Can you screw into a kayak

Can You Screw Into a Kayak? Discovering The Potential Of Screw Mounting

Screwing is required to attach various useful accessories to the kayak. Especially when fishing with a kayak, you must install some gear and accessories. So, screwing is mandatory to attach additional parts to a kayak. But can you screw into a kayak?

Yes, you can drill and screw into a kayak. Washer, locking nut, machine screw, pop rivets, and bolts are good options for tightening or mounting accessories with a kayak.

This guide will discuss the best way to attach accessories to a kayak. Besides, you will know What Screws you should use on a Kayak. Let’s know.

Best way to attach accessories to a kayak

We are talking about some of the simplest and most widely used ways to attach accessories to the kayak. We recommend using stainless-steel hardware because steel can withstand much more than any other metal in the water. Washer, machine screw, and locking nut are some best screws for kayaks. Do note that stainless steel is corrosion and rust-resistant.


Using bolts is the most common and secure way to attach accessories to a kayak. You will need a washer and nuts at the backside of the bolts. Also, ensure access to the mounting area’s underside for using bolts.


Screwing is another easy and popular way to attach accessories to your kayak. But it is difficult to pull out the screws because there have no backing plates.

Carefulness is important if you use screws. Sometimes, screws can be prone to stripping from the plastic decking. Besides, you can’t tighten too much into the screws. Otherwise, it can cut or stripe the holes. Drilling doesn’t work as it used to when striped.

Pop rivets:

Need access at the backside of your kayak for attaching accessories? Then pop rivets would be your great choice. It would help if you had a pop rivets gun to install a pop rivet into a kayak. Pop rivets will give you a better experience, but it tends to loosen over time. You may feel that pop rivets tend to loosen against the holes.

What Screws you should use on a Kayak?

You should choose a screw depending on the screw placement, chances of access, and the force you will need.

Stainless Steel Screws:

Are you getting access at the backside of your mounting area? Then use a stainless-steel screw with washers and nuts. It is considered as the best screw for kayaks

Self-Tapping Screws:

Self-tapping screws for kayaks are not a secure option. Your gear might wobble, fall off or loosen when you are using self-tapping screws. Besides, self-tapping screws may drill their holes when you use them into a plastic hull or deck. You will get available two types of screws thread cutting and thread forming.

Thread cutting:

Thread-cutting screws are made for use with wood and metal. In these screws, strip out their holes when removing the fasteners. In this case, you use a bit larger screw.

Thread forming:

It is designed to use with a plastic deck, but it can deform the deck after making holes since thread forming can cut its holes so it can remain connected more tightly with the kayak deck. Even sometimes, the screw can get loosened in this process.

What are the steps for Drilling Holes in a Kayak?

  • Choose the place where you want to make holes
  • Mark and drill the first holes
  • Set the accessories and mark the holes
  • Drill the existing holes
  • Sealing Screw Holes

how to screw into a kayak


Can you use screws on a kayak?

Yes, screws can be used on a kayak. They can be used to attach accessories, such as rod holders or fish finders, to the kayak. It’s important to make sure that the screws are properly sealed and that they are the right size and type for the material of the kayak. This will help to prevent leaks and ensure that the accessories stay securely attached to the kayak

What screws should I use on a kayak?

You should use a machine screw, washer, locking nut, and traditional bolts for screwing. But be sure to use steel or aluminum nuts, bolts, and screws. Never go with a brass bolt. Also, try to use corrosion-resistant bolts and screws for kayaking at sea.

Can you use rivets on a kayak?

Yes, you can use pop rivets on a kayak. Even pop rivet is well known for using canoes and in boat construction. Besides, you also can use sealing rivets. Sealing rivets will give you added precaution with the water through that your kayak will go.

Final words:

We are sure you understand whether can you screw into a kayak. We are repeating the answer that yes, you can screw into a kayak. Even screwing into a kayak is very common because you have many accessories to carry on a kayak.

We are familiar with various types of kayaks used for fishing and recreation. So, we have a basic to advanced style of using a kayak and all the relevant gear. If you have more questions about this, you can let us know. We will love to help you.


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