A guide to Buying Used Kayaks for Beginners (10 Things To Keep In Mind)

Although many of us would like to buy a brand-new kayak, the truth is that it is not always possible. For those cases, searching and choosing the best kayak is also possible.

There are many considerations before buying used kayaks. So this content is going to be essential for you too if you are thinking of buying a used kayak

A kayak is used for many reasons, and the benefits can bind you to buy a kayak for your own. When you are the owner of your own kayak, then you can ride over it with a bunch of freedom, which is necessary for a fresh mind.

Are you searching for some tips for buying a used kayak? Well, we are here for you with the process of purchasing a used kayak. So, let’s get started.

Different Types of buyers

Before you buy a used kayak, it is good to know what type of buyer you are. That is because each type should focus attention on different aspects. Considering that, kayak buyers come in two types as follows:

  • Veterans or intermediate/advance: They already know many details about kayaks. They could be experienced fishers, athletes, or frequent users in their leisure time. It is easy for them to search and choose because they know what they need. It is common that people in this group are ready to buy a better kayak but don´t have all the money to invest in a brand new one.
  • Beginners: This was already practicing a little bit. They want to take a step ahead but don´t know well about the components. Most of the time they are uncertain about if they will continue to practicing kayak soon. Therefore, they are not ready to invest too much money in any kayak. For this group, a used kayak is a way to save some money.

As we continue with this guide, we will let you know some tips for both types of buyers.

What to check for buying used kayak?

Certain aspects are essential when you buy used kayaks. When you check them, you get protected from frauds or scams. Besides, your needs vary from one user to another. Also, by checking the following features, you can guarantee you obtain the best for your budget.

Why You Need to Use Kayaks

You will find various types of kayaking, which will allow you to enjoy your life. From those types of kayaking, some of them are more important to earn a living. However, you will get some extra benefits from kayaking regularly. In short, they are-

  • Proper Exercise– It allows you to move your leg and hand in a motion, which causes you to get benefited from exercise.
  • Enjoy the Nature– You can enjoy nature by kayaking regularly.
  • Make Companion– Kayaking offers you to make new companions in every ride. You will have the chance to create a new companion and can go kayaking with them.
  • Adventure– Kayaking is a medium of experience where you can get many enjoyments. Kayaking to a river will give you much pleasure. You can also search for sea kayaks for sale for more adventure.
  • Fitness- In the matter of fitness, you can have the chance to keep your body fit by kayaking regularly.
  • Relaxation- When you are under stress, and under endurable mental pressure, you can go out with your kayaks and can do kayaking. It will give you relaxation.

Best Types of Kayaks

Before buying used kayaks, you need to know about the types of kayaks. You should know that different types of kayaks are used for various purposes. Again, different types of kayaks have a different design for performing different situations. So, let’s know about the types of kayaks.

Fishing Kayaks

An ordinary kayak for fishing has more space for storage, which is different from all other kayaks. You need to store the fishes in your kayaks, and that requires more space in your kayak. So the kayaks for fishing comes with a unique design with more space for storage. This particular kayak type comes with two models. One is sitting on top and sit inside the map.

You can sit inside the kayaks if it is available in the kayak, and again you can sit on top of the kayaks for the specific kayaks which come with the availability. The engines are specially built for touring in the sea, and there is a GPS available for this type of kayaks. 

Inflatable Kayaks

This type of kayaks is built for users who don’t need much space in kayaks, and it is used in casual kayaking. There is a foot pump in the kayak, which leads to run the kayak by foot pressing. The kayak is very durable and flexible to the user. So, you can take this type of kayak if you want to enjoy your leisure.

Tandem Kayaks

With more space and the availability to ride more than one person are the type of Tandem kayaks. These are the best kayaks for touring with your partner. There are also foot pumps in these kayaks, and both of you can enjoy the ride together by sharing paddling.

This type of kayak doesn’t have ample space and don’t think you can ride with three people if there are two kayak paddle sets are available.

Sit on Top Kayaks

If you are thinking of kayaks that are not for fishing but still allows you to ride by sitting on the top, then sit on the top kayaks can give you a chance. This type of kayaks is not fast enough like inflatable kayaks, but this is comfortable enough to ride freely and not get confined in the congested area.

Recreational Kayaks

The last type of kayak but not the least. Yes, this type of kayaks has gone with the name of the kayaks. The manufactures make these types of kayaks from their recreational mind. There should be more space as they think to provide. But, there is a problem with this type of kayak with speed. They are very slow compared to the other kayaks.

What to Look Out For When Buying a Used Kayak?


The quality of the used kayak should be good a significant issue out there. Make sure that your chosen kayak is not a damaged kayak for sale, and it has a good outlook. A faded outlook is not good to see, and you can’t enjoy pleasures ride. Again, the damaged part of your chosen kayak may occur many problems while kayaking. 

When you are going to choose a used kayak over the internet, don’t be ashamed or afraid to see as many photos of the kayak as you can. It’s your right to see the images to ensure the quality of the products.

You can also look for some other quality in the used kayaks-

  • Weight Capacity
  • Transportability
  • Comfortability

Weight Capacity

You need to ensure that the kayak you are buying has the ability to take required increase Weight Capacity.


