how to track distance kayaking

How To Track Distance Kayaking- Expert Strategies For Tracking Distance

Do you want to make your kayaking a more successful trip? Every paddler needs to track the distance to know the right path and bay. 

Many paddlers find the bay themselves without knowing the wind condition. Sometimes crossing in a high-wind bay can be dangerous for the paddlers. In this situation, paddlers don’t turn the boat towards the intended destination and create a risky condition. So you should track distance for knowing how favorable a route you should go. 

You need to track kayaking distance for a safe adventure trip. But how to track distance kayaking? Using a mobile app is the most convenient way to track kayaking distance. We have explored some high-rated tracking apps, and they give accurate results to track kayaking distance. 

Why should you track distance in kayaking?

Tracking distance helps you to reach the desired direction. Meanwhile, tracking distance is all about how far you are from the point you started. It also means how far you are from your destination. Measuring distance provides you with a lot of benefits. For example


During paddling, it is important where you are going and how you will go back or reach the expected location. If you are a new paddler or going to a new route then it is important to track the distance otherwise you can be lost in the water. You need to pick such a device that will periodically notify you how the distance you cover and where the right route is.


Safety is the major issue that you need to consider before going on a trip. Whether you are alone or in a group, the incident happens and harms lives. If you track the distance you can easily find safe places to kayak avoiding unexpected dangerous conditions. Many distance measuring tools also deliver information on the water level, speeds, and weather conditions. 


If you are kayaking to catch fish then it is important to find the right location; otherwise, you will suffer in the long run. Typically, fish are found in a specific location and a distance tracker helps you to go there and you will get the best fishing spot

how to track distance kayaking? 

Kayaking is a great outdoor activity. It can relieve your stress and give you a chance to close in on nature. For a seamless kayaking trip, you need to track the distance accurately. Here are the popular ways to track the distance:

Smartphone apps

Every paddler usually carries a smartphone during kayaking, and the app will help to paddle safely. Go Paddling app is a free application, and it is the most popular app among paddlers. You can get it on both iOS and Android devices. It offers more than 25000 location kayaking information around the US. The app also notifies the popular spots where you will get a satisfying experience. There are many other apps, like Map my kayaking app to track the distance. 

Kayak GPS tracker

Kayak GPS tracker gives the most accurate results while tracking distance. It is the best tool that gives you essential information for kayaking. Nowadays, GPS devices become advanced and provide a detailed plethora of information that is helpful in measuring distance.  

The GPS tracker quickly specified the speed and distance so that you don’t need to measure manually. It is also beneficial to mark the waypoints that help you to go back to the origin. So there will be no chance of getting missed. It would be better if you named the points for remembering with ease. 

Most GPS tracker has SOS contact that is based on the coordinates from the device. If you are in a dangerous situation or need emergency help, then they will immediately rescue you. But always consider a water-proof, durable, and maximum visual screen in a GPS tracker. 

5 GPS Watches For Kayaking

Kayak log

A kayak log is a blank book that you can fill with kayaking details. You can write any type of information in the book, such as laughing date, paddle info, wind, tide, weather, paddle partners, trip goals, and track mileage. Every kayak guide recommends a kayak logbook to carry during a kayaking trip. 

You can get Kayak Log as an app that is available on iOS and Android. It is an excellent app to track distance and location because it allows you to log every point you paddle. 

The app is good rather than the book because it records the wind speeds, paddling speed, and temperature as mapping your route. So it is easy to trace the pathway. You can reserve photos in the app and later share them on the website or social media. 

Kayak odometer

An odometer is a device that measures the distance traveled by a fly kayak. The device tells you how much mileage you have paddled. This digital odometer gives precise findings. Many high-quality GPS trackers have the odometer feature, so you don’t need to buy the odometer separately case the GPS tracker has the feature. 

How to track kayaking on an apple watch

There is presently no way to track kayaking or canoeing with distance and calorie calculations.

You can log your action as an Open Water Swim workout. On Apple Watch Series 2 models, distance is monitored using the built-in GPS, and a route map is saved, but active calories are estimated based on the assumption that you are swimming continually.

Can you put a tracker on a kayak?

Yes, it is possible to put a tracker on a kayak. There are several types of tracking devices that can be used on a kayak, including GPS trackers, satellite trackers, and cellular trackers. These devices can be used to track the location of a kayak, monitor its speed, and provide other information about its movement.

GPS trackers use the Global Positioning System to determine the location of a kayak and can be used to track its movement in real-time. Satellite trackers use satellite technology to communicate the location of a kayak, even when it is outside of the range of cell towers. Cellular trackers use a cellular network to communicate the location of a kayak and can be used to track its movement in real-time.

To install a tracker on a kayak, you will need to choose a device that is designed to be used in marine environments and can withstand the elements. Some devices come with mounting options, such as a clip or adhesive backing, that can be used to attach the tracker to the kayak. Other options include mounting the tracker in a waterproof case or attaching it to the kayak using straps or other fasteners.

What safety gear to take on a long-distance kayak trip


1. How long does it take to kayak 1 mile?

If you are paddling in calm water, then it will take about 30 minutes to kayak 1 mile. Though gbs timing depends on the water speed, wind, and paddling speed, the time may vary.

2. Can Fitbit track kayaking?

Fitbit is the latest fitness watch that is loaded with a built-in GPS tracker and workout determination map. The GPS tracker allows you to track the distance of your kayaking route. 

3. What is tracking in kayaking?

Kayaking tracking means measuring the routes to know how much distance you cross and how you need to paddle for the desired location. 

Wrapping Up

Kayaking is all about exploring nature. It includes lots of physical activity and gives you relaxation. It is necessary to paddle on the right route because there are chances of getting lost in the sea or rivers. Tracking distance is the only solution to stay in the right direction. So we have defined the explanation of how to track distance kayaking. You must follow the method for a blooming kayak trip with the sunshade

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