Kayaking in Colorado

Kayaking In Colorado For 2023- Great Way To Explore Colorado’s Natural Beauty

Adventurer wants to do kayaking in most cases, and you cannot think of other than Colorado for kayaking. Yes, it seems heaven to kayakers. Colorado turns into a paradise for kayaking during the summer months. Above your head, the sun is shining, and the place sparkle in your head first is water. That’s why kayaking in Colorado is so much popular.

Colorado has many places and lakes where you can kayak for the whole day. It’s now about just views, and you’ll feel adventurous and exciting. Here I’ll let you know about the best places in Colorado for kayaking. Besides renting a kayak, I’ll give you a suggestion, and before wrapping up the article, I’ll answer the common question related to kayaking in Colorado. So, stay tuned with me.

Top 9 Best Place Guide To Kayaking in Colorado

Are you looking for meticulous whitewater or easy paddle, you’ll find in Colorado? Here I’ll let you know the best places you may find in Colorado for kayaking.

Rampart Reservoir kayaking

The Rampart Reservoir has an area of over 500 acres where you’ll find plenty of fascinating covers to explore. Also, the Rampart is suitable for flat water kayaking because motorized boats are not allowed there.

Rampart Reservoir kayaking

Rampart Reservoir is popular for its clear and wonderful mountain scenery. Pike’s Peak is visible from the Reservoir. The water feels chilly, and you’ll find Rainbow, Brook, Lake, a huge assortment of animals, etc. you can do fishing in this trout paradise and the Reservoir offers dozens of glassy coves for exploring.

Rampart Reservoir, Colorado – Camping/Kayaking

Dillon Reservoir

If you are an amateur in kayaking, the best place where you can learn kayaking is Dillon Reservoir. It offers almost 27 miles of shoreline to keep you kayaking all day also you’ll find several islands to explore. Besides the Lake Dillon is surrounded by wild areas and mountains. It is among the best lakes to kayak in Colorado. The extensive cleaning and freshwater is a great place for kayaking all day long. 

Browns Canyon

Browns Canyon is popular as a whitewater kayaking with a baby place in Colorado. From Browns Canyon, you can see the most fascinating mountain land escape you’ve ever seen. Moreover, the Canyon is considered less threatening and can be an excellent choice for an amateur who wants to push himself/herself in a little bit of adventure.

Expert Kayakers are put near the US highway 285 Bridge end from there you have to float the kayak almost 20 miles to the Route 295 Bridge. Between these 20 miles, you have to glide over four supreme rapids: Pinball, Zoom Flume, Windowmaker, and Seidel’s Suck.

Buena Vista Whitewater Park

Buena Vista Whitewater Park

It is situated on the Arkansas River and is excellent for kayaking. The Buena Vista Whitewater Park is a challenging place for kayakers and surfers. Paddlers have an opportunity to enjoy five features, and five Whitewater structures are suitable for both expert and beginner kayakers.

Pueblo Reservoir

Lake Pueblo allows you to taste the historical touches during kayaking. The place is quite popular for newbies as you don’t need to bring your kayak and also the lake is quite easy. It is a popular state park that’s why you’ll find a spot to rent out a kayak. As I’ve told you it is a historical place surrounded by deserts, and you may find yourself lucky enough to see fossils on the beach.

Boulder Creek Whitewater Course

If you are interested in a kayak in Colorado during spring, the Boulder Creek Whitewater Course will be an excellent place for you. In early spring, melting snow creates sufficient run-off. Besides, you will be glad to know that, and the site offers kayakers holes, drops, and chutes o practice skills. Also, for taking the higher challenge, you can put your boat in Eben G. Fine Park.

Eleven Mile Reservoir

Eleven Mile Reservoir

The place is famous for its plenty of rock outcroppings. The Eleven Mile Reservoir allows kayakers to see bizarre rock formations instead of tons of trees. The good thing is, you won’t face any trouble during early spring or busy weekends kayaking on the Reservoir. Sometimes, the place can get a little bit windy, which can be troublesome for a canoe and kayaking in Colorado.

Royal Gorge

You have to drive for 1.15 hours from Colorado to reach there. Royal Gorge is a place without it, and no Whitewater places list cannot be completed. The Royal Gorge is the state’s popular Whitewater section because the ten-mile-long is formed directly by the Arkansas River and offers more rapids than anywhere else in Colorado.

Kayaking the Royal Gorge of the Arkansas River

Quail Lake

Quail Lake covers a small area in the south of the city. The place is trendy for short and quick kayaking, especially when you have a short time. Besides, the residents come here to see the sunset during summer while kayaking. The calm water offers you to practice your skills and rolling technique.

Where You Should Look for Renting Kayak

If you are interested in earning kayaking tips and getting yourself sorted for a trip, you can visit the following Colorado Business Places. You’ll find their kayaks for renting out, experts and accessories.

Mountain Whitewater

The Mountain Whitewater is famous for every kind of safety equipment. It’ll offer you many safety accessories for free with rented equipment. You’ll find here hard-shell kayak, canoe, raft, inflatable kayak, etc.

Inlet Bay Marina

You’ll find motorized and non-motorized boats here. The Inlet Bay Marina is located in Inlet Bay. The best thing about the Marina is after renting the cheap kayak you can get directly in the water with your kayak. It doesn’t require walking with a kayak.


1. Does the kayak flip easily?

– no, the kayak doesn’t flip easily as it is not designed to flip. Kayak flipping depends on your kayak type and the water type where you are going kayaking.

2. What are the best places in Colorado for kayaking?

Rampart Reservoir, Dillon Reservoir, Browns Canyon, Buena Vista Whitewater Park, etc. are among the best places in Colorado for kayaking.

Final Note

Kayaking in Colorado is probably the best option among many other places. Colorado offers tons of parks, lakes, and adventurous places. But before getting to any of the sites, you should have to know whether the water level is ready for kayaking or not. If the water level stands below the ideal level, it

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