What is the Best Jon Boat Cover (top 4 cover reviews and buying guide)?

Touring with a Jon boat offers lots of enjoyment. But when it comes to storage, many people avoid buying a cover. As a result, it gets damaged quickly. That’s why you have to invest in the covers to protect the boat from natural elements. a decent cover ensures the sound condition of the Jon boat.

If you opt for the ultimate protection, scroll down to check out the best Jon boat covers. These covers are ideal for use on most models of Jon boats. Surely, you will have the best one by reading the article.

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The Top 4 Best Jon Boat Cover Reviews

The boat covers I am going to discuss with you will work with every boat-making company like Alumacraft, Harbor Master, Alweld, Polar Kraft, Smokercraft, Ranger, Xpress, Tracker, G3, Bass Lund, etc. From my observation, the boat covers below are some of the best for all standard-size boats and are budget-friendly.

1. GOODSMANN Marine Grade Jon Boat Covers:

GOODSMANN Marine Grade Jon Boat Covers

Goodman manufacturing some of the kind of good stuff for Jon Boat accessories. Goodman boat covers come with 300 deniers marine-grade fabrics. These covers are available with lengths 12, 14, 16 to 18 feet and widths 56, 70, 75 inches. Its average weight is light about 7.5 pounds (approx.).


  • The lightweight polyester fabrics offer durability, reflection, and water resistance. It makes you feel less worried about mildew.
  • It is a double-stitched boat cover with UV protection materials. Protect your Jon from rain and snow.
  • including fabric reinforcement panels under the bow, stern, windshield, and other strong stress points.
  • The cover’s buckle and adjustable straps provide a good tight fit to secure your boat.
  • You are offered straps, a storage bag, and rope with a modest warranty.
  • The zipper is almost halfway long. So you can easily slide the boat cover onto your Jon boat, kayak cover, or canoe.
  • It offers a very good wrap-up that can be tightened by a cord or strap.


  • Air vents reduce wind pressure and water pooling.
  • Quality materials provide high longevity.
  • Fabric reinforcement allows for easy installation and quick release.
  • Fit to the 2-seated, 14-foot boat with a deck-mounted trolling motor.
  • available for all standard dimensions with a sound fit.


  • problem covering a boat with a side steering console.
  • a little smaller to cover a 16-foot Lowe Jon boat.

2. iCOVER Jon Boat Cover Water Proof Heavy Duty Trailerable: (best choice for editor)

iCOVER Jon Boat Cover Water Proof Heavy Duty Trailerable

iCover boat covers offer 12 to 18-foot Jon boats with up to 75 inches of width. It is made of 300-denier PU coated Marine Grade waterproof cover polyester fabric in black, blue, and grey. Its average weight is almost 7.1 pounds.


  • The cover offers UV protection with adjustable straps.
  • Double stitching reinforcement cover ensures the strength at the stress points to be tightened.
  • It is tear-resistant. That is the special benefit of using this cover. It is a quality manual.
  • Adjustable strap and decent trailering cords allow an easy installation and quick release.
  • The features are quite the same as the Goodman boat cover. It offers high durability.
  • The straps were very long. So people have plenty to put around the boat and on front and back to cover the boat pleasantly.
  • It comes with a 12-month money-back warranty offer.


  • Offer a large storage bag and tie-down straps.
  • Well fitted to an 18-foot longboat.
  • Problem due to quality, money-back warranty.
  • Works pretty well in that range of pricing.
  • The customer service is excellent.
  • Double stitching makes the boat cover long-lasting.


  • The covers have some problems with UV rays and are waterproof.
  • Water polling problems create an issue sometimes.

3. Dallas Manufacturing 300D Jon Boat Cover:

Dallas Manufacturing 300D Jon Boat Cover

The Dallas boat covers are available for any kind of universal Jon boat length with width. The boat covers are made of 300 Deniers polyester, waterproof heavy-duty products. They offer you a decent warranty from 3 years to 5 years depending on size and pricing. It weighs 8.3 pounds.


  • These boat covers have double stitching to provide strengthening at the bow and stern sides.
  • It gives reinforced fabric web loops at the tie-down area, including trailering straps.
  • It fits perfectly with the right universal dimension that is offered. Some users find it difficult to fit the outboard motors of over 16-foot-long Jon boats. You may need a separate cover for this.
  • The cover fits the boat as described because of its tie straps and trailering straps. So, users have less to worry about the question of how to prevent water from collecting and pooling on their boat cover.


  • In winter and rain, it is tough and water-resistant.
  • good fit to cover a flat or square boat.
  • It allows fine protection to cover up tightening.
  • Cover water resistance quality is super.


  • Sun exposure is a matter to be concerned about.
  • It might not be a perfect fit for different Jon boat ideas.

4. Classic Accessories Stellex

Classic Accessories Stellex

If you just need a tiny, lightweight cover for your boat, this polyester cover is ideal. It’s a wonderful choice for occasional use since it has enough material to get the job done. Lightweight and durable, it’s ideal for use on a tiny Jon boat. Using it with a trailer is possible as long as you secure it. A longer-term cover, on the other hand, is something you should avoid purchasing. The only negative is that the color may fade with time.


  • good value for the price
  • It’s a simple fit.
  • The elastic cord


  • Polyester is less dense.
  • Fades

Consideration when choosing the best Jon Boat Covers buying guide

Do you already own a boat? If yes, then you have the thought of purchasing a fine boat cover. Because we must have the boat stored or covered on the outside, So, it is essential to cover it up with a good one to ensure protection. Then how to choose the best boat cover according to your Jon boat ideas?


