How To Set Up a Fishing Reel & Rod For Beginners – Full Guideline

Fishing is an art, and some take it as their hobby or passion. Well, you are so much determined that you are going fishing and have bought a fishing reel. But, you don’t know how to set up a fishing reel, or you have done it a long time before. However, you should not worry about this as I am here in the process of setting up a fishing reel. 

A fishing reel is essential to catch fish while you are kayaking or boat. So, you should know how to set it up very well.

In this context, you will get the detailed process of setting up a fishing reel with some pro tips. So, why are you late? Let’s grab the reel and go to set it up. 

Different Types of Fishing Reel

There are many types of fishing reels in the markets. So, which one to choose is a hard question to ask yourself. If you don’t know the models, then you won’t buy the perfect one for you. Again different types of fishing reels have different setup procedures, and I’ll discuss them. Before that, let’s know about the types.

  • Spinning Reel
  • Baitcast Reel
  • Fly Fishing Reel

Spinning Reel

How To Set Up a Fishing Reel & Rod For Beginners - Full Guideline 1

If you are a beginner in fishing, then you should go for this fishing reel. Here you should use the rule of thumb to do fishing. This reel is suitable for lightweight bait and lures. It has a light line of approximately 8lbs.

This lighter line helps the stick baits to dive deep in the water. The spinner is smooth enough to use.

Baitcast Reel

How To Set Up a Fishing Reel & Rod For Beginners - Full Guideline 2

 This is the second type of fishing reel, which is famous for its feature. It supports three line types, which are fantastic for the fishermen. This baitcasting reel generally used for the topwater baits, and you can also use them for deep water baits also.  The using process is also straightforward. If you don’t know how to set up a baitcasting fishing reel, then follow my article.

Fly Fishing Reel

How To Set Up a Fishing Reel & Rod For Beginners - Full Guideline 3

The fly fishing reel is entirely different from the other two fishing reels. The use of a fly fishing reel is straightforward, and they look straightforward. There is only a handle to spin the reel. The weight of the fishing reel is also light–weighted. Again this reel is a single action reel with an automatic retrieval feature. The arbor size is also perfect for comfortable fishing.

How to Set Up a Fishing Reel

Now, it’s time to set up the fishing reels on your own as it is not very easy to do for the first time, so you are requested to follow the steps carefully. Here, you’ll know how to set up a fly fishing reel or any other fishing reel briefly. Again, you will also know how to set up a fishing rod and reel. So, let’s start.

Step 1: Take the Fishing Rod

First of all, you need to take the cheap fishing rod according to your choice. If the rod is more likely to be very light, then it will cost you more. You should take a rod that is more durable to hold a big fish.

Step 2: Take the Reel

Now, it’s time to take the reel in hand. It’s your choice to make a type of reel and hold it to your right hand. After that, take the selected rod and turn the part of the rod to go up. Then, press the reel with your thumb in the downgraded position of the rod. Not turn back the upper part of the rod and the reel will be attached in the meantime. Check the reel is firmly attached or not.

Step 3: Reel Spooling

It’s the central part of the reel setup. You need to take a spool full of fishing lines and transfer the line to a reel spool according to your need. To do so, you need to take the fishing line to the first guide of the rod and make an overhand knot to the reel spool. After that, cut off the extra line from the knot position. Now spin the spool with the flexible handle and take the line from the spool to the reel spool.

Step 4: Rod Guide

After spooling, take a bit longer line from the spool so that you can kayak cover the full rod with the line after taking the line cut the line from the reel. Now, make sure you are taking your line in between every guide. The more you will go near to the head of the rod, the more it will difficult for you to insert the line through the guide. After you are done, then go to the next step.

Step 5: Bait Knotting

It’s time to knot a bait to your reel spool fishing line. Take a suitable bait and pass the line or thread through the tinny hole of bait. Now, you need to make a loop knot with your line and bait. So, you are done with bait knotting and fishing. Take your custom or manual jig to catch fish.

This is how you can set up your fishing reel. All you need to do is that just follow the steps and you are done with setting up a reel.

Additional Tips

You need to follow some professional tips to make your fishing successful. Here are some pro tips that are waiting for you.

1. You should not make your reel spool extra-full with the fishing line. It will cause a problem in the time of fishing.

2. There is a twist giving part on the head of the reel spool, which is used to tighten or loosen the fishing line. It’s essential for you that when you are going to catch a big fish, then you need to keep the line loose so that it doesn’t break.

3. Select your jig according to the fish you are going to catch and make sure you have correctly placed the jig into the bait.

4.  You need to make ensure that you have passed the line through all the guides precisely. To make sure you should check by pulling the line/thread by doubling it.


1. How do fishing reels work?

– There is a handle on the outer side of the circular part. The circular piece is known as a reel, and it rotates the spool. Moreover, the spool helps to retrieve the line, and that’s how a reel works.  

2. Why is Baitcaster better than spinning?

– Baitcast is better for its capacity of load taking where it can take much more weight than the spinning reel. Again, sometimes the spinning reel has a narrow spool, which creates a problem in a fishing kayak for the beginner.

Final word

I hope that you have understood the types of fishing reel and how to set up a fishing reel. Again, you can now set up your fishing reel on your own from now on. However, you should pick the perfect reel according to your fishing environment. The best way to choose the reel is to select according to your style of fishing. Once you are done, the reel needs to be set up with the rod and you are ready to go for fishing floating with your kayak.

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