Best waterproof ice fishing gloves

Best Waterproof Ice Fishing Gloves – Ultimate Comfort For 2023

For me, ice fishing is challenging when I have to deal with cold temperatures, ice, and water. In particular, my fingers would get numb with the extremely high temperature. But I have improved my ice fishing with a pair of the best waterproof ice fishing gloves. 

Ice fishing gloves are specially made with lightweight material that can withstand the difficulties of ice fishing. Also, it will keep your fingers warm and dry. It’s good to know that this glove works best with smaller bait, lightweight fishing lines, and live fishing bait. 

Here is a review of the three ice fishing gloves I have already used and got a lot of successful ice fishing. So, let’s scroll down. 

What is ice fishing?

Ice fishing is the practice of making holes in the ice and fishing from them. It could be a pond, lake, or offshore area since ice fishing is related to several dangerous factors, so you need to use the right fishing equipment. A pair of best hand gloves is one of them. 

Top 3 ice fishing gloves

Image Product Title Top Feature Price
VELAZZIO Waterproof Gloves for Men & Women VELAZZIO Waterproof Gloves for Men & Women LONG-LASTING WARMTH
Check Latest Price
Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Insulated Glove Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Insulated Glove Provides maximum warmth and protection Check Latest Price
Wind Rider Rugged Winter Gloves Wind Rider Rugged Winter Gloves  TOUCHSCREEN FINGERTIPS
Check Latest Price

Best waterproof ice fishing gloves reviews:

Ice fishing gave me a different feeling, and I am used to doing it often. As a conscious fishing angler, I am always alert about my fishing gear, where fishing gloves are crucial. So, here I have reviewed on top three hand gloves for ice fishing. 

1. VELAZZIO Waterproof Gloves for Men & Women

VELAZZIO Waterproof Gloves for Men & Women

VELAZZIO is an ideal pair of hand gloves for multipurpose ice sports like fishing, skating, skiing, sledding, and snowmobiling. This glove could be your ultimate choice when you are suffering from cold, icy water. 

It comes with a built-in carbon heating system on the backside that provides guaranteed warmth. Even so, the warmth could be long-lasting till temperatures drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because there has premium quality 3MThinsulate insulation to retain the heat for a long time, it has several heat setting systems. So, you can use this glove with the proper balance of needed working time and heat. It is also featured on the compatible touchscreen; the grippy rubber dot included PU palms. Besides, it has more wrist straps and an extended cuff. Overall, it will provide you with a dry experience all day long.

This glove’s dimensions are 13.78 x 5.71 x 2.36 inches and it weighs 8.64 ounces. Do note the material is durable polyester. 


VELAZZIO is the worthy glove for almost all ice fishing, skiing, skating, snowboarding, and many more. 

Key Features:

  • Standard waterproof ice fishing gloves come with a 5-volt rechargeable battery.
  • Three individual heat setting functions allow using the gloves as per needed heat and time. 
  • Unique design with pre-heating power-saving function
  • The outer shell is very durable, waterproof, and moisture-wicking.
  • The Fan-Tex and fleece lining work together to keep water out when needed.
  • This is a good performer even without using the heating function.


  • highly comfortable and lightweight
  • It can hold the warm temperature and heat for a long time.
  • It is waterproof and breathable. 
  • They are designed with a non-slip palm.
  • Having wrist loops and locking clips


  • It doesn’t receive any bad feedback from the customer till now. 

2. Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Insulated Glove

Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Insulated Glove

Glacier Alaska Pro is a special hand glove that is designed for high agility in ice fishing. Hence, Glacier glove pro angler has incredible benefits to deal with ice fishing in completely icy areas like Alaska and many more. If you want to fish with a warm and dry hand, then you could think about it. 

Breathable building materials ensure user comfort. It’s so soft and warm that you don’t even think you’re fishing. Glacier gloves are well-known for extreme cold weather. It comes in multiple colors and styles. It is 10 x 7 x 2 inches in its whole measurement and weighs 3 ounces.


Glacier gloves would be the best choice for both fishing and hunting.

Key Features:

  • Well-stitched ensures the product’s durability even in adverse weather.
  • Breathable poly material comes with an original leather palm.
  • It is windproof and convenient when you will go hunting in a windy area. 


  • The price is alluring as per the quality.
  • Available color and style varieties
  • Good for both hunting and ice fishing


  • Some customer has complained about the stinky palm leather.

3. Wind Rider Rugged Winter Gloves 

Wind Rider Rugged Winter Gloves

Are you looking for a high technologically built ice fishing glove? Then the wind rider would come at the very first. Since, wind rider has made for compatible with fishing, snowboarding, and skating you can rely on it for any outdoor trip. 

Because of the superior waterproof features, you can easily put your hand into the ice holes or water. One specialty of this glove of its rugged build with a nylon shell. Besides, these are slightly lightweight, like ice armor gloves. There has a Gore-Tex hipora liner under the nylon shell. This liner works to keep the gloves waterproof. After then, there has a layer of 3M Thinsulate and foam insulation. Lastly, a soft fleece inner has been added inside the gloves to ensure the user’s hand comfort. 

