Best Trolling Motor For Canoe

Best Trolling Motor For Canoe- Top Trolling Motors For Optimal Performance

A trolling motor is a specialized motor with an electric motor, propeller, and control option with a rechargeable battery that works well for lightweight canoe and kayak riding. 

It would help if you went fast to different spots while fishing, but traditional paddling will not allow you to go faster. When you can’t move quickly with the usual paddling, it’s deplorable. You can use the best trolling motor for the canoe to get efficient fishing and recreation. 

We will give reviews on some best trolling motors, which we have found from our extensive research to solve your problem. If you want to take this offer, you can check out the canoe tolling motor review.

Types of Canoe Motors?

Based on the advantages and characteristics of the use, the trolling motor can be divided into the following sections.

  • 2-stroke or 4-stroke outboard motor:

It is good to know that 2-stroke and 4-stroke both are well-known motors for the canoe. A 2-stroke outboard motor is lightweight, and it can provide high speed. On the contrary, a 4-stroke outboard motor is comparatively heavier, quieter and has high torque.

  • Battery-powered trolling motor:

A pre-charged battery operates this trolling motor. The battery-powered trolling motor works great, but there are some restrictions. Usually, the battery charge may finish due to the long-time use. And it may cause your difficulties in an emergency.

  • Gas-powered trolling motor:

A gas-powered trolling motor is designed as a small motor. Hence, it has a larger and double-efficient engine. A gas-powered trolling motor performs better for more precise canoe fishing.

Types of Canoe Trolling Motors?

Four major types of trolling motors have been released from manufacturing companies for the convenience of Anglers. These are happening.

Transom trolling motors:

Transom trolling motors became popular with fishing anglers due to their affordable price. At the same time, the installation process is easier than bow trolling motors. Moreover, it has a fast engine-removing system with a quick connector. Good to know that a transom trolling motor is ideal for small boats and canoes. 

Bow trolling motors:

The Bow trolling motor is designed for medium and larger-size canoes and boats. It is a little bit pricey but efficient. This motor has come with a lot of advanced features. Similarly, the variety of controlling options gets praised by all. 

Saltwater trolling motors:

A saltwater trolling motor is a specialized machine that comes to stands out for a long time in saltwater fishing. We know that a general trolling engine can easily be damaged in saltwater. That is why the saltwater trolling motor comes with special corrosion and rust-preventing power. 

Freshwater trolling motors:

A freshwater trolling motor has come to resemble a general trolling motor. It is suitable to meet all challenging situations, extreme wind or current in freshwaters like rivers, lakes, or canals. It is long-lasting in freshwater, but there is no highly rust-preventing power. 

Best Electric Trolling Motor for Canoe: Comparison Table

Image Product Title Top Feature Price
Newport Vessels mounted trolling motor Newport Vessels mounted trolling moto Item Weight
23.2 Pounds
Operation Mode
Recommended Uses For Product
For Fresh Water, For Salt Water
12 Volts
Mounting Type
Check Latest Price
Newport Vessels Kayak trolling motor Newport Vessels Kayak trolling motor Item Weight
20 Pounds
Operation Mode
12 Volts
Mounting Type
Check Latest Price
Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor (2) Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor Item Weight
2 Pounds
Operation Mode
Recommended Uses For product
For Fresh Water
Check Latest Price
U-BCOO 8 Speed Saltwater Trolling Motor U-BCOO 8 Speed Saltwater Trolling Motor  Material
Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Operation Mode
Recommended Uses For Product
For Salt Water, For Fishing Boats
12 Volts
Mounting Type
Check Latest Price
Newport Vessels 55lb Saltwater Trolling Motor Newport Vessels 55lb Saltwater Trolling Motor Item Weight
23 Pounds
Operation Mode
12 Volts
Mounting Type
Check Latest Price

Top 5 Best trolling motor for canoe & kayak reviews

The trolling motor is now very closely connected to the canoe, but the problem is finding the right trolling motor. However, we’ve come to help you with my 5-trolling motor. These are the best in performance and quality. 

 So, let’s check. 

1. Newport Vessels mounted trolling motor(best motor for canoe & kayak)

Newport Vessels mounted trolling motor

Newport trolling motor is designed with a perfect combination of power and performance for smaller and medium-size kayaks, watercraft, and canoe motor mounts. 

 This electric motor will especially be good with fishing kayaks and canoes because it has three propellers with silent rotational fins. Silent fins operations never be a scare for fish. 

An efficient 55 lb. thrust and five-point LED battery to allow you to stay on the water all day long. 

 We also like Nylon’s durable Transom mount and 30 inches shaft for adjustability with several watercraft. 

