Can you fly fish out of a kayak

Discovering The Possibilities: Can you fly fish out of a kayak?

After a long tiring week who doesn’t want to go out? An outdoor enjoying hour is like total refreshment for almost everyone. Hiking, cycling, or walking are some kinds of refreshments. But among them, flying fish are top of the list for many traveling lovers.

You made up a plan, and are ready with a fly rod. Even so, a question comes to your mind “can you fly fish out of a kayak”. Here is the answer, “yes, you can”. Flying fish on a kayak seems to be a new trend. But actually, the trend started more than a decade ago. Read more to have a clear idea about kayak fishing.

Fly Fishing Kayak

A kayak is a kind of low-to-the-water boat that seems much like a canoe. From a very early age people in the seashore, area are using kayaks. Kayaks are verily used by fly fishermen for a long decade. Though people used kayaks for traveling or crossing rivers as well. However, nowadays fly fishing kayak is widely used as a fish finder.

Here are some essential facts you must need to know before kayaking:

Best kayak for fly fishing

Flying fish in a kayak is just a great experience to live. According to Donnell Henderson, there is nothing but making a kayak fly fishing more joyful than catching fish for dinner. But selecting the best fishing kayak is the first condition overall in the journey. 

A kayak was first built by Aleut and Inuit people as native watercraft over 5,000 years ago. It almost looks like a narrow shaped canoe. The paddler in a kayak mainly sits facing onward. It has a paddle designed as double bladed for rotation. Although, the kayaks not having close cockpits are considered to be the best ones. They are easy to out of and get into as well.

Kayak fly fishing setup

Before going out fly fishing in a kayak some setups are essential to make. First, take a look at the categories of a kayak. There are verily two types of kayaks found. One is based on the sit inside category and the other is sitting on top category. Most people choose to sit on top of kayaks for their stability. However, you can select the most comfortable one for you.

Besides that look for other essential setups as well. Like the knee pad, kayak angler, paddle board, fishing gear, and so on. These are the small but effective things make your fly fishing cozier. Rather take a look at the rod holder as well. A rod holder will help you to set up your fly rod easily. So, next time you are ready for kayaking check out all the setup.

Best fly rod for kayak fishing

After choosing the best kayak now it’s time to look for a fly rod. A fly rod for kayak fishing is another important piece of equipment. The length of a fly rod tip should not be over 9 feet. Though the length is suitable for long casts or heavy lines for flying only. Usually, a fly rod length of 8 or 8.5 feet is considered to be the accurate one.

Though there is a great variety of fly rods. But it is better to select graphite rods as they are inherent in strength and light weight. They are also very effective for fast action. In fact, they are quite great to use for throwing heavy nymphs, and during hefty winds as well. Moreover, graphite rods are best to select while you are planning for fishing for the whole day.

Fly fishing for bass from a kayak

While fishing in shallow water the full sinking line is not needed. But fishing in the deeper or larger bodies of water full sink line is quite essential. In fact, sometimes the line with a full sink can be ended up as the primary line as well. That’s why according to most anglers, a minimum of one intermediate tip, one floater, and a sinking line are preferable as the right lines. 

Saltwater kayak fly fishing

Fishing by kayak in saltwater is an amazing journey to explore. But the view of a redfish in the mud is eye-catching more than anything. Catching the redfish in hand is like a dream for almost every fly fisherman. Though seems much hard to catch. Yet the dream is possible to live with the right kayak.

A kayak best for saltwater fly fishing is built more stable to tackle. The paddle boards are also made much more stable to stand on and even spot the fish from a higher range. What you need to do is just try to reach the point silently as much as possible. Just make sure your knees are blended slightly while standing up. Thus you can put your weight more comfortably on the kayak.

Kayak fly fishing river

Though kayak is eligible for fly fishing even in saltwater. But mostly kayaks are used for fishing in rivers. But before kayaking in the river, some necessary things need to check out for tempting the river trout. 

  • First, the length of a kayak should be checked. A wide and large length kayak is much more comfortable. Moreover, the stability of a kayak should also be looked for. 
  • A fly fisherman needs to learn to handle rock broaching as well. You should be careful because sometimes strong currents take you quite near the surface. 
  • The paddle length is also necessary to look for. You can shorten the paddle even 15 cm with kayak angler like angler classic, angler pro, Hobie pro angler, and so on.


What is the difference between a fishing kayak and a regular kayak?

A regular fishing kayak is built with a sit-inside design and featured for usual usage. On the contrary, a fishing kayak is specialized with stability and sit-on top based design.  

Do you need an anchor to fly fish on a kayak?

An anchor should be added to your kayak. That help to keep your kayak in accurate position even in strong currents or heavy wind.

What makes a great fly fishing kayak?

A kayak with good paddling performance makes a great fly fishing kayak. Moreover, fishing gear, maneuverability, gear tracks, and speed are also considered to be          essential for the right kayak.

Final Word

Flying fish in a kayak is an exceptional moment to enjoy. Wherever you are, river or sea, catching big fish for dinner on your own is something eminent. But obviously, you don’t want to miss a trout or a redfish for not having the right equipment.

That’s the reason; you need accurate guidance to choose the eligible one. So, now you can select the right one and get ready to make some amazing memories of fly fishing.

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