3 Best Commercial fishing boots – most Comfortable waterproof fishing boot

When you have a goal for making a profit from the wild fisheries, then a pair of commercial fishing boots are equally essential as the other fishing gear. Luckily, you will get a thousand brands of commercial boots. But there are some unique brands like Xtratuf that will take your commercial fishing to a new height.

A pair of the best commercial fishing boots are designed to resist harmful chemicals and acids which are quite good for industrial fishing. It is made with a Chevron outsole which will provide you with the best traction and non-slipping benefits. 

My team has researched contemporary fishing boots in this guide and figure out the top three superior models for commercial fishing. So, let’s scroll down to know the reviews. 

What is commercial fishing?

Commercial fishing is the act of working for an organization or building private fisheries for financial gain. In the case of this type of fishing, the angler has to be more active and professional. They must have to use all essential gear like fishing boots, rod, reel, and small things.

Top 3 best commercial fishing boots

Thanks to our fisheries team’s tireless work, we have chosen only the three best fishing boots out of many fishing boats. And for every Boot, we’ve chosen based on quality.

1. XTRATUF Legacy Series 15″ Steel Fishing Boots

XTRATUF Legacy Series 15 Steel Fishing Boots

For industrial fishing, Xtratuf 15″ boots are one of the ideal pair. This neoprene boots have gained incredible popularity since last few years. Primarily, it is designed for as a best waterproof fishing bootsfor men. Moreover, Xtratuf has come with triple dipped built to prevent the fish waste, acids and harsh. 

We mostly love its 15 inches height because it works to save your calves and ankles. The steel toe is designed to protect your feet from several rough and heavier things under the water. Also, this Boothas hand layered built so you will get flex and strength. This steel toe boots come with 16.68 x 22.59 x 5.2 inches dimension and 5 pounds weight. 


We recommend these boots for commercial and industrial fishing in all regions. 

Key points:

  • It is lightweight, soft, and durable with steel toe material.
  • Completely waterproof and can prevent acid and harsh splashes.
  • The slip-resistant feature allows you to go fishing in a muddy area.
  • The Chevron outsole is non-marking and provides the best traction.
  • Having a moisture-wicking and breathable neoprene-insole is excellent.   


  • The outer shell is best for Ozone, acid and water preventing. 
  • Triple dipped is good for reducing the tear or damage the bottom.
  • The inside is breathable and comfortable.


  • It has made only for men, and only one color is available.

2. Servus 12″ PVC Polyblend Soft Toe Shrimp Boots

Servus 12 PVC Polyblend Soft Toe Shrimp Boots

If you wish for versatile fishing boots for both water and land? We would say to consider these Servus 12″ Shrimp boots. It comes from the Sperian protection group and performing great for the last several years. Good to know that Servus is made from injection-molded polyblend material and this material is 100% waterproof. The PVC material can prevent the shrimp waste and chemicals correctly.

Hence, there has a contoured insole design that will work to support your leg during fishing. Besides, it has a steel shank to reduce leg and foot fatigue. We are thankful because of the mostly angled outsole and heel because it will prevent slipping on the slippery surface. Moreover, this Boot has reinforced construction in multiple stress points. The dimension of Servus boots is 8.81 x 17.88 x 4.08 inches, and the weight is 2.95 pounds.


This Bootis recommended from the manufacturing brand for doing fishing and shrimping.

Key points:

  • An ideal waterproof boot pair for fishing and shrimping
  • Mostly leg covering 12 inches height can prevent all chemicals and water splashes.
  • Contoured insole design and angled outsole design


  • It is a more lightweight feature to ensure an easy step in walking.
  • There have two available sizes 4 and 11
  • Incredibly affordable price


  • Only one white color available in this boots model

3. Muck Boot Muckmaster rubber work boot

Muck Boot Muckmaster rubber work boot

Muckmaster boots are unique items for respectively fishing, farming, and landscaping. It is the most comfortable fishing boot of the Muckmaster brand. Most importantly, these muck boots are designed for both men and women. If you go for rough terrain with highly punctured equipment, you can think about this Boot.