Besides, it comes with an 8-speed telescopic handle of 6 inches in length. Among the eight-speed, you will get five-speed in the forward and three-speed in the backward. 

This trolling motor’s dimension is 47 x 21 x 7 inches, and its weight is 23.2 pounds. Good to know the color is black. 

Key Features:

  • An efficient motor free of excess heat will allow you to stay in the water all day long.
  • High-quality zinc, magnesium, and steel materials make this motor durable and corrosion-resistant.
  • A very silent rotating fan will not let the fish understand your presence.
  • The eight-speed among the forward and backward operation


  • Highly corrosion resistant
  • Two years of the limited warranty
  • Durable stainless-steel and zinc material 


  • No attached battery will come with it.

Our product reviewed :

It is recommended to take any challenging water sports on saltwater and freshwater. 

2. Newport Vessels Kayak trolling motor(best for kayak)

Newport Vessels Kayak trolling motor

It is the most convenient kayak trolling motor off the Newport series with added a lot of features. It has earned popularity within a short period for best adjustability with all types of canoes and kayaks. 

The shaft is made 24 inches long so that shaft can be adjusted with maximum watercraft depth. Also, there is a longer battery cabling of 5 feet 6 inches, ensuring the right battery placement and adjustability with all canoes. 

If you come to the speed, then it is like another Newport trolling motor with a total of eight-speed, five-speed is in the forward, and three-speed is backward. 

The shaft length is 30 inches, and the weight is 19 pounds. Likewise, the handlebar extension is 6″ for proper fingertips adjustability. 

Key Features:

  • Up to 5 bright blue hues LED battery indicator refers to the current charge amount. 
    • The 36 inches motor with two propeller blades controls the balance with riding efficiency.
    • It is featured on 24 inches fiberglass shaft, which will allow you to place different kayak depths.
    • Stainless construction material combined with corrosion-resistant zinc for lifetime durability
    • Additional cabling length with the motor reduces the dragging.


  • Two years of warranty for any product defect
  • Silent operating rotational blades
  • Up to five bright blue LED battery indicator


  • The lithium battery doesn’t suit this trolling motor.
  • The battery is not included in it.

Our product reviewed :

It is a perfect choice for a saltwater trip like sea fishing for a long time. 

3. Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor (Best for canoe and kayak)

Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor

If you are looking for a freshwater trolling motor, then Minn Kota Trolling Motor would be surprising for you. It has slightly different features than another trolling motor. Keeping in mind the fishing task, the manufacturing brand made this trolling motor with a unique tiller handle and motor. Primarily this will help the fishing anglers to catch fish easily. 

Hence there has a wonderful solid lever lock bracket system with ten positions. Simultaneously, the construction material is reinforced composite, which can prevent UV damage, warping, and flexing. 

Besides, the 6-inch lengthy telescopic thriller is indeed amazing to provide the best comfort and easy, intuitive operation. You are also getting the usual eight-speed setting. 

Minn Kota is designed with 42.38 x 5.38 x 16.25 inches dimension and 15 pounds weight. 

Key Features:

  • The motor diameter is 3-1/4″, and it can provide extra power.
  • Comfortable 6 inches telescopic triller handle ensure easy operation.
  • The reinforced composite construction material ensures lifetime durability. 
  • A good enough motor diameter can provide additional power.


  • Multiple sizes and styles are available.
  • Quick releaser lever lock
  • Best performer in freshwater
  • UV damage protecting


  • It doesn’t come with a warranty

Our product reviewed :

We recommend this trolling motor for all types of freshwater fishing. 

4. U-BCOO 8 Speed Saltwater Trolling Motor – (best fishing kayak motor

U-BCOO 8 Speed Saltwater Trolling Motor

Are you looking for the best canoe motor for saltwater watersports? If your regular recreation spot is saltwater, then we recommend the U-BCOO trolling motor. U-BCOO comes with a wide range of benefits. So, you will get high-quality performance and lighter weight. Moreover, it is easy to install and control in your boat, kayak, or canoe.

Besides, you can adjust the motor with the desired length and angle, whatever you will want. We have noticed that this electric motor can withstand very good corrosion. 

 It will not cause any damage to the motor even if you have been in salt water for a long time. 

Moreover, we praise the extended 4 inches telescopic handle so that you can control and adjust the motor nicely. You will get this amazing trolling motor in up to three styles. 

Key Features:

  • It is featured in composite fiberglass, a high-quality shaft, and a bracket.
  • Primarily, -BCOO comes for saltwater fishing and roaming.
  • The 46 lbs. thrust is perfect for any saltwater trip anywhere.
  • Maximum 8 speed is divided into five and three for forward and backward.
  • Stainless steel material ensures damage prevention and UV rays prevention.


