How to Surf Kayak? Check Out Our Premium Tips for the Basics Now for 2022

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As a water sports enthusiast, I believe you have grown a great interest in kayak wave surfing. If so, our article is the exact content you need right now! But, how to surf kayak? Can you really surf a Kayak?

Why not? Firstly, prepare all the necessary equipment for kayaking. When the conditions are favourable, get on your favourite kayak and enjoy. Once a rider gets the basics of kayak surfing, it becomes more than just a thrill. 

That’s why, in our content, we have highlighted the basics of kayak surfing along with essential guidelines and faqs. So, are you ready for this fun ride? 

The Basics Of Kayak Wave Surfing: How To Surf Kayak?

If a guy can kayak surf in the ocean, he can change the boring beach tour into an adventurous one. 

Front surfing is the most common type among the paddlers out there. Most surfers prefer short rocker boats for surfing as they offer a great design to surf through any part of the wave. Now, surfers don’t have any worries, even on the steepest waves. However, our creative boat design isn’t sufficient for kayak wave surfing. A rider must have the basics of surfing before he enters the water. 

That’s why, in this section, we have highlighted the basics of ‘How To Surf Kayak’ with several exclusive tips. Trust me; once you get the basics, you will eventually learn to take advantage of thicker & steeper waves. So, be ready for this fun ride right now!

Assess The Conditions Of The Sea: 

Before starting wave surfing, be conscious of the condition of the sea. Rough water isn’t too safe for kayaking. So, don’t get on the kayak just for the overwhelming thrill & curiosity. Remember, your safety comes first.

However, don’t be disheartened, as ocean waves tend to change & fluctuate over time. Wait until the condition is safe & favourable.

Be Ready With The Gears: 

Before starting wave surfing, be prepared with gears like a helmet & life jacket. It may seem tempting to surf without a helmet or life jacket. However, it’s a must to drop such ideas as you won’t ever know what consequences you will face inside the water. Instead, we will advise you to bring a PFD (personal floating device) along with the helmet.

Check Out The Waves: 

After being ready with the equipment, it’s time to observe the waves from the seashore. Prepare a plan to break through the waves. Check out visually if you will have enough time to paddle out between the waves. If not, be prepared to kayak through the waves. Depending on this plan, a rider can decide the spot from where he can enter the ocean.

Get On The Kayak:

Once the plans are finalized, get on the kayak at the edge of the shore. Before launching, place the hands underneath the kayak and push it through the water into the ocean.

Paddle Out & Enjoy The Battle: 

After launching, be prepared to have an intense battle of balancing on the ocean waves. Do you want to be on top of the kayak while fighting against the waves? Just keep the kayak vertical to the new waves for a better balance. Remember, the kayak tends to be more under control from front to back than from side to side.

Which One Is The Best Surf Kayak In This Season?

Choosing the best surf kayak is certainly essential to achieve the utmost Assange in the waves. After going through hundreds of online & offline shops, we have picked ‘Riot Kayak Boogie 50’ as the best one in 2021.

Riot Kayak Boogie 50 

Riot Kayak Boogie 50

It’s a classical watercraft especially suitable for kayak surfing. Don’t worry about the price, as this craft is super affordable. So, all the kayakers out there, be ready to enjoy a fun & carefree ride on the sea whether the waves are calm or rough. 

Riot kayak features the perfect speed, mobility & comfort at once. Now different riders can try different styles as per their skills due to their spacious bow end, sharp rails & creatively designed spacious stern end. 

This rocking kayak boat features power seat & foot blocks for the ultimate comfort. It also offers special drain plugs & loops for the utmost convenience.


  • Awesome kayak for multi-style wave surfing.
  • It offers excellent speed & maneuverability.
  • Comfy seat & foot blocks.
  • The front end is spacious.


  • It didn’t feature any anchor for thigh straps.


1. Can you Surf a Kayak?

Yes, why not? Get all the essential equipment for kayak surfing & hone your skills properly to battle through the rough ocean waves. However, be very aware of several factors like wave size, frequency, weather conditions, etc.

2. How do you Surf a sit-on-top kayak? 

If you are a beginner, we advise you to surf in the spots with big sets between two waves. On a sit-on-top kayak, a rider must learn to broach or sideway bracing on the wave first. Learning right or left bracing is inevitable to do while being back at the beach.

3. What makes a good Surf Kayak? 

If kayak surfing is the primary purpose, choosing a sit-on-top kayak or white water kayak with spray skirts is a must. Surf kayaking generally features low displacement along with built-in fins for maximum agility.

Final Words: 

As a water sports enthusiast, I believe the query, ‘How to surf Kayak?’ has definitely raised your curiosity. That’s why in our article, we have highlighted a detailed guideline to ride through the waves. So, are you ready to enjoy kayak surfing in the ocean right now? 

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