Luckily, you are getting extra storage with this glove. Generally, you might need a pocket for tiny fishing gear. These loved pairs have two individual pockets with each hand. The specification is 11.7 x 6 x 3 inches and weighs 8.01 Ounces. 


His gloves are designed for the winter season, snowfall areas as well as ice fishing. 

Key Features:

  • A 5-layer waterproof ice fishing gloves with high-quality built
  • It is comfortable, breathable, and tested for several ice sports.
  • It was featured on additional pocket storage for keeping the credit card, key, and other small gear. 
  • The zipper pocket is sealed to prevent the water from entering the hand. 


  • It is a USA-made product from Minnesota. 
  • Available in different sizes for different age
  • Extra-long cuff and four-layer insulation system


  • Only one black color is available.

How to choose the Best waterproof ice fishing gloves.

The primary considering things are listed here which you must follow before selecting a waterproof ice fishing glove. If you can properly maintain this instruction, I can ensure you will choose the right product. 

Fishing Gloves type:

Fishing gloves are generally found in three types: full fingers, half fingers, and a combination of full and half fingers. So, what type should you take? It mainly depends on the weather conditions and your preference.

If there is extreme cold, then I would say to go with a full-finger glove. And if there is hot weather, then go with half a finger. On the other hand, the combination of full and half would be best for all seasons. The fragile waterproof ice fishing gloves are the best example of the half-finger, full-finger style.


First of all, it’s good to know that fishing gloves are different than handling fishing gloves. So, be aware of the material when you choose the gloves. A fish-handing glove is thinner inbuilt. But neoprene is one of the most commonly used materials for fishing gloves. On the contrary, fleece material is best for fishing gloves. 

UV protection:

Have you planned to fish often all day long? Then it would help if you thought about the sun’s rays because they might burn the skin. Although all gloves come with a bit more UV protection, it is good to find a pair of gloves with a higher UV protection feature. 

Reinforced casting areas:

I recommend making sure about the durability of a reinforced section of a fishing glove. 

Waterproof features:

I believe the waterproof feature must need for ice fishing. Lately, most waterproof ice fishing glove comes with waterproof features, yet you should be conscious of it. 


Temperature changes affect the hands more than any other portion of the body. People are sensitive to frostbite and hypothermia when ice fishing in the winter. A good pair of fishing gloves must be able to keep your hands warm and functional at all times.

The amount of insulation in a pair of mittens determines the level of warmth they can deliver. The best insulating materials include neoprene, nylon, and fleece.

There is a clear correlation between glove thickness and the amount of warmth they provide. At least 40 grams of Thinsulate insulation should be used in your home. A high value for this metric is recommended while fishing in frigid temperatures.

Why do you need waterproof gloves for ice fishing?

Waterproof gloves are important for ice fishing because your hands will be in contact with water and ice, which can quickly lead to them becoming cold and wet. This can be uncomfortable and can even cause frostbite if your hands are exposed to the cold for too long.

Waterproof gloves will keep your hands dry and warm, which will make your ice fishing experience much more enjoyable.

Advantages of using waterproof Ice Fishing Gloves

  • Keep Hands Warm

Obviously, don’t you think? The worst-case scenario is that you’ll end up with frostbite or other unpleasant ailments if you wear inexpensive, poorly insulated gloves. Having a decent set of waterproof ice-fishing gloves not only keeps you safer but also allows you to fish for longer, which is always a plus.

  • Water Resistance

While fishing, you might expect to get some water on your hands. In the summer, this isn’t a big deal; in the middle of winter, it’s a big deal. When your hands are wet and it is chilly outside, they get numb and stiff, reducing your ability to do any fishing operation. Remember that wet hands catch fish.

  • Detect Subtle Bites

As well as handling bait, equipment, and line, ice fishing requires an innate ability to tell when you’ve had a bite. Heavy gloves and chilly, numb hands make it difficult to feel even the tiniest pulls and tremors. It’s possible to keep an eye on what’s happening at the other end of your fishing line while wearing specially-made waterproof ice-fishing gloves that strike a balance between weatherproofing and dexterity.

Waterproof Winter Gloves Put to The Test


How Do I correctly Clean My waterproof Ice Fishing Gloves?

A waterproof ice fishing glove should be cleaned with a hand wash or machine wash. And you can use regularly used detergent and cold water to clean ice fishing gloves. But, never use bleach, dry clean, and iron the ice fishing gloves. 

Why Gloves Are a Must-Have When Ice Fishing?

Ice fishing means staying in the ice desert for a long time and touching it from time to time. But your hands will become numb very quickly in the ice area, so a pair of ice fishing gloves are as important as all your fishing gear.

What are the benefits of wearing ice fishing gloves?

Here are the key benefits of ice fishing gloves
Keep hand warm
Water resistance
Maintain finger dexterity
Detect subtle bites

Why are my hands still cold in gloves?

 If you still feel cold after wearing gloves, you should understand that gloves are not a perfect fit. Keep in mind to choose the right glove size for ice fishing; otherwise, you might fall into hassle. 

Final word:

I have made this review with the top best waterproof ice fishing gloves. So, those who are loving ice fishing can analyze the above three excellent gloves. I have three pairs of these three models, and I am using them since last year. I can ensure product quality and durability. 

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