How to measure for a kayak cockpit cover

How To Measure For a Kayak Cockpit Cover-Measuring Made Easy Ensuring a Snug Fit

Are you thinking of making or buying a kayak cockpit cover? Great! It is a great item to protect your kayak cockpit from getting wet, dirt, and bugs when stored and transported. But you must measure a kayak cockpit before purchasing or making a cover. So, how to measure for a kayak cockpit cover?

To get a snug fit cockpit cover, you need to measure the exact dimension, which means a cockpit’s length, width, and circumference. On the contrary, the universally designed cockpit cover may fly off or loosen over time.

In this guide, we will describe how to size a kayak cockpit cover and the benefits of using a cockpit cover. So why the delay? Let’s get started.

What is a cockpit cover and how to size a kayak cockpit cover?

The cockpit cover is an oval-shaped fabric that protects the cockpit from adverse weather when transporting and storing. Best kayak cover generally has string or bungee cords to attach around the cockpit rim.

To size a kayak cockpit cover, you need a measuring tape, pen, rope, and a notepad. First, take the measuring tape and measure the length and width of your kayak cockpit. Note down the accurate length and width in inches.

Hence mark a point sign at the front center of the cockpit. Then hold one end of the measuring tape on the marked point. Then turn the measuring tape around the oval shape cockpit with measuring tape and come back to the point from the opposite side.

Note down the measurement of circumference. Then take the rope and measure the circumference again. That’s it! You are done and ready to get a snug-fit cockpit cover.

How to measure for a kayak cockpit cover

Benefits of using a cockpit cover

Is a cockpit used only for covering your sitting area when not used? No, not at all. Cockpit covers have great benefits. If you are a new kayaker and need to learn more about cockpit covers, let us help you.


Kayakers store their kayaks after use. So, it will naturally get dirty over time. You will have to clean your kayak properly. All easily accessible areas of the kayak are easy to clean and dry. But the cockpit is a deeper and narrower enclosed space that is difficult to clean. You can dry wipe the inside of the cockpit if you want. In that case, you may have breathed and sneezing problems due to dust.

Moreover, the seat will also get wet if you wash inside the cockpit. The kayak seat will take a few hours to dry. So, what is the need for so much hassle? You can easily use a cockpit cover.


It is natural if you transport your kayak on a roof rack or trailer. But frequent transporting and carrying a kayak on the roof might worsen your kayak life. It can expose your kayak to high winds, get wet in the rain, or dirty with dust. As a result, your kayak can lose its lifespan less than average. So, using a cockpit cover can solve a lot of problems.

New look:

Using a cover can add additional beauty to your kayak. The cockpit cover will always give your Kaya a fresh and clean outlook by preventing dust. As a result, you will have more mental peace in roaming or fishing with a kayak.


A cockpit provides added security for both kayakers and kayaks. Invasive animals tend to make their rest house inside the cockpit of your kayak when stored outside. Even those animals can eat or evacuate there. And it will be ever worst incident for you and your kayak. Moreover, a cockpit cover will protect your head from extreme cold weather. Also, you can use that as a temporary sleeping accessory.

how to install kayak cockpit cover?

Installing a cockpit protective cover is easy. You can install a cockpit cover without being skilled. Let’s know some simple steps to set up a cover on the cockpit surface.

  • Clean the cockpit inside, including the whole kayak, and dry if there have any wet place
  • Take the cockpit cover and set it to the bow side of the kayak from your aspect.
  • Firstly, cover the rim end of the kayak cockpit.
  • Look at the string and loop design and understand which one is front and which is back. You can also compare it with an oval shape.
  • After then bring the cover from the front edge to your side and cover the whole cockpit correctly.
  • It would help if you tightened those properly to secure the cover, whether there is a string or bungee cord.

How do I make a kayak cover?

You can DIY a kayak because it is very easy and need a few things. Let’s know the process in brief.

  • Measure your kayak cockpit size correctly
  • Buy fabric for the cockpit cover according to the measurement
  • Use polyester material because it can withstand wear and tear
  • Sew around the fabric as per the measurement
  • Now attach some bungee cords or rope around as needed


Do you need a kayak cockpit cover?

Yes, you must need a kayak cockpit cover because it protects the cockpit from several adverse conditions. First, the cover prevents the cockpit from getting dirty and makes it long-lasting. Second, the cockpit cover will reduce the hassle of cleaning the cockpit regularly. Overall, a cockpit cover ensures user cleanliness and prolonged the kayak’s lifespan.

What is a cockpit cover on a kayak?

The cockpit cover is a durable oval-shaped fabric that protects the kayak cockpit. It is a snug fit equipment that helps to secure a cockpit from entering water, dirt, and bugs when storing and transporting. Besides, the cockpit cover is good to use in adverse conditions when there can get wear or tear your cockpit seat.

Final Words:

We hope you have been informed how to measure a kayak cockpit cover. We have discussed the cockpit measurement process, the benefits of a kayak cockpit, and the installation process of a kayak cockpit cover. If you want more details about the kayak cockpit cover, you can let us know. We will update this guide.


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