How do I Choose a Spinning Rod for My Bass

How do I Choose a Spinning Rod For My Bass- Tips For Choosing The Ideal Spinning Rod

For starting fishing you need to choose the best spinning rod for bass as there are various types of bus fishes available in the water (Black bass, Temperate bass, and Asian sea bass). So you may ask “how do I choose a spinning rod for my bass?.” 

The answer is easy to that question, but there are always some complications when you buy a product for the best uses. Unlike every other product for fishing, you need to follow a guideline to choose a spinning rod for your bass fishing. 

So, I am here for you with an amazing guideline to choose your spinning rod by yourself. Here, you will learn some amazing facts about bass fishing and choosing a spinning rod for some reasons you faced. Some FAQs will also be provided for you. So let’s start.

Bass fishing rod selection guide: What you Need to Know Before Fishing

The bass is an aggressive predator that lives in both freshwater and saltwater environments. The bass may not be the biggest fish you’re likely to catch, but it’s powerful enough to test your skills as a fisherman. Bass fishing can be enjoyable for bass of all sizes, large or small. Likewise, bass fishing rods are available in a range of lengths and weights to match the bass you’re trying to catch.

Before going bass fishing, assess what species of bass you intend to pursue. There are largemouth bass and smallmouth bass and species such as the spotted bass, Guadalupe bass, and rock bass.

Once you know which species you want to catch, place that bass in the middle of your selection range when it comes to weight. For example, if you want to bass fish for largemouth bass, but they run between 1 and 3 pounds, then 2 pounds is right in the middle of what you’re looking for.

You can’t tell much about bass fishing rods until you know the bass species and weight range for which you’ll fish. The length of bass fishing rods varies depending on the specific bass species and the bass weight you’re pursuing. For example, smaller bass like those in the 1- to 3-pound range might require a bass fishing rod measuring less than 7 feet, according to the kayak fishing rod length guide.

How do I Choose a Spinning Rod for My Bass

Choosing a spinning rod can be confusing since there are so many rods on the market. When choosing a spinning rod for bass fishing rods, you must consider the best rod action for bass fishing and the best rod length for bass fishing. 

About Rod Action

There are three basic types of actions:

Fast Action Rods – These have a stiff tip, and the action is focused in the top two-thirds of the rod. These rods are designed to cast lures such as crankbaits, spinners, and spoons.

Medium Action Rods – These have a medium stiff tip, and the action is focused on about halfway up the rod. They cast lures such as jigs and worms, but they also handle lures such as crankbaits and spinnerbaits.

Slow Action Rods – These have a soft tip, and the action is focused in the lower third of the rod. They are designed for throwing lures such as frogs, buzz baits, and senkos.

About Rod Length

The length of the rod is also very important when choosing a brass rod. Generally speaking, shorter rods are better in close and longer rods are better for casting lures at greater distances. A good starting point is to get a 6-foot medium-action rod with an extra tip if you plan on fishing rivers or lakes. If you mostly fish small ponds and streams, a 4 or 5-foot rod will be fine.

The last thing you must consider is what kind of fishing you plan on doing. We usually recommend buying a 2 to 5-piece bass spinning rod and some spin cast equipment if you’re just starting. Spinning rods and reels can be used for both types of fishing, and they are generally more forgiving if you make a mistake while learning.


What rod should I use for bass fishing?

– Use what you have. That was my standard response for the bulk of my fishing career. If someone called asking for my opinion on what they should buy, I would generally give them a version of this canned answer. It wasn’t the most helpful thing to say, but it was honest – which is better than giving someone false encouragement that they have just bought the right rod for bass fishing.

How do I know what size spinning rod to buy?

– There is a very simple but often misunderstood rule in fly fishing that will answer this question. Using a ruler or tape measure, measure from your wrist to the end of your middle finger. This measurement in inches is a good estimate for your rod length. For instance, if your measurement is 7-1/4″, you would be well served with a 7-1/2′ to 7-3/4′ rod.

What is a good spinning rod and reel for bass fishing?

– There are many good spinning rods and reels for bass fishing available at a wide range of prices. If you’re going to be bass fishing a lot, it’s probably worth investing in a good quality outfit as they will last longer and generally fish better than cheap ones. Look for rods with strong butts and mid-sections. 
However, the tip should be fairly flexible to help you detect bites. They should be a little heavier than ultra-light rods, but still relatively sensitive. Reels should have a good range of gears, but 4 is probably enough for most fishing. Good quality bass fishing reels also have larger line capacities for their size, meaning that you can get away with using lighter lines on them. 

Final Note

Hopefully, you have understood how you can choose a spinning rod for your bass fishing. Before starting bass fishing, you need to know the Spinning rod setup for bass first, and when you are ready with the setup, you can start fishing. 

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