viper kayak review

Viper Kayak Review For 2023- Exploring Performance Design and More

Viper is the most affordable and efficient kayak for beginners. Maybe, in the beginning, you don’t want to invest more in an expensive kayak. In this case, A viper kayak can be the best performer for your trip. 

As a lucky owner of a viper kayak, I love to share my detailed experience with you so, that you can find out the right viper 10.4 kayaks for sale. Overall, Viper has come to the market to offer kayaking.

Benefits of the Little Budget. It also can fulfill your kayaking dream. So, keep reading this guide to learn more details about this fantastic viper kayak. 

What are Viper Kayaks?

Viper kayaks are a type of sit-on-top watercraft. These are popular because they have plenty of storage space, comfortable seats, and a variety of different features.

Viper kayaks are one of the best choices for beginners because they have a sharp bow and stern that provide excellent tracking. Because of their lightweight structure and well-designed hull, they are also quite durable.

Viper kayak review

viper kayak reviews

Viper kayak is an impressive watercraft to hit on the water within a small budget fishing kayak. You will have to spend only 150$ to 200$ to buy a viper kayak. Although you may get a substantial affordable kayak within this range, Viper has come with the specialty. It will provide all benefits for a newbie kayaker. Hence, they can learn several basic tricks for kayaking with a viper kayak. Viper offers a lot of beautiful features. 

Viper kayak pros :

Viper already is a well-known kayak to the loving kayak guys. Because it has come with a lot of great kayaking benefits, today I will tell you its impressive gift. 


When it comes to viper kayaks, the first thing that comes to mind is the price. Because most people are interested in buying this kayak at a reasonable price, you won’t get such an affordable price anywhere. 

You are getting a new branded kayak within your budget bank. Because Viper will cost you 150-200$ for each kayak. Another branded kayak is not possible to buy with this low budget. It is why Viper has increased the value to all. 

Viper kayak load capacity: 

A common thing is kayak weight capacity. Everybody thinks about the weight to compare with the kayak. If it doesn’t take the load? Viper is designed to take a heavier burden of 300 lbs. 

Besides, a kayaker may need to carry several fishing gear, a camera, or snacks. I can ensure that Viper could be an excellent choice for you because it can quickly move 300 pounds load together. 


Viper kayaks are designed to last for many years. Because it can bear the pressure of cement loading ramps and concrete stumps too, likewise, it can take the boulders. This duration can be more lasting if you can proper care of it. I recommend avoiding the water areas where may have to sharpen rocks. Then your Viper will not damage easily. However, you can also get several viper kayak replacement parts in an emergency. 

kayak Weight:

Viper kayak increase weight is only 45 lbs. So, it is very lightweight to carry and operate. Generally, you may have to pull a kayak on the land to go in the water. But you don’t need to remove it for viper kayaks because Viper is designed to carry this kayak on the shoulders. 

Viper accessories:

Adding a few things will enhance the beauty of your kayak. Besides, those viper kayak accessories will be helpful for your water trip. Luckily, you are getting the ability to add several small types of equipment with this viper kayak. 

You can get multiple options to add several accessories with a viper kayak. Besides, this kayak came with a larger size drink holder and folded trays. These are connected in front of the kayak. Moreover, there have several options to bear fishing accessories. 


When you compare viper kayak vs pelican, Viper will be won. Viper kayak comes with regular and additional useful features. The feet braces, padded bungees, and seats are some of them. Here the feet braces ensure your maximum comfort when riding. Likewise, the padded bungees and hubs can reduce back pain. 

Viper kayak cons :

Each product may have some cons. Also, I will discuss the cons which I face to using this viper kayak. 

Bad Tracking:

I feel a little bit of a problem when tracking the viper kayak. It needs a lot of energy to keep the kayak in a straight line. It may occur a problem if you want to ride to compare with others. Similarly, it has an impact to ride in any specific direction. 


Hardware refers to construction materials. viper kayak mods are made with minimum-quality plastic. And I notice the handle is not so durable. The paddling system may damage soon. For this reason, you have to proper care of a viper kayak. For example, the washer, nuts, and bolts should be joined properly. 

Non-closed back section:

Non closed back viper kayak

You will not get a closed-back section in the viper kayak. So, it isn’t easy to stay things in a fixed place. In this case, the small stuff, bottle, or gear may change their position within. So, it may be a hassle for you. 

Viper 10.4 kayak Review

“As far as we can tell the Viper 10’4” Kayak is no longer being manufactured and we are unable to find any store or online site currently stocking it. If you look around, you could be able to find good one used.

As an alternatively we suggest having a look at the Pelican Maxim 100X Sit-in kayak


Are viper kayaks any good?

Yes, the viper kayak is the right choice in several aspects. First of all, the quality is terrific compared with the price point. Secondly, it is designed for learning basic kayaking tricks. So, it would be the best choice for the newbie kayak. 

Who makes viper kayaks?

Viper kayaks are a product of viper bands. And Viper kayak manufacturer’s company name is Viper. Good to know that Viper comes from TG Water sports, LLC. This brand is famous for its unavailable kayak price. 

What is the price range of a viper kayak?

Viper kayak comes in the lowest price range. You may have to expense $150-$200 to buy the right viper kayak, which is too reasonable.

Is the viper kayak worth the investment?

Yes, for only $200, you can get in the water and learn the basics before moving on to a more advanced course.

Final Thoughts:

A viper kayak review is essential for you when you want to start your first kayaking. This guide is covered all pros and cons of a viper kayak. Viper is mainly demanded at affordable prices and quality. In the meantime, it is very lightweight. 

And also, Viper can bear a considerable amount of load. However, it may have some problems with the tracking. Overall, the viper kayak is the best performer for the beginner. Do you want to know more about this topic? Then let me know. I will update this guide soon.

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