how to use a kayak cover

How To Use A Kayak Cover – Tips For Properly Using a Kayak Cover

Kayaking is always an exciting outdoor adventure. In particular, summer is considered the ideal kayaking season. Still, many people love kayaking in the winter. Whether your kayaking season is over, you need to store your kayak for long-term use. In case of storage, you need a kayak cover.

For beginner paddlers, the process of using kayak covers seems difficult. You should care about using a kayak cover to prevent unwanted damage that may cost you badly. So you need to know about the proper usage of kayak covers.

The waterproof kayak cover comes in different colors, shapes, and styles. You need to choose a potential cover that will fit your kayak. But the user experience is relatively similar to each other. Here we will disclose the tips and tricks about how to use a kayak cover. We have also added FAQs to enrich your idea. 

5 Tips To Use A Kayak Cover 

The advanced technology in the world brings many durable and long-lasting kayak covers. Kayak covers help to protect the kayak for generations. So it is worthwhile to invest in a premium cover. 

It is pretty straightforward to cover the boat. But you need to buy a suitable cover that perfectly fits in your boat. Before covering your kayak, you have to follow some steps. Here they are: 

Clean the kayak: 

After the kayaking trip, surely your boat will catch dirt, sand, mud, and so on. Don’t leave the elements on the kayak to avoid exterior finish. Use the garden hose and wash it thoroughly. Then let the kayak dry for some time because moisture can cause mold and fungus. For extended storage, wash the kayak with soap and water. 

Check the parts

While preparing the kayak for storage, check all the metal parts of the kayak and tighten the screws. After several kayaking trips, the screws tend to loosen up, and they may be missing out. So, during storage, you need to assemble the parts and ensure that all the screws are tightened enough. 

Moreover, the metal parts may rust after a long period. To prevent rust, you can use oil all over the metal parts. Also, grease the threads of the screws, bolts, and other accessories. 

Finding the perfect place:

Kayaks have a bulky body and need quite a large space for storage. It can be stored both inside and outside. If you have a garage or a small storage room inside your home, then you can easily store it. But you have to cover the kayak whether you store it inside or outside. Many people get confused about how to store kayaks outside. However, there are several kayak storage ideas outside. 

Storing a kayak in-ground is not an ideal option. You can make a rack or shelf with wood or metal. A self helps to keep more kayaks in a compact place. If you don’t have an idea how to store a kayak in an apartment, then you can use the vertical kayak storage system that saves a lot of space. Here you need to buy a rack to keep the kayak attached to the wall. 

Cockpit cover

The cockpit cover is important to protect the sitting place. Kayak cockpit covers are attached to the opening and keep the inside safe. For a sit-in kayak, you must need a cockpit cover. Moreover, when you are storing the boat, many insects like mice, geckos, and wasps will make a little home inside the area, and you never want this. Playing a little more for this accessory is a good investment for further use.

Cover the whole kayak

After completing all the steps, at this time, you are ready to cover the whole kayak. There are many types of kayak covers in the market, but you can make it yourself. But how to make a kayak cover? You need to buy waterproof and durable polyester fabric to make this. Measure your kayak and bring the fabric as the measurement, then sew an elastic around the edges. 

How to use a Kayak Cover


How do you put a kayak cover on? 

It is so simple to put on the covers. First, cover one edge of the boat, then the other. Now close the cover by tightening the elastic, rope, or whether the locking style is. And you are done to cover it.

Do kayaks need to be covered?

Covers ensure ultimate protection to your kayak. It saves the boat from the sun rays, water, insects, and other elements. It prevents many damages. So kayaks need to be covered while in storage or not in use.

Is it OK to leave my kayak outside in winter? 

Many don’t know the proper way to store kayaks outside in winter. But never leave the kayak outside without a waterproof cover. The cover will keep safe the boat from the outside elements. 

Final words

Many newcomers don’t know or follow the proper use of kayak covers. If you also don’t follow the rules of covering, it may cost you badly. This using process will protect your kayak from further damage during storage. 

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