how to catch a grass carp

How to catch a grass carp for Beginner 2022 (step by step guide)

Grass carp is a larger species of freshwater fish in eastern Asia, and it is quite popular with anglers. But somebody doesn’t know how to catch a grass carp in the right way.

Catching a grass carp is a little bit tricky, so it would be better to prepare yourself before going on grass carp catching trips. For example, I would like to say you would be better conscious when choosing fishing gear and bait.  

And let me tell you the simple and effective strategies I have gained from my grass carp trips.

What is Grass Carp?

A common reason for which grass carp are raised is for fishing and eating. In Britain, it’s regarded as a coarse fish and is seldom eaten, but in other nations, it’s a common food source.

A grass carp features which help you figure out it

  • A larger sizes Asia originated freshwater fish
  • This fish is of elongated shape and thicker from both two sides
  • The eyes size is very smaller than its body size
  • It has no barbels but has a pair of strong lips
  • Grass carp has a great overlapping scale
  • Its dorsal fin has 8 to 10 rays in each
  • Variable color in the grass carp’s body like dark olive, green, or grey
  • The sides color maybe in yellow color
  • It is very fast-growing, and it can grow up to 40 kilograms.

How to catch a grass carp easily and quickly?

I am a challenging angler to catch grass carp fish, and I have already known the tricks to handle grass carp. So, here are my special tips to be a success without much effort. I want to give importance to four factors.

  • Appropriate fishing gear
  • Right techniques for grass carp
  • Best Place of grass carp
  • Methods
how to catch a grass carp

Appropriate fishing gear

Fishing rod:

I noticed that the medium to heavier fishing rod works best for larger grass carp fish. It would help if you fought when you caught a carp; this is why the rod should have been strong enough to prevent the breaking. All expert anglers recommend using a 7-foot rod and assuming that the fishing rod will be good.

Fishing reel:

Choose a powerful reel that can easily hold up to 200 yards of line. Always remember to go smaller because it will be helpful to keep the carp around the shore. Sometimes, the fish bites and gets stuck in the bait. You have to loosen the drag a bit and start to fight with the fish.


Generally, grass carp fish are very discreet to easily understand the hook position if you set up a larger hook. That’s why I believe in the smaller-sized hook so that the fish cannot see hooks’ 

 presence. So, try to use a 4 -1/0 size hook and choose a circle-shaped hook to get the best result. It will make it easier for your fish to get off the hook next time.


Initially, I used cherry tomatoes, fresh-cut grass, and buttermilk to catch carp, and they were very effective. But later I found out about some more grass carp food.

These are acorns, catalpa worms, dog food, and cat food. Besides, the new oak leaves, tomato worms, and green beans are also effective bait for grass carp.

Landing net:

A good quality landing net is essential to store this larger fish which can be up to 30 pounds. It is a powerful fish free from the fishing hook within a few seconds because of its larger size. So, you have to take a strong net if you don’t want to leave the fish.

Carp Landing Nets

Right techniques for grass carp

Despite seeing the grass carp in the water on a bright sunny day, it is not easy to catch it. But it would be good if you operate the fishing reel silently. Chumming could be very helpful for you.


Chumming is a fishing lure that could be wet or dry. I would say to throw some chum when you cast your line with artificial or natural bait. Grass carp can be spotted in the same place if you throw the chum along with the bait.

You can do this chumming spread a few days in advance so that it is to your advantage to get a match on a specific day. In this case, I knew how to catch carp with corn very well and doesn’t spread a bad garbage smell.

Sight fishing:

Maybe you are targeting transparent shallow water for grass carp. In this case, you can get more fun because the fish will be seen clearly under the water even when a fish will bite on the bait. Good to know that chum lure is also good for fun fishing.

Where is The Best Place to Catch Grass Carp

First, I would have to say that the original place of grass carp is eastern Asia. This species is good for controlling the growth of underwater weeds and grass. That’s why, once upon a time, grass carp species were brought to America. And these fish can control the grass and weeds in ponds and lakes very well, but they have quickly grown incredibly.

The next time, these fish are found in Alaska, Montana, Rhode Island, Maine, and Vermont in the USA. Do note that grass carp would love to stay in shallow freshwater like ponds and lakes. However, it is essential to know how to catch a grass carp in a pond. Here are some more factors to find out the grass carp location. 