  • It comes with versatile features.
  • Nylon bracket and steel hardware


  • It is a little bit heavier than another trolling motor.

Our product reviewed :

Finally, it is a versatile canoe trolling motor. We recommend it for those who love to get the newest experience with maximum benefits. 

5. Newport Vessels 55lb Saltwater Trolling Motor (Best electric trolling motor)

Newport Vessels 55lb Saltwater Trolling Motor

Are you crazy to use a longer thrust, including a trolling motor? Then Newport Vessels 55lb electric motor for canoe would be the best option for you. This motor you to explore the lake for up to 2.5 hours on a single charge. Its versatile and universal uses are awesome, in a word. You will be surprised to know that this motor is compatible with so many watercraft, like inflatable boats, kayaks, dinghies, and tenders. A 36-inch fiberglass shaft with heavy-duty nylon material is included with this motor. 

You can easily get an idea of battery condition with a 10-point LED battery meter. Good to know about the propeller. It has come with three-blade propellers with ten diameters. 

This saltwater trolling for a canoe is designed with 18 x 5 x 42 inches dimensions and 23 pounds weight. 

Key Features:

  • Great compatibility to adjust with any watercraft
  • A 36 inches longer shaft ensures a smoother canoe riding
  • Up to 10-point LED battery meter function


  • It is completely made in the USA.
  • Multiple battery charge reading meter
  • Versatile speed controlling
  • It comes with a 2-years warranty.


  • You can’t use a lithium battery to operate this trolling motor. 

Our product reviewed :

We recommend this nice trolling motor for the highly interested water sports lover who loves to pass their time on the saltwater. 

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Canoe Trolling Motor Buying Guide

A trolling motor would be best for your watercraft, depending on several factors. We think a beginner can’t make a decision on which will be best for them. We will write an in-depth review guide on this topic in detail to find out the best trolling motor for canoes. 


The trolling motor comes with four individual control systems. These are steer control, cable control, remote control, and hand control. The Steer control system provides more options to handle a canoe or kayak. As a result, you can stay longer on the water. 

Hence, a cable control system is very rugged, durable, and responsive. Also, note that the line is directly connected with the paddle foot to the motor. A cable control motor is best for shallow water where there are grass and stumps. 

Then a small control motor is the most advanced system for anglers. You can control it without effort and hassle. And the hand-holding engine has to operate manually. It is a little bit tricky but efficient. So, you need to consider the controlling motor system before choosing a trolling motor. 

Shaft Length:

Considering shaft length is essential for a canoe trolling motor. Good to know that a longer shaft is always preferable to avoid crushes from the rocks and debris. However, you need to know the measurement of your boat. 

The measuring process is different for square back and traditional canoes. In terms of the square back canoe, you have to measure from gunwale to the water. And in terms of the traditional canoe, you need to measure from the motor to the water. 


All types of trolling motors come with four specific voltages. These are 12-volt, 12/24-volt, 24-volt, and 36 volts. Keep in mind that the higher the voltage of the trolling motor, the higher power you will get in the propeller. So, it would help if you thought about what voltage your trolling engine is required. 

Power Consumption:

Trolling motor power consumption has been considered depending on the thrusting weight. For example, 72 or 75 lbs. of thrust is equal to 746 W of power consumption. 

Freshwater or saltwater:

Freshwater and saltwater trolling are different in terms of construction material. For example, the freshwater trolling motor is medium corrosion-resistant, as there has less chance of corrosion. On the other hand, a saltwater motor is highly corrosion-resistant. 

Hence, the price range is also different, where the freshwater is slightly cheaper than the saltwater motor. 


Usually, a canoe trolling motor mount comes with three types of mounting styles, a bow, transom, and engine mounting. Transom mounting is the most popular of these. 

A bow mounting motor would be better set up in the front of the boat; it is most popular with landlubbers. A bolt-on bracket is used to attach this bow mounting motor, which offers the best-controlling power.

On the other hand, transom mounting is the best canoe Trolling Motor Setup in the canoe’s backward. Also, it will provide a convenient steering benefit. 

The engine mounting motor is not set up on the engine, but it is set up in the cavitation plate. 

Battery life:

Trolling motors run on batteries, so make sure you choose a motor with long battery life. This will be important if you plan on spending extended periods of time on the water.

Trolling Motor Size:

Do you know what size trolling motor is best for you? Many new users are getting confused about motor size. So, we are saying three important factors about the trolling motor size—the amount of thrust, the number of volts, and the shaft length. 