Before going to buy a boat cover, measure your boat first. Find out again the accurate dimension of your boat. Don’t depend on the manual. Check the centerline length, beam length. If you have made some additional setups, keep their measurement also. Your customization might need some kind of custom Jon boat covers.


You should go for a boat cover which has a proper air vents system. It will keep off water from your Jon boat cover by a built-in design.

Tightening Set up:

Try to realize what kind of cover tightening setup can keep your cover-up tight. Because water can not stand over a flat surface. The perfect tightening of your cover will generally reduce the water pooling problem. The above three boat covers offer you a very good tight fit.

Supporting the Boat Cover:

If you have to keep your boat outside cover on, then you should place support inside the boat. The supports help to cover your Jon boat seats if they are in an upright position. It helps to keep the cover flat, tight, straight. And, stop pooling water and snow over the boat cover. It will help the air vents.

Weather Protected material:

Find the marine canvas or heavy-duty polyester. That will work as a shield against mildew and harmful UV rays. It senses some guarantee of prolonging cover life. I recommend going with 300 Denier or above. You can consider Goodsmann or Dallas manufacturing boat covers in that case.

Re-inforced Fabric:

If you are having an outboard motor, it is wise to look for a re-inforced fabric. Otherwise, you have to buy an extra cover for the outboard motor. You may go for a longer cover than your boat length in that case. The extra allows you to cover up if there is an outboard console that exists. Some boat covers are coming with an extra motor hood in the market. iCover or Goodsmann might be considered.

Purchase Quality Cover:

Do not go for a cheap boat cover, you’ll end up buying twice or thrice. There are many available cheap covers like Classic accessories Jon boat covers (It is best for under 10-foot long boat).

Manufacturer Warranty:

The cover company that believes in their product gives a warranty. It may be 1 year to 5 years. The warranty gives the product trustworthiness.  You should go with a cover that allows a 3 to 5 years warranty. The above 3 covers fill this criterion.

Supporting your cover

It’s critical to have support within the boat to pitch the cover-up if your boat is stored outside with its cover on. This will aid airflow while also preventing water or snow accumulation.

If you leave your pedestal seat in the upright position, you may not need support since it will function just as well.

Covering your outboard motor

If you don’t already have a cover for your outboard motor, be sure you get one with this extra length. In fact, even if you have a covered motor, I would recommend getting a longer boat cover to increase your protection.

If your outboard engine is installed on a bracket or jack plate, just add that length to the length of your boat when determining which cover to purchase.

Best CHEAP Jon Boat Cover reviews

How to choose the right size?

You need to know the dimensions of your boat in order to get the correct cover for it. Because a Jon boat doesn’t have a center console, it doesn’t have the added structure that a center console provides. Because of its flat design, you may easily cover it with any kind of cover.

Finding the correct size cover might be difficult due to its flat shape. Because it will be too loose and saggy to effectively cover your Jon boat, a cover that is too big is a bad idea. If it’s too little, it won’t be able to completely cover your Jon boat’s surface.

Even while you may use any form of boat cover to protect your Jon boat, it’s ideal to acquire one particularly designed for this type of vessel. A Jon boat is unique in that it has distinct measurements from other types of vessels. This means that a Jon boat-specific model would be your best bet

It’s possible to purchase bespoke Jon boat coverings for extra features like transoms and side consoles. Either way, knowing your boat’s length and breadth is essential if you want the proper fit.


How do I protect my boat cover?

Always try to keep off water/snow from your boat cover. Use supporting poles, straps, or chords for preventing water pooling.  Keep regular cleaning with a bristle brush to loosen dirt and soft dust. When need to trailering, use adjustable straps. Try to no use of bungee cords. Pay attention when you cover your boat. Aware of the depth finder, windshield, and trolling motors when covering. When it is needed to wash canvas, do it.

Can you wash canvas boat covers?

Canvas boat covers are not hard to clean. You can remove gentle dirt and debris off with a soft brush and clear it with flowing water. You may use lukewarm water or mild soap as a cleaning solution for high-strain dirt. But do not go for a machine wash. It may damage your canvas badly that you might look for a new one!

Do I need a boat cover support system for a Jon boat?

A Jon boat is not a huge vessel. Many boaters do not employ a boat cover support system at all, even when utilizing the correct size boat cover. If you possess a bigger Jon boat, though, you may need to employ a boat cover support system.
If you’re utilizing a big cover, such as a 20-foot Jon boat cover, a boat cover support system is appropriate and may be required. Your Jon boat cover may have a fitting elastic band and sturdy webbing straps, but a boat cover support system will keep your boat cover in place.

How to care and store?

although Polyester, polypropylene, and polyethylene are common materials used to make Jon boat covers, make it easy to clean. With mild soap and water, you may simply clean covers made of these materials.
be careful not to use abrasive cleansers. Soaps with harsh elements might make sure to remove properties from your cover. It’s not a must to use soap. Your Jon boat covers may be cleaned with a simple hose-down with water.

Final Words

Jon boat is generally used for hunting waterfowl and fishing. Many people customize their Jon boats to enjoy a fresh time on the water. They usually look upon Jon boat accessories like Jon boat seats, covers, and some more things. There are 3 basic types of Jon boat covers custom, semi-custom, and universal/standard.

The three best boat covers I have discussed here, all are suitable for standard/universal Jon boats. Custom Jon boat covers cost you high. Go for the best Jon boat cover that suits your needs, demand, and wallet.

If you are having any hesitation still now, the buying tips are just on the above.

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