What Size Box Anchor Do I Need

What Size Box Anchor Do I Need? – A Practical Guide To Determining The Size 2023

It is a wonderful experience to be boating on a hot summer day. Open water and a light breeze are really relaxing trips. However, your responsibility is to keep your boat safe while hauling it to the shore. In this case, you need an anchor to ensure the boat from floating off. Moreover, many anglers prefer to fish with boats anchored.

Many people recognize the Danforth style anchor. While box anchor is different from the traditional anchor design. Box anchor is much more effective for anchoring in any condition. But you might think what size box anchor do I need?

For your efficiency, we have compiled a chart of standard sizes according to the boat size. It will help you to choose the right size of anchor. Read the FAQs for more knowledge. 

How does Box Anchor Work? 

A box anchor is formed like a box that contains four spikes on the top and four on the bottom and a connection angle attached to one side. The spikes utilize to dig into the sand and keep the boat from flowing away. 

Having spikes on both sides allows to dig in water if it lands upside-down when dropping in the water. The bright point is the box anchor grab immediately as soon as it hit the bottom and doesn’t move at all. 

However, the box anchor is bulky in size and heavy which can be a drawback. It is exhausting while pulling a large box anchor from the deep water. Also, they put up a lot of mud and debris from the water and make a mess in the boat decks.  

What size box anchor do I need?

Sizing is the key factor to consider while choosing a box anchor for the boat. You need a large enough box anchor without going extra-large. Because every inch of the size means more effort. If you can not make a suitable decision that what size box anchor do I need for pontoons, then scan the below box anchor chart. 

  1. 16“x 16” Box Anchor: best for larger boats from 20 to 25 feet long. It works for both aluminum boats and pontoons. In the case of fiberglass boats, the size is suitable for 18 to 22 feet long boats. The bigger fiberglass boats need bigger anchors. 
  • 14“x 14” Box Anchor: it is medium size, works for 16 to 19 feet long aluminum boats and pontoons. If you are fishing in high winds, the size may fall short for these boat size ranges. The medium size works for 16 to 17 feet long fiberglass boats.
  • 12“x 12” Box Anchor: this size is ideal for 16 feet smaller boat. Well, the size is not suitable for deep water or may not hold the craft in extreme conditions. 

Slide Anchor Box Anchor Size Chart

Whenever you search for the box anchor review, you will find that Slide Anchor is the most trustworthy manufacturer. Their box anchors provide excellent performance. They come with a foldable design to store compactly in a box anchor bag. We have included the size chart of the Slide Anchors.

  1. Baby Box Anchor – 18”x7”x4.5” [LxWxH]:  if you have personal watercraft less than 18 feet
  • Small Box Anchor- 22”x8.5”x5” [LxWxH]: suitable for offshore or sport boats from 18 to 30 feet long and 24 feet long cabin cruiser.
  • Large Box Anchor- 25″x9.5″x6.5″ [LxWxH]: works for 40 feet long offshore or sport boats, cabin cruiser to 32 feet. 
  • X-Large Box Anchor – 30″x11″x6.5″ [LxWxH]: works for houseboats and cruisers longer than 32 feet. 

Choosing an Anchor for Your Boat


How do you know what size anchor to use?

The perfect anchor size depends on how big your boat is. For the bigger boats, you need a larger anchor to work effectively. 

Do you use an anchor chain with a box anchor?

The chain weight changes the angle of pulling on the anchor. You need an anchor chain if the anchor rod is short. Box anchors do not require a chain if there is a longer anchor rod. 

What size boat will a 10-pound anchor hold?

The boat size impacts the anchor holding. According to the standard anchor’s size chart, a 10 pounds anchor is ideal for up to 19 feet long boats with 30 mph wind. 

What is the weight of a box anchor?

Different sizes of box anchors have different weights. It can be 14 lbs to 40 lbs according to the anchor size. 

Final Words

Boat anchor is a significant part while manipulating it in the open deep water. However, you have to choose the perfect size to get effective performance. After analyzing the described size range of the anchor, you can find the ideal anchor for your watercraft. 

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