The used kayak needs to be very easy to transport from one place to another. It should be light weighted and so that you can bear the kayak from your garage to the water place quite easily. 


If you don’t feel comfortable riding over the kayak, then you should not go for it. So, you need to check the kayak before buying whether it is comfortable or not.

Speed of the Kayaks

Before buying a used kayak, you need to check the speed of the kayak. If your chosen kayak doesn’t have the maximum speed that you required, then go for it. You should choose the one which has the perfect speed according to your will.

Inspection the Parts

We will give you a list to check as the parts of the kayak. The checking of the kayak parts is necessary for not be deceived by the seller. Follow the list and don’t forget to check them.

  • Foot Pegs
  • Cover for the Hatch
  • Seats of the kayak
  • Knee Paddle
  • Cords
  • Bolts and attachments
  • The Rudder


Last of all, if you are searching “kayaks for sale near me” and find a seller to sell the used kayak, then you need to be very smart to judge the seller’s behavior. According to your judgment, you are going to earn the trust issue of your seller. Again, he is going to share everything about the kayak.

So, make sure the seller has a helpful and friendly behavior.

How Can You Choose the Perfect Used Kayak?

Used kayaks have pieces as new ones. And, when you want to buy one of them, you need to find one that is closer to its initial shape. These are the main pieces and features that you need to check.

  • Single or tandem kayak: the market offers kayaks for single persons with one seat and others for couples with 2 seats. It will be up to you to define what type of experience you want to obtain.
  • Seats: usually, seats are removable and you need to check if they are included in the kayak you pretend to buy. If they are, check if they are ok and if they fit your size to allow you to be comfortable.
  • Size: usually, longer kayaks navigate faster but are more difficult to maneuver. So, they would be better for veterans. If you are a beginner, try a shorter version to guarantee more stability.
  • Accessories: accessories include the paddles, fishing fittings such as rod holders, GPS, footrests, armrests, and many more. In this case, you need to verify which accessories are included with the original kayak to know what you can demand. Sometimes, the owners buy additional accessories and include them for the new buyer, so you can negotiate that in some cases.
  • Kegs: this is a very special piece that you need to check carefully because and see if they are removable or not.
  • UV protection: this feature is essential to any kayak due that kayaks spend a lot of time outdoors receiving sunlight. A good UV coat and material slow down fading and other consequences. So, the overall state of the piece will let you know too.
  • Use: knowing the type of use of the kayak can give you a better idea of what to expect about durability in the future. It includes the frequency of use, how many hours, what type of water, and others.
  • Storage space: this space is especially important if you plan to use your kayak for a fishing reel. You can check the size and that the opening/closing system works well.
  • Signs of repairs: repairs can be little or big and they vary according to the type of material. In any case, they need to be a good repair.

The last type of kayak but not the least. Yes, this type of kayaks has gone with the name of the kayaks. The manufactures make these types of kayaks from their recreational mind. There should be more space as they think to provide. But, there is a problem with this type of kayak with speed. They are very slow compared to the other kayaks.

Where to go for buying used kayak?

Do you know the used kayak values, and are you searching for a cheap kayak for sale? If it’s correct then we are going to introduce you with some of the introduce some of the best places online to buy used kayaks. Though online sites are tough to judge the quality, we are committed to taking you to the best seats. So, check the list that we have made for you.

Those were the places for an online shop. Now, if you are searching for used kayaks for sale in Ohio or the area you live in, then we can recommend two places. They are-

Open/Flea Markets:

these markets are great for finding good prices and offers. However, kayaks are too big and it is not so easy to find them.

Physical Stores:

some stores sell either new or used kayak and they can be a great alternative. Besides, you might rely on their knowledge to help you cope with your doubts. Usually, they are small/medium size shops that sell these used kayaks. Big retailers only sell new products.


Prices may vary for many reasons but sellers usually inform you how much they ask. To have a better idea you can compare the used kayak with images from the same product as a brand-new kayak. You can find those images in online stores or the Internet.

Additional Tips

As buying a used kayak requires some knowledge about it, it would be a good idea to get some help from a friend or other person who knows about it. This person is an especially helpful guide for beginners who know little about kayaks.

On the other hand, it is always recommended to take a personal look at the kayak. This is the only way to assess the condition of the equipment. And, when it comes to price, keep at hand access to part sellers who can give you prices for replacements. So, you can negotiate the price based on that information.


1. How do you buy a used kayak?

– The buying of a kayak depends on the places from where you are purchasing the kayaks. If you are buying from an online marketplace, then you need to ask the seller for an extensive collection of images of the kayak. Again, if you intend to buy a kayak from the local market, then you need to check the parts and type of the kayak wisely and buy. 

2. How much should I sell a used kayak for?

– If you are going to sell your used kayak, then you should check the kayak before you sell. You should fix a price according to the condition of the kayak.


We hope that you have understood the full guideline on buying used kayaks.  Again you have known the places where you can buy the used kayaks. If you are getting the same availability from the used kayak, then why should you go for the new one.

However, before kayaking, you need to be very careful and wear life jackets and glasses to prevent unwanted accidents. If you are going sailing on the sea, then you need to use the GPS service in your kayak.

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