For ensuring maximum user comfort there and flexibility has 5 mm neoprene material. It has such excellent features that will make you wonder. For example, thermal foam is included with the under footbed, which keeps your feet and finger breathable with Airmesh lining. Besides, muck boots are highly appreciated for nice shock absorption and heat-retaining feature.

It is measured of 16.14 x 11.81 x 4.53 inches and weighted at 5.22 Pounds. And the outsole, outsole all is of full black color.


We recommend this commercial Bootfor all types of outdoor trips in professional fishing and shrimping and farming.

Key points:

  • Muck boots are featured on waterproof gears, shock absorption, and heat retention power.
  • Adjustable and comfortable with a blister and chafing resistant benefit
  • Best traction with longer rubber outsole
  • It is moisture protecting and puncture-resistant


  • Multipurpose using benefits like farming and fishing
  • 5 mm neoprene ensures maximum comfort during walking
  • It is nice to see with black color


  • Some have faced a problem with its rough seam

What you should consider when buying the commercial fishing boots

 Let’s get to know some important secret information that will help you choose the right fishing boots for commercial use.

Resistance power:

It is important to have some great resistance power of each fishing boots. For example, in fishing, you will need waterproof boots. Likewise, it is essential to prevent all kinds of waste and chemical water. At the same time, puncture-resistant features ensure the boot’s long activity. For this reason, make sure about the resistance of your fishing boots.

Protection features:

Highly durable construction is needed for commercial fishing. For example, a reinforced toe design can save your feet and fingers from severe injuries. Hence, it should be designed with a layered construction. Layered construction prevents the smaller stone and particles from getting inside the boots.


As you have to pass a long time like 12 to 16 hours in a day for commercial fishing, it is mandatory to ensure comfort. In this case, you have to pick up a boot of the right size. Besides, keep in mind that the boots with removable soles would be most comfortable.

Inner soles:

In the case of Inner Soul, see if it is breathable and comfortable. Also, make sure if it can retain the heat for a long time. 

Outer soles:

In the case of camel shells, see if there are angles. Because if you have a hard angel, you will not slip into any situation.

The proper maintenance of fishing boots

Since your fishing boots keep your feet clean and nice with proper care, you should take care of them. It will make your Boot last longer, and your investment behind the boots will be successful. So, here are some tips for you. 

  • Rinse the boots after everyday use with normal temperature water
  • Clean the boots periodically with mild detergent and warm water
  • Let your boots dry into a shoe rack where has a little airflow
  • Remove the grime with a soft brush and a cotton cloth


Are Xtratuf boots good?

Yes, Xtratuf boots are a good choice for commercial and regular fishing. It is extremely popular for providing the best traction and added insulation. Most importantly, the upper side of this Bootis very flexible. So, you can easily fold the upper side whenever needed.

What kind of rubber boots do they wear in Alaska? 

You may be surprised to know that Xtratuf boots are the most used and popular in Alaska as Alaska has many areas for commercial fishing. Hence, the anglers are interested in using Xtratuf because of its high traction. Besides, they love the long-lasting heat retention features. The fishing anglers of Alaska are used to fishing 16 hours continuously.

Where are Xtratuf boots made?

Xtratuf boots used to be made in the United States, but it has not been made in the USA. This Boot has been made in China since the acquisition of honey well in 2008. However, Xtratuf retains his reputation.  

Final word:

Lastly, we would say that commercial fishing always required high-quality waterproof boots. Many often make wrong and choose the regular fishing boots for commercial fisheries work. But regular pair boots don’t perform well in traditional fishing.

We have mentioned three commercial boots reviews above. You can check out if you want to enjoy your long-lasting commercial fishing. As well as, we suggest reading the buying guide. If this helps you anyhow, then share it with your dearest persons.

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