How to mount accessories on a kayak

How To Mount Accessories On A Kayak? – Master The Art Of Kayak Customization

Mounting a variety of accessories will decorate your kayak according to your needs. Generally, a kayaker needs to use a rod holder, mounting plates, a cup holder, and another personal accessory on a kayak. But kayakers often ask how to mount accessories on a kayak.

There have several mounting processes on a kayak for different types of accessories. For example, gear track, flush mount, and deck mount are common but significant accessories mounting processes on a kayak.

This guide will explain the best way to attach accessories to a kayak with proper mounting. So, let’s go ahead to know the process.

How to add accessories to a kayak

Here we will talk about mounting processes that are ideal for recreational kayaks and fishing. Some kayaks are designed with a built-in mounting system. And some need to customize for required mounting. So, let’s know.


Tracks are the most popular mounting process among other processes. You can purchase some best kayak track mount accessories from credible online stores. Tracks are available with ball mounting, and it comes in several lengths. You can install a track anywhere on your kayak surface. Besides, it has an incredible matching attachment for unlimited motion. Also, note that tracks have a post-mounts system that you can install anywhere on the kayak surface.

Deck Mount:

One of the great advantages of deck mounts is that they can replace or remove at any time because it is connected with only four bolts. It would help if you had a spline connecting the accessories and kayak deck in-deck mount. The spline creates a strong connection in the basement, and remove it then. Remember, an extra backing plate can support the accessories.

Flush Mount:

Flush mounting is the strongest way to mount accessories on your kayak. In this process, a rod butt or spline is used under the deck to pressure the center of gravity. You need two inches holes and steel screws for flush mounting. Besides, keep enough marine sealant for flush mounting.

Installing accessories on Your Kayak

What is mounting rail, and how to install it?

A mounting rail is an amazing gear that allows a kayaker to mount multiple fishing gear. Rail mounting will reduce the number of drillings. Since excess drilling is bad for kayaks, installing a longer rail mount is good. Let’s know the steps for installing a rail mount.

Step 1:

Manage needed accessories for rail mounting on a kayak. You will need a ready-made rail mount, screwdriver, drill machine, marker, and nuts.

Step 2:

Take one or two rail mounts as per your requirement. There have longer and shorter mounting rails available in the market. You will select the mounting rail length based on your kayak’s design and the number of accessories you want to attach.

Step 3:

Choose a flat surface on your kayak. You can select the front place of the cockpit. Hold it tightly with your hands. Use a drill machine to make holes in every point of the rail.

Step 4:

Now tighten the nuts and bolts between each hole thoroughly. Use a screwdriver to tighten the nut and bolt to secure the rail on the kayak surface. Otherwise, your valuable fishing gear may be lost on the water.

Step 5:

Take your rod holder mounting gear and slide it on the installed rail. You can set at least three-rod holders on a medium-sized rail.

How do you mount a rail on a kayak?

You need to follow the below steps to mount a rail on your kayak for attaching accessories.

  • Arrange necessary gear and accessories
  • Select the right size of mount rail
  • Set the mounting rail on the kayak surface
  • Make drill according to the rail holes
  • Enter the nut bolts to connect with the kayak

how to mount accessories on a kayak


How do you add attachments to a kayak?

You will need some small screws or nuts and bolts to attach the attachment to the kayak. The most important thing is to install the preferred mounting for the attachment. Good to know that mounting gear and accessories on the kayak are required to make holes on the surface or edge of the kayak.

How do your secure items in a kayak?

The most common way to secure items in a kayak is by using the tie-down line. You can install mounting gear for fishing rod holders or other accessories. Deck mounting, flush mounting, and tracks are some popular mounting systems. Besides, you can use waterproof bags to secure your mobile phone, small accessories, and paper.

What kind of screws should I use for a kayak?

the best type will depend on the specific materials and construction of the kayak. Some common types of screws that may be used for a kayak include stainless steel screws, which are resistant to rust and corrosion and are suitable for use in wet environments, and self-tapping screws, which are designed to create their own threads as they are screwed into place

Final words:

We are ending the guide on how to mount accessories on a kayak here. We hope you got informed about your query. Besides, we noted the accessory’s attachment process on a kayak and rail mounting process for your convenience. If you have any additional information about this, please let us know. Or let us know if we need to include any important points. We will update this guide later.

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