Knocker rig for fishing

Knocker Rig For Fishing: Improve Your Hook-Up Ratio With a Knocker Rig

Knocker rig for fishing is specially used for catching underwater swimming fish. Small and bottom-feeding fish love to hide under the larger cover and submerged to stay safe from predators. In this case, a knocker rig is best to reach the fishing bait to the fish.

Despite having another rig like an in-line shaper rig and three-way swivel rig, the knocker rig is best for bottom-feeding fish because it allows the fishing bait to float around the bottom-feeding fish. So, we will discuss in-depth the knocker rig in the next part.

What is a knocker rig?

What is a knocker rig

A knocker rig is a small weight that helps to sink the fishing hook under the water properly. Generally, the fishing line has to tie with the barrel swivel; then there should have a knocker rig between the barrel swivel and fishing hook. Also, know that the fishing line will go inside the knocker rig hole to connect with the hook.

The basic components of a knocker rig:

  • Egg sinker
  • Circle hook
  • Bead

The fish species is easy to catch with a knocker rig:

  • Snapper
  • Porgies
  • Tarpons
  • Amberjack
  • Tilefish
  • The Goliath Grouper 
  • Snappers
  • Rockfish

knocker rig for fishing

A knocker rig alludes to an egg-molded sinker situated over the snare and underneath the turn. This current apparatus’ primary capacity is to help the snare stay above water over the waterway bed or the ocean bottom.

The benefits of knocker rig for fishing

  • It performs best bottom fishing rigs for snapper like yellow tail, red, and grey
  • Knocker rig is convenient to catch the fish from direct top reefs and nearest wrecks
  • This rig is suitable to connect the fishing rod with the barrel swivel
  • It can sink properly and let the live bait swim naturally

How to Make a Knocker Rig by yourselves


A smaller weight is the main component of a knocker rig; this weight will stay with the direct mud and let the rig float. You can use an egg sinker weight for 10 feet leader. The weight will be 1 ounce weight. Also, 1 ounce of weight may not work if the flow of water is high. In that case, you can use a bigger egg sinker. It would help if you used a heavier knocker rig for the grouper.


Keep in mind that a monofilament line would be the best choice to target the bottom-feeding fish species. It provides rig stability and also can prevent abrasion.


Circle hooks are using for knocker rig for several years because it suits the best knocker rig. Good information for you that circle hooks can handle aggressive underwater fish. 


First of all, try to learn the Snell know tying. The knot works for the ideal rig setup. You have to run the tag last part and enter through the hook eye. After then make a little loop knot behind the shank. 


In this step, you have to set up the fishing bait. There have two types of bait, live and dead bait. You can buy both of these bait from a tackle shop. 

What type of fish will a knocker rig catch? 

  • Grouper
  • Snapper
  • Spotted Sea Trout
  • Sheepshead
  • And more!  

When to Use a Knocker Rig

knocker rig for fishing

Knocker rigs are more effective when fishing from the bottom of the lake or river. It is built with a thinner profile to reach the spot where fish can hide in the bottom water.

  • For shore fishing spots like under the bridges, piers, and around the pylons. 
  • It would be best for fishing around different wrecks and reefs.
  • Knocker rig is also best for all kinds of freshwater fishing
  • It is good for fishing in-depth water like a river or lake

Why Knocker Rigs Are Effective

The knocker rig is a popular fishing method that is used to catch fish that reside on or near the bottom of a body of water. This type of rig is especially effective for catching smaller fish and other bottom-dwelling creatures. The knocker rig consists of a sinker that is attached directly to the line above the hook. This setup prevents the line from becoming tangled as the bait moves around.

The free weight of the sinker ensures that the bait stays close to the bottom of the water. This rig is most effective when using live bait. The natural movements of the bait will attract fish, and the sinker will keep the bait in place. As the fish fight for the bait, they will get hooked on the sharpened hook. The knocker rig is a great way to catch smaller fish, but it can also be used to catch larger fish.

If you are targeting larger fish, try using a heavier sinker. This will keep the bait in place and allow the fish to take a longer bite. Give the knocker rig a try the next time you go fishing. You will be amazed at how effective it is in catching fish.

How to Tie a Knocker Rig


What is the best rig for snapper? 

Snapper needs more effective rigs like pilchards, squid, and fish strips. The slow sinking bait seems hard to the snappers. So, you can use a little weighted knocker for snappers. On the other hand, you can use the lightweight rig for the 30-meter depth or less than the 30-meter depth. 

Does the sinker go above the hook?

Sinker’s position is always above the hook. You can set up one or two sinkers with the weight as per your need. The distance between the hook and sinker would be 6 to 12 inches

What’s the best rig for saltwater fishing?

In a word, the Carolina rig is best for saltwater fishing. When it comes to the Knocker rig vs Carolina rig difference, their knocker rig is best for freshwater. On the other hand, you can use both dead and live bait with this rig. Moreover, this rig can keep the bait closer when it is getting tough with the mud. 

What is a barrel swivel?

A barrel swivel is a small sizes line connector that makes the connection between the fishing hook and line. Maybe you can connect the hook and line with a barrel swivel but it would not be best.

Final word:

In the end, I will say that Konak is a universal rig; it is compatible with several types of fishing lines and hooks. Most importantly, the knocker rig is superior for catching bottom and saltwater fishing. Moreover, knockers can control the moving of both natural and artificial bait. You can make a knocker rig by yourself easily. 

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