What size trolling motor for a canoe

What size trolling motor for a canoe or kayak? Exclusive Size & Chart in 2023

Trolling motor is a self-contained device that helps a canoe to stand one spot against strong wind and current. Besides, the trolling motor helps to explore the non-shallow areas under the water. So, the paddler, anglers, and kayakers have a common question What size trolling motor for a canoe?

The 30″ electric trolling motor is appropriate for maximum canoes. It will let you get enough thrust and propeller. Moreover, the far-powerful trolling motor can allow you to go faster. Besides, you will need a larger motor for the heavyweight canoe.

In this guide, we will discuss the factors that will help you determine the perfect trolling motor size. At the same time, we will let you know about the minn kota trolling motor and trolling motor size chart. So, let’s know.

what size trolling motor for a canoe

Which size trolling motor you choose depends on a few factors. After knowing these factors, you can easily decide which size trolling motor will be ideal for you.

Canoe size:

First of all, you need to consider canoe size. You will undoubtedly have a powerful trolling motor if the canoe size is large. Otherwise, you can’t move or operate the canoe in the right direction. In this case, USCG approved trolling motor comes with maximum capacities decal.

Canoe weight:

The next thing that comes up after the size is the canoe’s weight. By weight, we mean all the weight on the canoe. That is, the weight of the canoe itself, the weight of the user, and the weight of all the gear carried together will be considered the canoe’s weight. Remember, your trolling motor should be more powerful as your canoe is weighted. On the other hand, you can use a general trolling motor for the smaller and lightweight canoe.

Required speed:

How fast do you want to paddle in your canoe? A large trolling motor is mandatory to achieve this high speed in the canoe. It is very important to choose the right trolling motor size.

Weather condition:

What type of environment do you usually go for paddling or fishing in? You need a powerful trolling motor if you’re often out on the water outside of adverse bays. Because high-power motors have more controlling power. As a result, you can control your canoe in any adverse weather.

Using period:

Another important factor when deciding the size of a trolling motor is the duration of your use. Larger trolling motors require larger, more powerful batteries. So, those powerful batteries allow it to stay on the water for longer.

Trolling motor size chart for canoe

We make this size chart depending on the canoe or boat’s weight and length. We recommend following this chart before choosing a trolling motor for your canoe.

Canoe weight in poundsMaximum canoe length in ftMinimum thrust level in poundsRequired batteries
Less or equal 1500 pounds14 ft30 pounds12 volt (1 battery)
2000 pounds17-18ft40-45 pounds12 volt (1 battery)
2500 pounds20-21ft50-55 pounds12 volt (1 battery)
3000-3500 pounds23ft70 pounds24 volt (2 battery)
4000 pounds25ft80 pounds24 volt (2 battery)
4000 plus pounds25ft plus101-112 pounds36 volt (3 battery)

Minn Kota trolling motor for canoe

Minn Kota trolling motor for canoe

Minn Kota is a popular brand that produces varieties of trolling motors. Minn Kota trolling motor on a canoe is designed to mount on the center of the stern. Besides, you can install it on the bow, transom, and mounting bracket.

All of the trolling motors from Minn Kota brands come with adequate power. This brand was number one before Lowrance Ghost and Garmin Force brands releasing. You will get a lot of excellent features in Min Kota’s trolling motor.

Apart from all the good features, Minn Kota trolling motor is affordable. A 100-amp battery with 20 amps drawing battery of Minn Kota brand can run for 5 hours constantly. Also, note that the Minn Kota battery can run with lead-acid and deep-cycle marine batteries.

How do I choose the right size trolling motor?

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right size trolling motor:

Boat size and weight:

The larger and heavier your boat is, the more power you will need in your trolling motor.

Desired speed:

Consider the speeds you want to be able to achieve with your trolling motor. A more powerful motor will allow you to reach higher speeds, but it will also drain your battery more quickly.

Battery size and type:

Make sure you have a battery that is capable of providing the power needed for the trolling motor you are considering. The size and type of battery you need will depend on the power and thrust of the motor, as well as the length of time you plan to use it.

Water conditions:

If you will be using your trolling motor in rough or choppy water, you may need a more powerful motor to ensure that you can maintain control of your boat.

Personal preference: Ultimately, the right size trolling motor for you will depend on your personal preferences and the specific needs of your boat.

Trolling Motor Size Guide

Perfect trolling motor for small boats, canoes, kayaks


1. What size trolling motor should I use on a canoe?

It would help if you used trolling motor according to the size and weight of your canoe. Besides, consider your desired speed before choosing the trolling motor size. Heavier ad larger canoe needs a more powerful trolling motor. Besides, a larger trolling motor is important to tackle any adverse situation on the water.

2. How fast can a trolling motor push a canoe?

On average, a trolling motor can go up to 4.5 mph. However, this speed might increase if your canoe size is smaller than the trolling motor size and power. On the other hand, the 4.5 mph speed might decrease if your canoe is heavier and longer than a regular canoe.

3. What length of trolling canoe motor do I need?

Shaft Length refers to the trolling motor length. You need a minimum 20″ trolling motor length. As per the general rule of thumb, calculate the length from the bow surface to the top of the water. Keep in mind to add an extra 5″ for fishing in rough water.

4. Can you put a trolling motor on the side of a canoe?

No, you can’t put a trolling motor on the side of a canoe. It would help if you mounted the trolling as much as possible near the stern center. If there is one, flush the upper part of the mounting bracket with the top of the stern. Care should be taken so that the main motor is not affected by the trolling motor.

Final Words:

You have already informed me what size trolling motor for a canoe is perfect for you. The average trolling motor size is 30″ for the maximum canoe. However, this size would decrease or increase depending on the canoe’s size and weight.

Besides, trolling motor should be powerful depending on the user’s desired speed. It would help if you got big size trolling motor for higher speed. At the same time, consider the thrust level and battery voltage. If you have any more queries about this topic, let us know. We will update you with your desired information.

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