How Much Does A Kayak Weigh

How Much Does A Kayak Weigh- Everything You Need To Know About Kayak Weight

Hello Dear, Maybe do you thinking of purchasing your first kayak?

What you know about how much does a kayak weigh? Well, you should know about the weight of a kayak as you are reading this. If you know how much does a kayak cost, then you should know everything about kayaks so that you can negotiate. 

People use kayaks for fishing and floating on the water. You should know about kayaking to get an adventurous feel while kayaking. Your kayak’s speed depends on the weight of the kayak and many more.

In this context, I will share with you the kayak weights with the history of kayaks.

Again, you will also know the importance, of building materials, and types of kayaks from here. So, let’s start with the beginning.  

how much do kayaks weigh

History of Kayaks and why they are used

About 4000 years ago, it was supposed that Inuit People used kayaks. Scientists and anthropologists, used whale Skelton as the foundation of the boat. The idea was great for that time, and we are getting amused by thinking about their technology and knowledge.

History of Kayaks

They used animal or seal skin to kayak cover the foundation of the boat. Their idea leads them to create a narrowboat that had available to float on the water’s surface. Animal bones were used to make the paddle. From that day to the present-day now, we are seeing a single kayak floating. 

How Heavy Are Kayaks 

There are a few variables in this question, so if you were hoping for a one-line solution, you’re out of luck!

The weight of a ballpark kayak might range from 20 pounds to 80 pounds or more.

The best way to discover a kayak’s weight is to utilize your preferred online search engine and look up the type of kayak you want. Then go to the reseller’s website or the kayak manufacturer’s website (these should be in the search results). From there, you should be able to get the weight and weight capacity (how much weight the kayak can hold) information.

How much does a kayak weigh

4 Types of Kayak Weigh Compared (Popular kayak )

There are different types of kayaks in the market and they have different weight levels. You will find lightweight kayaks with some heavyweight kayaks. It’s your choice to select one for you. So let’s check the weight limit of the kayak from the list below- 

Tandem Kayak weigh

Do you know how much a Tandem kayak weighs? Well, the weight range starts from 55 lbs. and ends at 85 lbs. This is one of the favorite kayak types among kayak lovers. One person can’t bear this type of kayak comfortably. At least you need two people to lift the kayak.

Let’s see how random tandem kayaks weigh- 

Model Weight
Lifetime Kayaks Emotion Spitfire 12T Tandem Weight 84 lbs. (38kg)
Pelican Kayaks Sentinel 78 lbs. (35kg)
Jackson Kayaks Cuda HD Fishing Weight 73 lbs. (33kg)
Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 120T  72 lbs. (32kg)
Sun Dolphin Kayaks Bali  70 lbs. (32kg)
Perception Kayaks Tribe Tandem  67 lbs. (30kg)
Ocean Kayaks Malibu Two-Tandem Weight 57 lbs. (26kg)

Single Kayak weight

A single kayak doesn’t weigh so much. It starts from 25 pounds and roughly up to 50 pounds. They are a 12-foot kayak, and you can roam with this kayak easily. The single kayaks are light-weighted because you can carry them comfortably. 

Here, costing isn’t a matter where the weight of the kayak matter whether you can bear the kayak or not. So, let’s check out some of the famous single kayaks and how much they weigh. 

Model Weight
Field & Stream Kayaks Blade 9.7 Weight 45 lbs. (20kg)
Perception Kayaks Swifty 9.5 Weight 44 lbs. (20kg)
Jackson Kayaks Cuda HD Fishing Weight 40 lbs. (18kg)
Pelican Kayaks Mustang 100X Weight 36 lbs. (16kg)
Pelican Kayaks Trailblazer 100 NXT Weight 60 lbs. (27kg)
Pelican Kayaks Strike 120 Angler Weight 36 lbs. (16kg)
Field & Stream Kayaks Blade 80 Weight 35 lbs. (16kg)
Perception Kayaks Prodigy XS Weight 26 lbs. (12kg)

Fishing Kayak weight

These types of kayaks are the most used kayak by the fisherman. The weight of a fishing kayak is a bit heavier than the ordinary kayak. The weight range starts from 45 lbs. to 129 lbs. For fishing, the kayak needs to be heavy enough. 

 Let’s check out some of the fishing kayak’s weights- 

Model Weight
Hobie Kayaks Mirage Pro Angler 12 Weight 129 lbs. (58kg)
Hobie Kayaks Mirage Compass Fishing Weight 103 lbs. (46kg)
Jackson Kayaks Cuda HD Fishing Weight 85 lbs. (38kg)
Ocean Kayaks Trident 13 Angler Weight 70 lbs. (32kg)
Field & Stream Kayaks 12 Eagle Run Weight 60 lbs. (27kg)
Pelican Kayaks Strike 120 Angler Weight 55 lbs. (25kg)
Ocean Kayaks Caper Angler Weight 47 lbs. (21kg)
Perception Kayaks Sound 10.5 Fishing Weight 45 lbs. (20kg)

Inflatable Kayak weight

This type of kayak is the light weighted kayak among all the kayaks. You can use these kayaks for floating and having fun. The weight range starts from 18 lbs. and ends at 55 lbs.

