will experience an awesome performance as long as he uses the type suitable for the specific craft.

3. How do you paint a polyethene kayak?

In order to paint a polyethene kayak
• Brush the surface to remove the previous sheen.
• Pat the entire surface with rubbing alcohol or any other plastic prep solvent.
• Utilizing a polyethene promoter would be a great idea as well.
• At last, choose a spray paint that is specifically suitable for plastic.
The Best paint for polyethene is flexible elastomeric paint or latex house paint. In addition, we would recommend using Krylon 1311 after painting for better colour protection

Final Words: 

When a kayak rider decides to paint his kayak, he wants to choose the best kayak paint. In this article, we have picked the best paints for 2021. I loved Rust-Oleum Marine Topside Paint among all of our recommendations due to its marvelous abrasion and moisture resistance. However, all of our picks are worthy of investment. After reading this article, I hope you got an overall idea about which paint will suit you the most.

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