Can You Put a Trolling Motor on a Canoe

Can You Put a Trolling Motor on a Canoe? Trolling Made Easy 2023

Do you love to use a canoe for paddling or fishing? It is important to have an assistant for perfect paddling around the water. But getting a person for paddling is difficult. So, a trolling motor can be your great buddy. Trolling motor will allow you to spend much time on the water with less paddling. But the question is can you put a trolling motor on a canoe?

Yes, you can put a trolling motor on the canoe. Since trolling motor is smaller in size, it is most suitable for it. Trolling motor can run with a smaller rechargeable battery or small gas tank.

This guide will discuss whether you can use a trolling motor with your canoe. What size of trolling motor can you put on a canoe? And the mounting process of trolling motor with the canoe. So, let’s know what the next step is.

What size of trolling motor can you put on a canoe?

A larger trolling motor only sometimes means good for the canoe. Canoe length, canoe weight, and traditional square stern are major considerations. Here are some considerations for choosing an ideal trolling motor for the canoe.

Do note that the battery-powered motor is measured in thrust pounds. And the gas-powered trolling motor is measured with horsepower. You need to know the total load of your canoe. It would be easier to determine the perfect motor horsepower or thrust.

If you are thinking of using an electric motor with thrust power, then there is a general rule of thumb. On the contrary, a 2 HP gas-powered trolling motor can operate maximum canoe. It would help if you had 2 pounds thrust for every 100 pounds of canoe weight.

How to put a trolling motor on a canoe?The mounting process

How to put a trolling motor on a canoe? there have two primary trolling motor mounting processes for the canoe. One is bow mounting, and another is transom mounting. So, think about where you will use the canoe and how you will use and control the trolling motor.

Let’s know the simple process of mounting an electric trolling motor. Bow mount is better than transom mount because it allows a canoe to pull over the water. Most paddlers love to sit on the stern, so it is difficult to mount near the stern.

Step 1:

Arrange all essential materials. Here is the list of essential materials to install your trolling motor.

  • 4′ piece of the flat bar (1)
  • 2 x 4 hardwood cut (1)
  • 1/4″ x 6″ carriage bolts
  • 4 inches 2 X 6 cut (1)
  • Wing nuts and washers (2)
  • 2-1/2″ wood screws (4)
  • 1/4″ drill bit (1)

Step 2:

Choose the right canoe and find an appropriate place to canoe trolling motor mount. The motor should be set up behind the stern seat.

Step 3:

Measure inside the canoe hull and cut some parts to fit the trolling motor perfectly. Then keep 8 to 10 inches before cutting the top wood.

Step 4:

Dry top 2 x 4 for right fit and mark inside the holes to attach bolts. Then transfer the holes at the bottom of the canoe.

Step 5:

Use 2 x 6 block wood screws and pre-drills at the side of the top motor. Now enter the carriage bolts inside the holes of the top and bottom.

Step 6:

This step will help if you fit the block and brace inside the canoe. Then mount the trolling motor at 2 x 6 block.

Will you use the trolling motor in freshwater or saltwater?

Most trolling motor is designed to perform in fresh and saltwater. It is highly recommended to use the specific trolling motor for saltwater. Many paddlers need to consider this factor and choose the wrong trolling motor.

Remember that saltwater trolling motor boats are specially designed. It can protect the trolling motor from the corrosive elements of salt water. Salt ware trolling motor is made from high-quality stainless steel. Besides, the electrical system is covered with more secure seals that can prevent saltwater corrosion. Due to the over-protective system, the saltwater trolling motor is slightly expensive. You can use a saltwater trolling motor in freshwater if you want, but not a freshwater one in saltwater.

How to Make a Canoe Trolling Motor Mount


How fast will the canoe go with trolling motor?

A canoe can go 4.5 mph with trolling motor. Remember that 4.5 mph is a canoe’s maximum speed when connected to a trolling motor. However, your canoe can go faster if it connects with heavier thrusts. The regular canoe and kayak require a maximum of 4.5 mph. You will only need higher speed for heavier canoes and rough weather.

Can you motorize a canoe?

Yes, you can motorize a canoe motor. In this case, you can use gas-powered and electric-powered motors. Note that gas motor is comparatively heavier, larger, and creates much noise. On the other hand, an electric-powered motor is lighter, smaller, and creates less noise than a gas-powered motor.

Is It Legal to Put a Trolling Motor on a Canoe?

Yes, putting a trolling motor on a canoe is completely legal. You can use any trolling motor with your canoe. Although using trolling motors is not illegal, there have some regulations. Remember that the registration rules and system are unique for individual states. Also, consider the safety issues before choosing a trolling motor.

How long does a trolling motor last on a canoe?

Trolling motors last about 2-3 years. So, it is considered an affordable option for the paddler. A trolling motor can last up to 4-5 years with simple maintenance. Also, note that trolling motor battery can last about 80 minutes at high speed. And it can last about 12 hours at a slower speed.

Last words:

We hope you understand that you can put a trolling motor on a canoe. Trolling motor is a smaller, lightweight gear that can make paddling and fishing easier. You can easily put a trolling motor on your canoe. It is very simple with few steps since the trolling motor is lightweight and smaller, so the installation is convenient too.

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