how to carry a cooler on a kayak

How To Carry a Cooler On a Kayak?- Tips For Carrying a Cooler On Your Kayak

Any kayak lover would need a cooler to have a comfortable and refreshing ride in the sea, river, or pool. During hot summer days, heatstroke and dehydration are pretty natural. On such harsh journeys, a cooler can save him by keeping him hydrated. 

However, “How to carry a cooler on a kayak?”

There are multiple ways to carry a cooler, depending on its size and space. A user can keep the cooler in the backspace, under the seat, or on the side of the kayak. If there is too much storage shortage, he can even try floating cooler holders instead. 

Why Is It Essential To Have A Cooler During Kayaking?

People can’t pass a single day without a cooler in this modern age, especially if they live in a warm region. So, why won’t you try a cooler for a kayak to make the trip more enthusiastic?

Either he is on track for distance kayaking or kayak fishing, a kayak cooler will be the best option for him to store food, cold drinks, live bait, or the fish he has caught. So, setting it up in the kayak will absolutely be the best choice for a convenient journey.

What are The Types of Kayak Coolers?

Basically, there are two types of kayak coolers available in the market.

Kayak Cooler Bags:

  • The kayak cooler bag is a lightweight, soft container with zippers. 
  • As it has multiple compartments, a user can even use it as a multipurpose sack during hiking, picnics, or cycling. 
  • The foam insulation inside the bag is efficient enough to keep packed food, drinks, or even live bait for fishing.

Ice chest cooler:

  • An ice chest cooler is mainly a rigid container with a better insulation system.
  • Its strong body is durable, as well.
  • Highly maintained insulation offers ice retention for lengthy trips.

Check an overall Comparison between different coolers for kayaks:

Kayak Cooler BagsIce Chest Coolers
A soft container.A rigid container.
Foam provides insulation to store food items.It offers better insulation than cooler bags. 
Lightweight.Comparatively heavy.
A user can easily carry it with padded shoulder straps. A user can transport it by additional handles and straps.
He can keep in on the side deck or the top deck as per the circumstances.People mostly keep them behind the seats.
They are not much suitable for long journeys because of low insulation.They are highly suitable for long trips as they can remain cool for more than two days.
Soft coolers are suitable for small and compact kayaks.They are suitable for spacious kayaks.

How To Carry A Cooler On A Kayak? Go Through Our Exclusive Ideas Right Away! 

“How to carry a cooler on a kayak?” is the step where every newbie rider becomes confused. So, quickly jump into this segment to know “where to place the cooler and how?”

Behind The Seat:

  • While riding the kayak, a rider would need a clear front space for proper padding or comfy fishing. So, the best alternative is to keep the cooler in the backspace behind the seats. 
  • He can use either an ice chest cooler or a soft cooler bag as per space and requirements. 
  • He needs to use straps and place a rubber cloth underneath the cooler for maximum friction and minimum movement.

Below The Seat:

  • If the rider is going with a soft cooler bag, keeping it underneath the seat is the other common alternative. 
  • If he is riding a big kayak with an adjustable seat height, he will quickly get enough space to place the cooler.
  • We would recommend keeping drinks only inside the bag. That’s because – food items will indeed get smashed in the congested environment underneath the seat.

On The Side Deck: 

  • If the kayak is too compact, it would be better to hand soft coolers on the side deck.
  • In this case, he must be conscious of the weight balance. If he ends up hanging excess weight on one side, the kayak can even tip over on the seashore.

Try A floating Holder:

  • If the rider has chosen an ice chest cooler and carrying it on the kayak seems impossible to him, it would be best to try a cooler holder. 
  • He can quickly tie the holder with the kayak’s sail.
  • We would recommend carrying only the necessary items on the holder, as excessive weight might cause unwanted situations.

Which One Is The Best Kayak Cooler? 

Among all of the brands out there in 2021, we would choose ‘Creekkooler Pup Floating Cooler” as the best kayak catch cooler.

Creekkooler Pup Floating Cooler:

Creekkooler floating cooler is one of the best kayak coolers for riders, as it can float safely behind the kayak. So, he won’t need to worry about space. Also, this cooler comes with superior insulation and can store food items for more than one day. As it is spacious enough, he can keep more than 10lbs inside it. Moreover, the company has made transportation and towing quite convenient. So, after towing with the kayak, your drinks and foodstuff will be just an arm away.

Different Cooler Options for Kayak Fishing


1. How do you secure a kayak cooler? 

To secure a kayak cooler, a user needs to apply multiple straps. Usually, the cooler contains assists in attaching straps. In this case, he must run straps through the cooler’s buckle and secure it to the kayak.

2. How do you store a catch on a kayak?

Using a cooler or fish bag is the best choice to store the catch during kayak fly fishing. Insulation or ice retention of the cooler will keep the fish fresh and chilly for prolonged periods.

3. What size cooler fits a kayak? 

The size varies depending on the kayak. If it has a spacious back or extra space, a rider can grab an ice chest cooler. Else try to use a soft cooler bag during the ride.

4. How do I keep my catch cool while kayak fishing?

There are a few ways to keep your catch cool while kayak fishing. You can either use a catch cooler or a live well. If you are using a catch cooler, you will want to make sure that it is properly insulated and filled with ice. If you are using a live well, you will want to make sure that the water is properly aerated.

Final Verdict:

Kayak coolers are an incredible tool as they offer a cold beverage in hot weather to ensure a refreshing ride. Being a first-timer, attaching the cooler to the kayak might sound tricky. So, we have thoroughly described, “How To Carry A Cooler On A Kayak?” Now, take the first step to attach the cooler and enjoy an adventurous journey.

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