Can you add rod holders to a kayak

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Kayak is one of the most popular watercraft for fishing on calm water like shore or bass. On the other hand, a rod holder is an important fishing equipment that must be kept in a fishing kayak. But can you add rod holders to a kayak?

Yes, you can add rod holders to a kayak in multiple ways. Track mounting, recessed mounting, tackle storage, and special rod management system are common and popular ways to add rod holders to a kayak. Besides, there might have an existing built-in setup for a rod holder on your kayak.

This guide will explain basic rod holder installation, where you can place a rod holder on a kayak. Also, you will know about different types of rod holders. So, let’s start.

Basic rod holder installation

In this case, you need to buy a ready-made rod holder seat and install it on the existing seat of the kayak. Let’s know the process within a few steps.

Step 1:

Collect the tools that require to install a rod holder. You will need a screwdriver, drill machine, socket set, waterproof sealant, marker and

Step 2:

Place it on the rod holder and point between the four holes with the marker. Then pick up the holder basement and drill the specified four-point with the drill machine.

Step 3:

Now apply waterproof sealant on each hole and place the rod holder on that. After then, enter nuts on each hole and place a washer for every nut. Use a screwdriver to tighten the nut and washers.

Step 4:

Your rod holder setup process is already complete. Now take your fishing rod and enter it into the holder. The rod holder has a tightening system on one side; you can rotate it to keep the rod holder more secure.

Where should you care before placing a rod holder on a kayak?

We noted down some points here from our experience with a fishing kayak. After adding rod holders, you can follow these to add kayak fishing rod

•Remember to set up the rod holder far back from your possible casting area to prevent unexpected problems

Install rod holders away from your seat so that you can move your body freely

• Note observe how far your rod goes forward, back, and side after mounting

• Try to use a kayak with a wider beam because it allows the use for more moving

•Also, make sure that you can easily access the rod holders from different parts of your kayak

What are the different types of rod holders?

There have three common mounting systems for the rod holder. Knowing about those mountings can help you to choose the right mounting for your fishing rod.

Side mounting:

Milk crates are mostly used as side-mounted rod holders for kayak fishing. Side mounting generally comes with bolted, zipped-tied, or strapped behind the seat. You can keep two or three rods in a side mounting holder. Besides, you can use additional rods on each side of the crate.

Flush mounting:

Flush mounting requires making a larger hole on the kayak surface. The hole would be at least 3 inches in size. In this process, your rod holder will be flushed a bit higher or flat surface of a kayak. So, you need to know how to install flush mount rod holders on kayaks. Since this mounting has to be done by making big holes, you need a waterproof sealer. Otherwise, water can enter your kayak.

Track mounting:

Track mounting is the easiest way to keep your rod holder on a kayak. This type of rod holder is mounted directly on the track. Do note that the track mount is the most adjustable system for the rod holder.

How to install rod holders onto your kayakDIY fishing rod holder installation


Where is the best place to mount a rod holder on a kayak?

The backside of the paddler and the starboard are the best places to mount a rod holder on a kayak. You can adjust the angle and height to your wish by mounting the rod holder at these locations. So, you can excess fishing rod easily. Besides, the rod holder with the basement is a good choice for easier installation. You can choose Scotty or R.A.M. for convenience.

How do you carry a fishing rod on a kayak?

You can carry a rod holder on your kayak in versatile ways. First, set up the rod holder as needed in the specific place on the kayak. Depending on the mounting system, you can carry the vertical and horizontal rod holders for a kayak.

How can you install rails on your kayak?

Rails are designed with some holes in both sides. So, you can mount it with the help of screws and a drill machine. First, place the ready-made rails on the edge of the kayak. Then drill all holes point on it. Then you drill each point with a drill machine. Use the screw in the last step and tighten it as needed. Rail mount can hold multiple fishing rods together. So, you can use a rail-mounted rod holder.

Final words:

Can you add rod holders to a kayak? Yes, you can add rod holders to a kayak. Even it is possible to add rod holders in multiple convenient ways. Remember that track mounting is the easiest way to keep your rod on a kayak. Portside, starboard, and backside rod holder mounting are most popular for kayak fishing anglers.

What is your opinion about this guide? If you want to add anything to our information or have questions about this topic, let us know.


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