how to strap two kayaks to a roof rack

How To Strap Two Kayaks To a Roof Rack- A Guide To Safely Strapping Them To Your Roof Rack

Have you ever planned to go kayaking with a friend in a remote place? Does everyone need an individual kayak at the same time? Then you must know the most accurate ways how to strap two kayaks to a roof rack.  

Most roof racks are designed in such a way that you can strap two kayaks together if you want. But in the beginning, this task may seem quite difficult for you. However, it is not that difficult. Remember, you have to be a little cautious at first. 

This guide will tell you how to strap two fishing kayaks to a roof rack. At the same time, you will know how to transport a kayak on a roof rack can safely and securely. So, could you stick with us to find out? How to strap two kayaks to a roof rack step-by-step guides.

How to strap two kayaks to a roof rack (step-by-step guide)

Are you a little embarrassed about how to put the kayak on the roof rack by yourself? Then see how easily you can do this. Just follow the simple seven steps in our guide below. Please note that you might have made some general mistakes so that your kayaks are the safest.

Step 1: Tie-down Strap Placement on the Roof Rack

Take two tie-down straps and put them on the car’s kayak loader roof rack. Try to take 4 Cambuckle Tie-Down Straps. because it is more qualified to make the relationship secure. Now put these tie straps on the crossbar of the rack. Remember that both straps will stay for a while center of the windshield. Hence, the rear straps should also rest on the rear crossbar. Make sure that the belt will not be twisted. 

Step 2: First kayak placement

Put the first kayak on a roof rack upside-down position. In the meantime, remember to set it up as much as closer to the driver’s side. Now take the additional part of the strap and enter it into the middle of the rack and kayak hole space.

Step 3: Tie down the first kayak

Tie the straps very lightly on the front and rear sides of the rack. Because, when you will set up the second kayak, you might need to adjust both. So, keep the proper wiggle room. It will help you to replace the second kayak entirely.

Step 4: Second kayak placement

You have to think a bit in this step. Because you might need to push up the first kayak when you want to replace the second kayak, but it doesn’t happen all the time. If you have a larger car, then you have got enough space to set tow kayaks properly. Must keep in mind that the second kayak should be placed closer to the passenger side as much as possible.

This theory will keep safe your kayak from car shakes. If you do have not enough space to hold a wiggle between them, then you need to follow another rule. We recommend trying both kayaks together in the middle of the rack. Tie them very tightly so that they will not get hampered when driving.

Step 5: Tie down the second kayak

Now tie the second kayak with the strap like the first kayak. In this step, you have to tie down the second kayak on the front side and rear sides. Keep in mind the balance between two kayaks. Tie in such a way so that both kayaks will remain safe. 

Step 6: Tightened both kayaks perfectly

As you have entirely strapped up two kayaks on the roof rack, so it is high time to make both straps make tightened. Tie it tightly so that it does not run away. Because a lot of time it may hamper car shacking. 

Step 7: Wrap up the strap and recheck the tightening.

Before you start your journey, you have to wrap up the strap around the crossbars. It will keep the kayak more secure. Otherwise, the satrap can hang or fly in the air. Which is so risky and may occur in several accidents?

Now you are ready to go for distance kayaking. You drive the car at an average speed. If anyhow your vehicle has faced a shake, the kayak will not be damaged because the strap is so much durable to handle the kayaks weight.  

The common mistake you might do when strapping the kayaks.

A large number of people make two common mistakes. First of all, a group of people would love to take their two kayaks together into the rack roof. Success will not come in these cases. Instead, you will be disappointed. So never try to stop the two kayaks together.

Secondly, another group of kayakers tries to tie two kayaks with only one pair of straps. It is the wrong way. Kayaks can shift or slip from the car when driving. So, avoid doing this job.   

Quick tips by an expert

  • Choose the straps set very carefully, and make sure there have no frayed in the straps
  • Notice the how-to strap two kayaks to a roof rack before starting the driving
  • Never decide to use the old strap for tying the kayak
  • Focus on the quality, length, and popularity of a straps pair
  • Never lift a wet kayak on a rack roof.

How to tie down two kayaks on a car?

To tie down two kayaks on a car, you will need the following materials:

  1. Two roof racks or roof bars capable of carrying the weight of two kayaks
  2. Two sets of straps specifically designed for kayak transport (preferably with padded ends to protect the kayaks)
  3. Two bungee cords (optional)

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Place the two kayaks side by side on the roof of your car, with the stern (back) of one kayak facing the bow (front) of the other kayak.
  2. Secure each kayak to the roof rack or roof bars using a set of straps. Make sure the straps are tightened enough to keep the kayaks in place, but not so tight that they cause damage to the kayaks or the car.
  3. Once the kayaks are securely strapped to the roof rack or roof bars, use the bungee cords to secure the kayaks to the car body. This will help prevent the kayaks from shifting or sliding around while driving.
  4. Double-check that all straps and bungee cords are tightened properly and securely fastened. It’s a good idea to test the stability of the kayaks by gently shaking the car to make sure everything is secure before hitting the road.
  5. If you are concerned about the kayaks moving during transport, you can also consider using additional straps or tie-down points to secure the kayaks to the car body. Just be sure to avoid using any tie-down points that could potentially cause damage to the kayaks or the car.

How To put Multiple Kayaks on your Roof Rack Safely


1) How do I attach a kayak to a car without a roof rack?

If you do have not a roof rack on the car, then you can transport the kayak with the below steps. Firstly, you need to set up Pool Noodles which will connect or strap the kayak next. And then set the kayak on the poo, noodles—tie down the kayaks with a sturdy strap. Now ensure the bow and stern security. 

Final Words:

I hope you have got the techniques of how to strap two kayaks to a roof rack. We believe you can understand that how to strap two kayaks to a roof rack side by side. Do, you have any other questions in this regard? Then let us know. And if this post is helpful to you, then you can share it with others. 

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