Let’s check the weights of some inflatable kayaks

Model Weight
Advanced Elements Convertible Tandem Inflatable Kayak’s Weight 52 lbs. (23.5kg)
Intex Excursion Pro Inflatable Fishing Kayak’s Weight 103 lbs. (46kg)
Intex Explorer K2 Tandem Inflatable 31 lbs. (14.0kg)
Driftsun Rover 220 Inflatable Kayak’s Weight 28 lbs. (12.5kg)
Driftsun Voyager 2 Person Tandem Inflatable increase Kayak Weight 27 lbs. (12.5kg)
Advanced Elements SPORT Inflatable Kayak’s Weight 26 lbs. (12.0kg)
Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak’s Weight 26 lbs. (12.0kg)
Goplus Inflatable Kayak’s Weight 18 lbs. (8.0kg)

How can you determine the weight of a kayak? consider the following factors:

When looking for a kayak, weight is an important consideration. Kayaks are often made of different materials and have different weights. Some kayaks are heavier because they are made of fiberglass or plastic. Others are lighter because they are made of Kevlar or some other lightweight material.

The weight of a kayak affects how easy it is to transport. Heavier kayaks are harder to move. Lighter kayaks are easier to move. The weight also affects how the kayak handles the water. Heavier kayaks are more stable in the water. Lighter kayaks are less stable in the water.
The weight of a kayak is also important when considering how much gear you can take with you. Heavier kayaks can carry more gear. Lighter kayaks can’t carry as much gear.

Kayak weight is determined by several different factors, amongst which:


There are many different types of kayaks on the market today, each with its own unique capabilities and features. Recreational kayaks are perfect for beginner paddlers, as they are typically lightweight and easy to maneuver. Touring kayaks are designed for longer trips and can handle rougher waters, making them a great choice for sea kayaking.

Fishing kayaks are outfitted with special features that make them perfect for anglers, such as rod holders and tackle storage. Inflatable kayaks are a great option for people who want to take their kayak on vacation or want to store it away easily, and tandem kayaks.


Wooden kayaks are typically made of cedar, redwood, or pine. They are heavier than other kayaks, but they are also the most durable.

Composite or glass kayaks are made of fiberglass and are lighter than wooden kayaks, but they are also more expensive.

Plastic kayaks are made of rotomolded plastic and are the most affordable type of kayak. However, they are also the least durable.


The first kayaks were built centuries ago, and the design has barely changed since then. There are three general types of kayaks: recreational, sea, and whitewater. Within those types, there are many different designs, depending on the intended use.
Recreational kayaks are the most common type.

They’re generally less than 12 feet long and wider than 24 inches, making them stable and easy to control. They’re perfect for calm water, such as lakes and slow-moving rivers.
Sea kayaks are designed for coastal waters and open oceans. They’re typically longer than 16 feet and no wider than 22 inches, making them more maneuverable and faster than recreational kayaks.

Taking a heavy kayak

The usual solo kayak weighs between 20 to 80 pounds, however, this varies greatly depending on design and manufacturing materials.

Outside of its influence on performance, the weight of a kayak isn’t generally considered, but it does make a major difference when it comes to carrying it.

When choosing a kayak to buy, be sure to verify its weight before purchasing it and prepare it properly for transportation. Following our advice will make transferring even the heaviest kayak much simpler.

Relation Between Pounds and Kg

Many of you may ask how much 20kg in pounds, or how many pounds is 12.5 kg? Well, there is a solution to this type of confusion. There are many more of them like- how much is 18kg in pounds, 103 pounds in kg, or 20kg in pounds. People are searching for these answers.

No worry! I will let you know an easy way to convert the values by yourself. 

1 kg = 2.20 lbs.

1lbs = 0.45 kg

Now you can convert them by yourself. 20 kg in pounds means (20 x 2.20) = 44.1 lbs. In this way, you can get your values.  

Build Kayak Materials at a Glance (When Weight Is Considered)

There is a different type of build materials for building a kayak. Now, you are going to know about them. Have you ever thought about how a kayak float on the water? That’s because the kayak is made of such kind of materials which has the capability of floating. 

  • Composite > Expensive but lighter
  • Fiberglass > Mid-priced and mid-weight
  • Polythene > heavier but cheaper

What does Weight Matter to your Fishing?

The weight of the kayak matters to your fishing as the fishing job needs some special skills. To control the kayak is one of the skills that you must have. In the time of fishing, the kayak may get ups and down with the presence of fish.

Again, if you are going to fish in the sea, you need to have a fishing kayak with a defendable weight. The big waves can Overturn your kayak if your kayak doesn’t have the maximum weight. 


1. How heavy should I be to start kayaking?

– If you have an interest in fishing, you should be at least 40-50 kg of weight to start fishing with your kayak. Again, if you have an interest in the single-person kayak, you need to weigh 35-40 kg at least.  

2. How much is a kayak?

-This depends on the type of kayak. Generally, a fishing kayak is costlier than the other types of kayaks. To check the best kayak feature, I will recommend you to see my blogs. 

3. How heavy is kg example it? 

– There is a difference between mass and weight. All products and earthly things have mass, and the weight is changeable. According to gravity, the weight may change. So, 1 kg is heavy, like 1000 grams of an object’s mass.  

4. How much does a plastic kayak weigh?

A plastic kayak can weigh anywhere from 30 and 60 pounds, depending on the size and type of kayak. Average weight of a plastic kayak is about 60 pounds.

5. How much does a kayak weigh if it is made of carbon fiber?

A kayak made of carbon fiber will weigh between 25 and 40 pounds (11 and 18 kg).

6. What is the lightest kayak on the market?

The lightest kayak on the market is the Sea Eagle 330, which weighs 26 pounds (12 kg).

Final Words

I hope that you have got your information on how much does a kayak weighs. Now, you can choose your kayak for fishing or having fun. Don’t forget to wear your life jacket while kayaking. 

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