  • Grass carp would love to stay in heavily vegetated water
  • It is found in slow-moving water like ponds and river
  • These species can survive in the over cold water
  •  They can live in confined spaces with less oxygen

What is the Best Way to Catch Grass Carp? Methods and Tips:

Choose a Good Location

Grass carp are often used to reduce vegetation in private ponds and lakes due to their status as invasive species. Consult landowners or farmers who are currently cultivating grass carp. They may enable you to fish on their property and assist in the management of grass carp numbers.

Move slowly:

You must have to walk or move slowly if possible, then keep yourself invisible to the fish. It is good to know that carp fish can see the outside of the water even when they are highly conscious of the movement or sound.

Move slowly, watch your steps, and wear clothes that blend into the environment. Speak quietly if you’ve got to. Fast movements will cause you to appear to be a threat, and there’s no way you’ll catch grass carp. So, you can’t make any sounds. 

Be very patient:

Being patient is most crucial for carp fish. Sometimes you may have to wait for hours without seeing any fish. But never give up to wait. 

Cast carefully:

When casting, you have to cast it in the right place. Keep in mind that once you cast in the wrong place, you can waste time finding fish. 


Always be careful as the fish may fall into the water again. However, you can use a landing to keep the fish secure.

The cautions for catching a grass carp

  • Walk very slowly and carry the fishing rode carefully without fewer sounds
  • Try to drag the fly slowly when you target the fish
  • Don’t set up the hook by yourself pull the line so that the fish can bite on the hook
  • Be aware when hooking out a grass carp because it may jump to go the water again
  • Use a good quality unhooking mat for larger grass carp

What do Grass Carp Eat?

  • Bread 
  • Fruit
  • Corn
  • Boilies
  • Grass

What is the most important Grass Carp Ever Caught?

Grass carp can grow huge, but what’s the record for grass carp?

According to the World Sport Fish Association (IGFA), the world’s record grass carp was caught in 2009 in Bulgaria. This 39.75-kilogram (87.6 lb) monster was caught on a line and a hook (records are frequently categorized consistent with the way of fishing and kit used).

But don’t get your hopes high!

Country-records are usually 20-30 kilograms (44-66 lbs), where the bulk of them caught are way below. And don’t think the “small ones” won’t be exciting and hard to catch.

Grass Carp vs Common Carp – what is the

The Difference Between Grass Carp vs Common Carp

Grass carp vs common carp

Anglers must be aware of the morphological distinctions between two species that seem to be the same in order to correctly identify one from the other. What is the difference between the grass and the common carp? We’ll see what happens.

The torpedo-shaped grass carp lacks barbels and a mouth that points downward. However, the common carp, on the other hand, has two barbels on each side of its mouth. In addition, it has a classic bottom-feeder mouth that points toward the bottom.

The color of their skin is another big distinction. The grass carp comes in a variety of shades of olive green, brown, and silver, whereas the common carp is invariably golden, yellow, or brown in color. Both of them, on the other hand, have white bellies.

Their eye positions also vary. The eyes of a grass carp are located at the same level as the mouth of a common carp. Using this odd differentiation, you can tell the difference between the two carp species.

There’s no way you won’t be able to tell one from the other now that you’ve read this article.

What is the best bait to use to catch a grass carp?

Although there are many bait items for grass carp, the most effective bait is sweet corn. Sweat corn is most favorable to the grass carp. Also, it is easy to use and affordable too.

few popular bait for grass carp:

  • Dough balls
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Dogfood
  • Oak leaves
  • Sweetcorn
  • Earthworms
  • Watermelon pieces
  • Catfish food


2. Can you eat grass carp?

Yes, of course, you can eat grass carp. Even grass carp is being eaten as a popular dish in several regions of the united states. There have a lot of popular grass carp recipes in the USA.

3. Can you catch grass carp with bread?

Bread is not a suitable lure for a grass carp. But it frequently works when the fish are very much hungry.

4. What time of day is best for carp fishing?

You can catch carp at any time of the day but the best time is morning and evening.

Final Words:

Grass carp is very funny if you can apply your tricks correctly. Otherwise, it may seem hard to you. I have already talked about the secrets of the grass carp catching process. I hope you can understand. I will update this content regularly with the latest information.

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