Thrust refers to overall motor power. In the USA people measure the thrust in pounds. If your canoe is heavier, we would say to choose the thrust with a larger thrust. It is good to know that you need to use at least 2 lbs. thrust for 100 lbs. canoe or kayak weight. However, if possible, then choose a thrust of more than the recommended amount. 

After that, voltage is a crucial consideration. Voltage refers to the electrical motor’s power. You need to use at least a 12-volt battery for every 12 volts. 

Lastly, the shaft length is important. Because a wrong shaft length may destroy your goal, this is why choose the shaft length with the proper required size. 

Thrust to Canoe Length Guide

The weight of the thrust depends on the canoe’s length. Here is a chart of thrust to canoe length.

Thrust weightLength of canoe
20 pounds.12”
30 pounds.14”
40 pounds.16”
50 pounds.18”
55 pounds.20”
65 pounds.22”

Maintenance of a trolling motor

Some basic maintenance can make your trolling motor longer. Here are those simple steps. 

  • Remove all of the accumulated dirt and debris after each using the trolling motor.
  • Inspect the propeller after each use if there have any dirt or debris.
  • Rinse the trolling motor and propeller with fresh water.
  • Check out the propeller nut and bolts if those are tightened properly. 
  • Clean the shaft regularly and apply lubricant if needed.

Why the chosen trolling motors are the best

  1. The chosen trolling motors are the best because they are powerful and efficient.
  2. They are also durable and can withstand heavy use.
  3. Additionally, they are easy to install and operate.
  4. they are affordable and offer great value for the money.
  5. very powerful and can propel a boat at high speeds, even in rough water conditions.

Difference between outboard and canoe motor

Best canoe motor:

  • A canoe motor is a powerful electric motor that is designed for fishing kayaks and canoes. 
  • Good to know that a canoe motor comes with a combination of a handle, electric motor, and shaft with the propeller. 
  • Besides, there have mounting screws, brackets, and skeg

Best Outboard Motor for Canoe:

  • An outboard motor is slightly different than a regular canoe motor. 
  • It is designed with more advanced features. 
  • If you are a serious angler, then the best outboard motor for a canoe would be the best choice for you. The outboard canoe motor comes with regular canoe motor parts. 
  • Also, it has come with an additional engine, gearbox, and jet drive. 


What is the difference between a bow mount and a transom mount trolling motor?

A bow mount is a little bit more tricky than a transom mount motor. Because you need to make a drill on the bow of your canoe or boat, you can very easily install a transom mount motor on the boat stern with only a clamp.
Another fact is that a transom mount is easy to operate from the back, but the bow mount is easy to operate from the forward.  

Why a trolling motor is needed for a canoe? 

A trolling motor is very effective for your canoe and kayak, as it provides easy installation and longer operation. Also, it reduces the hand-pedaling effort. 

What is the standard voltage for trolling motors?

You can use AGM and lead-acid batteries for your canoe. Keep in mind to choose a battery volt of at least 12 volts

What Does a Saltwater Trolling Motor Do?

The work of a saltwater motor is the same as a freshwater motor. But the main difference is corrosion prevention power. It means a saltwater motor can prevent rust and corrosion nicely. 

Why Do You Need A Trolling Motor?

A trolling motor works great to keep you at a specific spot. Even can retain your position on water against the extreme wind, current, and water flow. 
Besides, it helps to fish you more precisely from a specific place. Also, it will reduce the drift and allow you to stay calm. Because of these reasons, you need a trolling motor.  

What Size Trolling Motor Shaft for Your Canoe?

For almost all of the canoes, a 30 inches shaft is ideal because it is perfect for getting the motor and propeller from the perfect distance into the water.
So, you can use the full thrust engine. Moreover, you will get some additional length in your shaft, which will allow you to lower the motor into the deep water.

Are electric trolling motors worth it?

Electric trolling motors can be a good option for those who want a quiet and environmentally friendly way to power their boat, as they do not emit any emissions.
They can also be more cost-effective in the long run, as they do not require fuel and have fewer maintenance costs. However, they may not be as powerful as gas trolling motors and may have a shorter run time on a single battery charge.
It is important to weigh the pros and cons and consider one’s specific needs before deciding if an electric trolling motor is worth it.

How fast will a trolling motor move a canoe?

The speed of a trolling motor on a canoe will depend on several factors, including the size and power of the motor, the weight and drag of the canoe, and the water conditions. In general, a trolling motor on a canoe can move at speeds of around 3-5 mph, but this can vary significantly depending on the specific conditions.

Final Words: 

We hope you have got the proper guide to choosing the Best Trolling Motor for Canoe. You can check out the short note on each product specialty from the above if you have a short time to research a lot. Also, we suggest reading the canoe-buying guide carefully. 

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